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  1. My team preference U M R S However could you provide link to the online Tannhauser, is it the Vassal module ? I'm now on business trip in France however returning on 16.June so no problem to play from than on.
  2. I see this post is quite old but caught my eye. Did you finally played the tournament ? Will you repeat it ? I would like to try it.
  3. Or you can use pidgin client for IM (it supports whole bunch of protocols) and there's also plugin for dice rolling
  4. F4lco


    Well I think that players see to many problems in Tannhauser, well, most of the complains are actually against Deathmatch, in my opinion Tannhauser is designed more for Campaign, Scenario and Objective mode. Truth is that Asteros Oksana and the rest could be devastating in other modes, I,ll try that (but don't forget that enemy may go for matriarchy and also pick Oksana, or he can also pick Asteros and you have to deal with that somehow. Melee weapons in new rules were discussed so many times before... so I'm to lazy to dig up some interesting thoughts (is that spelled right ? ) that guys here had. some fast answers. 1) I don't see problem here 3) Why wouldn't she ? Read her story. 4)Well the simplest answer could be if somebody puts knife on your neck he has better chance to cut you, rather than shooting across the hall. (almost in every PC game you gain bigger bonus when you sneak attack with melee) 5)Well he's strong but for two of your slots, for ex. in objective, having an extra miniature to block your enemy or having extra action to solve objectives is quite a difference 6)I don't understand what you mean by this one :-/ 7) ...and this one 8) well, this is weird some items are slightly "forced" to work with the new rules, but I don't mind that much. Also my problem is that i don't like houseruling in my games but I don't think it's bad habit . F
  5. Well i use spare melee weapon (like when wolf has a knife) and give it to stosstruppen (with command pack) so he can have +3 dice on HtH combat. Otherwise they are useless, that's one of the main complains to the new rules (however they are still better than the old rules)
  6. I'm playing it the second way, if able, each circle has to be further from Heizinger then the previous.
  7. Writing that plugin couldn't be so hard, problem is with some hi-def graphics :-/. Maybe we could colaborate something, if somebody could scan or design those pieces.
  8. Maybe mounting GURPS system on Tannhauser universe (orusing Weird war II)
  9. Well, I'm glad you like them
  10. had this in mind for a while so I'm looking forward to your ideas about the beast. However I think that the beast could be oficcial release from FFG.
  11. plenty of ideas special rules. The beast has no ability to operate other items, it cannot fulfill objectives and cannot have disposable equipment. If you choose The beast to your squad, it takes place of 1 hero and 1 trooper. Beast can't attack mechanical enemies unless attacked by them first. Stats: same as Asteros, first four lines of 7 then 6 Combat: Claws: melee, weapon. As on action you can attack all adjacend enemies. +1 dice. Lust for blood: if Beast attacks a wounded enemy, it has +1 attack dice. Animal sense: The beast doesn't suffer any penalties from smoke grenade. Takedown: If you spend at leas 4 movement points before attack, you can strike your opponent down. He can't use his movement during his next round (maybe automatic wound ? ) Stamina: Claws: same as abowe Hardened skin: +1 dice to shock roll. Regeneration: if the beast isn't in line of sight of an enemy unit and spends it's whole movement and action, it can heal one wound. Poisonous bite: if The beast attacks only one enemy, the enemy suffers one automatic wound. Command: Claws: Fear of the unknown: enemy has -3 to their initiative roll Full of rage: Beast's movement value is alwast 12 Lurk: As an action, you can put yourself on overwatch. aditionally melee overwatch attacks are +1 dice. Challenge: Combat: beast has to wound 3 enemies in one attack. ... So I made it quite overpowered, but take it as a stream of ideas that a came up with
  12. sadly, revisited rules are new product that you have to buy. I think you can buy it as pdf for 10 bucks or so. I've bougth rulebook in friendly local shop.
  13. Great fun tokens and actually playable.
  14. First of all, you are playing by the old rules, in the revisited rules A LOT has been changed. However to answer your question, you just add +1 if you score at least one sucess, you do not multiply.
  15. Maybe it would be more interesting to wait for Hoss to be released and get him
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