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  1. "While you move, you ignore obstacles" "After you fully execute a maneuver, if you moved through or overlapped an obstacle, you may remove 1 of your red or orange tokens" Those are the only words we have to question. "You" "move" "Obstacles" "after" "Fully Execute a maneuver" "moved through" and "overlapped" are all defined. The only word that leads to ambiguity is "ignore" and frankly, both sides of the argument have valid points. My experience with game rules in general lends me to believe that Outrider would still trigger, but that isn't relevant as I can think of a few games where it would sway in the opposite direction. So unless we can define what "ignore" means, as per the game rules, we are really at an impasse.
  2. Technically both cards say "you" which means the ship that is being flown. "While you move, you ignore obstacles" "After you fully execute a maneuver, if you moved through or overlapped an obstacle, you may remove 1 of your red or orange tokens" I still personally agree with your outcome, but in the mechanics of the game thinking of Dash and the Outrider as separate entities is wrong which is part of why this is an ambiguous case. I just don't thing "Ignore" means "it didn't happen". I would rewrite the steps above to this: 1. You go to perform a move over asteroid. 2. Asteroid is ignored by Dash card, no effect is triggered. 3. You complete the maneuver. 4. You check if you moved through an obstacle. You did. 5. Still Profit!
  3. Well, if you're going to change the design at all across factions, such as using a color other than red for the bars in the borders, I'd definitely make them different. Otherwise, the only thing that really would change is the artwork, so if you find two good pictures of the multi-faction ships, that would be your answer. Me, I'd find two pictures and make one for each faction, but there is no requirement to do so. Edit: Obviously no requirement, but you do you is what I mean!
  4. If you keep your rebel and scum pilots separated into different binders or whatever with others of their kind, then you'll need two. I guess they don't have to be different, other than the rebel symbol changing to the scum one, but I'd definitely have two.
  5. FFG could always just sell the cardboard only packs direct. No need for it to be at retail, let the ships begin on the shelves and the cardboard online. Maybe they will do it using their print on demand service, like their card games. We might scream about a difference in quality then, but we have the option to get a normal ship expansion if you want 100% match.
  6. Maybe FFG is selling giving the data to Disney. So now Disney knows the next Star Wars anthology movie they need to make is TIE Fighter: The Legend of "Mauler" Mithel
  7. Nah, the purpose of the collection manager is so that we all tell FFG what we own so they can: (a) use those analytics to target specific players with ads and sales! (b) use those analytics to determine what kind of products to build in the future! I'd like to say this message was sarcasm, but we are all logging our collections on an FFG server, and those collections do nothing for us right now, but there must be a reason they are there.
  8. All ships will be rereleased as 2.0 ships (not 100% sure about Epic stuff though). Some models may be modified (like the X-Wings and Y-Wings were), but it should, overall, be improvements. It was mentioned that things like the Aces packs with variant colored ships would not be replicated. This doesn't necessarily mean there won't be 2.0 ace packs, just that you won't get the same paint scheme that were in the 1.0 packs. So nothing will be 1.0 only, it just is a question of how long until there is a 2.0 version. As an aside though, you can go on ebay, reddit, or whatever site you use for trading/buying and find a fair number of "ship only" sales that don't include any cards and just get you the ship, pegs, and base. If you plan on buying a conversion kit for a faction, this could easily get you more of the ships you want without having to pay a premium for the cardboard bits.
  9. Phone status and identity is needed by apps to pause what you are doing when your phone rings and you need to answer it. It also allows an app to gather data about your phone (brand, android version, service). This info can be used by modules to push properly sized ads or just for generic data collection so app developers can determine what models and screen sizes are most common and they should optimize for. That's the gist of it, but I'm sure we could come up with more nefarious reasons for that permission if we try.
  10. I said original 3 (Rebels, Imperial, Scum).. but I know I will cave and play at least a little bit of everything else. I am not interested in Resistance or First Order until there is more though, but I could see myself getting sucked into the Clone Wars factions. I just need to convince my friends to buy into those factions and let me steal borrow ships to play against them.
  11. Long term, "Extended Edition" will disappear once the conversion kit ships have been re-released, leaving just "Second Edition". So I think calling it Second Edition is probably the better option.
  12. I'm hoping there is another (new) First Order ship, at a minimum, to make it 2 Resistance, 2 First Order, and 1 Scum ship in the wave. The four ships already announced are just "In Development" while the 2 conversion kits are "At the Printer", so I don't know what the likelihood of the wave being any bigger is. Personally, I'd hope for another release for Rebels and Imperials, but I'm not expecting that. Around when would we expect Wave 2 to release anyway, December?
  13. With all the changes to Solo (Lord & Miller -> Howard), I imagine there are a lot of good scenes that were lost in transition. This was probably just a victim of that, and I agree, it would have been nice to include and explain why he was running around on the ground.
  14. That's not a good reason though, they could just as easily had a flag in they system that alerts you that your version is out of date once you use it a single time online after another update was released. It could also say "you haven't checked for an update in X days, your list may not be tournament approved" across whatever relevant screens they need to post it. It can be fully functional offline, if they wanted it, with just updating the local database as needed. I've seen other apps do similar things.
  15. First: try clicking through this link to get to it - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantasyflightgames.xwingsquadbuilder Second: I have an older tablet device on my list that it isn't compatible with. So, it is not universally usable on all Android products, but it does look like it supports all the major releases in the last few years. So, hopefully clicking the link above lets you download it and it just works. Good luck.
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