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  1. The AT-DP looks like a Zentraedi battle pod. I'd like it more if it didn't render obsolete the already rarely-played AT-ST. Please give us a fix for the AT-ST. More importantly.. give us a squad of the midget snowtroopers like the one in the hovertank.
  2. I'm trying to figure out how books which were finished 30 years ago and refined 20 years ago need extra development.
  3. The raise is coming from INSIDE the quote! Yoritomo gains great clan status for the Mantis by ushering in a socialist utopia.
  4. In before Yoritomo has some major part of him completely changed.
  5. Draft has never been a successful format for FFG. FFG needs to justify why this pack is better than simply letting players bring their own starters to draft or sealed. a $15 needless expense does create a barrier to entry, even if it's one time and even if it's relatively inexpensive. I will say that the pack being legal for constructed and (likely) containing primarily material players don't currently own is a plus unless the materials prove useless in constructed. One of the big failing points of previous FFG draft packs was trying to sell players crap they already have, or making up cards that are pretty cool, but not legal for constructed. I'll go even further and say FFG needs to justify draft as a format for this game. Combining packs is pretty weak. Plus everything Stone said above. Draft/Sealed isn't really a jumping on point for collectible games.
  6. The only reasonable recourse was for your opponent to apologize to his or her ancestors. And what Khudzlin has already said.
  7. Next spoiler will be box art featuring a male character being heroic.
  8. I just want to know how many riot troopers I'm supposed to have....
  9. Finally, a dismissive comment I can really get behind! I don't think FFG would want to pick this up along with running L5R. Too much weeb overlap.
  10. Clears things right up. Isn't the current plan for the starter box and wave 1 to release very close together if not at the same time?
  11. Why would you think the release schedule of a card game has anything to do with a miniatures game?
  12. I can't tell if you're on board with Porg or if you've gone through the looking glass with the Porg enthusiasm. Either way, good show.