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  1. That does bring up an interesting point. If the single issue sales are poor, how does it justify the trade? If the trade format is the goal, and I think it's safe to say Marvel has been pacing their arcs for trades, why not just bypass single issues and release trades? Maybe pacing for the trade makes the actual trades less exciting to the core market and the new market can't make up for it. I don't know. I think based on the other information presented here we can state that TPB sales for the title are also in decline. Selling best in a format over another format doesn't necessarily translate into selling well, but you're right, it isn't surprising or novel given today's available formats. I don't believe I said it was. I think it's a good question from someone who either doesn't know about a character or knows about the character's general lack of success to ask why it'd be included..or at least included so early. While RSDockery's recent post generally falls flat, it does make one good point. Ms. Marvel is a new character that Marvel has been trying to push for a while. There's clearly some investment. A youthful character for a youthful audience makes sense, and one or two new characters is low risk when dealing with more experienced audiences. It could have been worse; we could have gotten Spider-Ham. Ms. Marvel is a safe choice. Including Captain Marvel is a good choice. I'm not going to get into any controversies around the character, comics, or movies. Suffice to say, Capt. Marvel isn't really loved on the comics side of the business. Some of that carried over to the movie, but in general, the movie was a success and fresh enough in the minds of average people who may also game. Love or hate the character, it's a good move. There isn't a huge number of female characters in the collective conscious that slot into a general category like Capt. Marvel. Most others are most recognized as parts of other Expansions.. I mean teams. The real question is why the heck is She-Hulk a flagship character in the core? I get that FFG has shown more interest in evening out the number of male/female characters in games.. but She-Hulk?
  2. If you have something showing numbers broken down by volume, I'd love to see them. 500k over 9 volumes with the admission that at least 20% of them were from the 1st volume doesn't really match the hype. Additionally, we don't really know exactly how digital sales are tallied in all cases between per publication purchases and on demand all you can read content. We do know that digital trades routinely sell for less than list and in some cases as low as 99 cents USD. Are free comics counted as sales? It should also be noted that digital comics have a wider reach than their print versions. When I do a google search for Ms. Marvel digital sales, here the first two are about Captain Marvel on demand/digital movie sales; number three is a Ms. Marvel article from 2014. Fourth up is a piece about starter collections which again mentions Captain Marvel instead of Ms. Marvel. The BC link is 5th, there's an identity driven article in there, three more Captain Marvel movie results, and another article essentially mirroring the BC article. That rounds out the first page. Oddly, the related search tabs list Hulk villain, Abomination, before Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers...but he also beats out Superman, Spidey, and Batman, for what it's worth. Great sales numbers don't necessarily reflect on the quality or appeal of a character to its audience. It doesn't matter to everyone if a character has similar powers to another or that certain aspects are valued more than others or that a character is created and promoted because a different company had movie rights to a different, more popular elastic character. Again, I hope Ms. Marvel is great in the game. I just don't see it in the comics.
  3. I know that terms like popular and awesome are relative terms, so here's some estimated shipping numbers for the last 6 months via Comichron (which sources from Diamond). These are estimated shipped comics, not actual sales. This does not reflect digital sales. I do not have the digital sales, but I think it's safe to say that these numbers don't really translate to popular or awesome, at least in print. Hopefully she's a cool character in the game. Jan #37 14,250 Feb #38 12,374 Cancelled. Relaunched as Magnificent Ms. Marvel Mar #1 27,706 Apr #2, 26,173 (including a promotional overship) May #3, 18,386 June #4, 16,735
  4. He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions. When you care what is outside, what is inside cares for you. To learn my teachings, I must first teach you how to learn. We are number one. All others are number two, or lower.
  5. Playing Deadzone. Wishing for a reboot of the D&D minis game. Painting my Imps. Thinking about which Clone Wars faction to favor.
  6. I switched factions to Forge Fathers and Enforcers. But I'll play Clones or Droids after I get 1 more box of commandos, stormies, and a dewback.
  7. The game is pretty similar to Firefly. But Firefly "lovingly borrows" mechanics from Merchants and Marauders. Of the three, Merchants is probably still the best, but Outer Rim is an all right pick up and deliver in a beloved setting and comes with the standard FFG treatment (mostly great production values and a need for more dice. fortunately, you can just use Xwing dice if you have them). What Outer Rim does right is take out most of the boring parts of Firefly, and what it leaves in, it generally streamlines. I'd never play past 10 points. Bounties seem pointless in a two player game unless you luck into a visible contact. It's a fair gripe to poke at FFG over their decline in originality. It doesn't make someone a troll. Even if their games are rehashes of other titles, they're still generally well made and more often than not have a decent rules set. Imperial Assault is Descent is Doom is Heroquest-ish Rebellion is War of the Ring Outer Rim is Firefly is Merchants and Marauders Empire vs Rebellion is Cold War X-wing is Wings of War And that's only the Star Wars games. That said, I loved doing the Kessel Run as Lando with Lobot.
  8. I notice a conspicuous lack of Mantic on that list. Voted. Friends and family all the way for me, but I imagine hobbying will be a close second. Competitive play, in general, is not a draw for me anymore for a few reasons.
  9. Speaking to the topic, this is definitely a wait and see situation. I remember the alarmist reaction over aluminum, specifically as it related to the beer industry. While prices did increase, they were attributed to ingredients shortages and not packaging materials. Tooling and labor are still the biggest slices of the board game manufacturing pie. Independent/KS creators may have less invested in tooling at this time and have a bit of flexibility. FLGS still has more to worry about from online retail and keeping up with a market which has already exceeded the saturation point. Maybe a little shrink or reorganization is good for the hobby, or at least the consumer. Half the time I finally get to play a game it's already considered old or it's been replaced by a game with ̶s̶t̶o̶l̶e̶n̶ streamlined mechanics.
  10. 89 Dollarydoos?! It might be the detail, any extra bits, or it might be that bloodsucking mouse. The speeder does come with a couple diverse rebel sculpts, so it is more than the crumpled trapezoid that makes up the T47
  11. You can buy a jug of white, a jug of coppery brass, and a jug of dark gray metal. also comes with a small bottle of black, tan, and a limited edition "Hello There" for Obi Wan's beard. You're on your own for lightsabers.
  12. @TK 421 Why aren't you at your post?
  13. It's time you graduated to Blanton's! Assuming you can find it for a reasonable price. When it comes to bags, what's to prevent a player from marking his or her tokens? Seems goofy, but dishonest play finds a way.
  14. Bossk is a dork, but he's a bounty hunter. He's a dangling carrot for the bounty hunter prize we all want; 4LOM and Zuckuss. I'm torn on the shoretroopers.
  15. Thanks for the quick stats. I'm giving my brother my rebels (to make room for clones n' droids, and to increase the player base), and I don't want him to make a first purchase and regret it. For the points, this thing should be able to take out a bare bones trooper squad per round. Kinda sad that it's so underpowered. At least it can blow up rebel troopers in the open..with no dodge tokens?
  16. If an individual wants to produce an item which is similar in likeness to an existing product and sell it for personal profit, they can. So long as it's not specifically sold as the original product. Scruffy Scoundrel may look exactly like Han Solo, but if the piece isn't called or sold as Han Solo, it's not Han Solo. It's Scruffy Scoundrel. If availability were more limited to things like conventions or locally, would it be less of a question for you?
  17. I just want you to know I value you and your opinion, regardless of what others think. I don't hold your incorrect comment against you. There's nothing suggesting activism or politics in my post, and your personal attack lacks teeth as much as it does merit. The white knight is a classic archetype. Many people have the lofty aspiration of being these paragons of virtue, and to do so for the sake of Disney is certainly a great honor; even in a task so small as arguing legal minutiae. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. Does anyone know if there's a signing bonus?
  18. I've been selling these health supplements. You should sell them, too. You'd work for me, but really you'd be working for yourself. It's a win-win situation. Seriously, though, I want the Landspeeder to finish up rebels until I see something more interesting, and I want that tank because I've always been a fan of APCs in games. I just gotta wait before dropping $110 on the pair. Also, these
  19. My thoughts on the new heavies are that.....I like them, but I'm saving my nickels for Clone Wars cores.
  20. Is Disney still accepting applications for white knights?
  21. Depending on what it is, you may be able to source some existing product and model one yourself. As someone involved with the arts, I don't recommend you do it for free.
  22. I sure hope this is different enough from the source material.
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