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  1. These will look great while playing Middle Earth CCG
  2. LotR didn't really capture Middle-Earth for me. I want to see mountains again, Gandalf! Mountains!....not engage in miserly economic puzzles with clunky combat. The art is fantastic and the idea of going on the quests is appealing, but actually playing the game left me wanting. AH has both the theme (if you're into Lovecraft or horror) and the mechanics. Also, I think co-op games should also have some level of personal achievement, and I think AH lends itself to that a bit more with the bag and deckbuilding rules than LotR does.
  3. IA in South Florida?

    Then have them buy my collection out of South Carolina. Get you some of that tangerine wine or tomato wine from the shop in Melbourne!
  4. Now that we have a new map, someone buy my collection.
  5. Another co-op LCG?

    Sounds like Netrunner... LCGs always sell out at GenCon, and remain sold out in general until December/Feb depending on FFG's ability to get produced and shipped before Chinese New Year. To be fair about Battletech, I'm not sure the companies that have that IP are sure how to use it. Asmodee could probably get the rights by taking them whilst magically pulling a quarter from behind Catalyst/IWM/etc.'s ears. And Battletech, being completely steeped in war, should probably competitive. I thought of a rough draft fix for the old CCG based on elements from Imperial Assault. Arkham Horror feels like the best version for a co-op LCG. How else do you make one relevant without feeling like AH or LotR with a different coat of paint. I think Co-op expandable card games would be great following models like Warhammer Quest or Death Angel. I'd like one without the LCG release schedule. Give me one or two expansions a year like the AH deluxe boxes.
  6. CiV L5R

    Just curious: Why Civ and not Shogun 2?
  7. IA Price Increase

    Price increases may be tricky to figure out. Sometimes when a product or business isn't doing well, prices have to be increased to improve or maintain margin. Sometimes the owner of a license wants more money when it's time to review or renew a contract. Sometimes the rest of the industry raises prices so a company follows suit (but we haven't really seen this across the board). Sometimes a new, tangentially related product is released and a price needs to increase to ensure relative margin/value/etc. Sometimes Hasbro sues you . There are other reasons, too. Maybe the items are hot enough to justify the hike. It's awesome that the game is relatively healthy in your area. I agree people shouldn't lose confidence, at least not for several months.
  8. IA Price Increase

  9. IA Price Increase

    Current stock at retailers does not preclude a price increase on future printings of the same product. Legion having a lower retail price than Imperial Assault has no bearing on this. Imperial Assault also comes with more physical content, a campaign, and assembled models. The app's release means more value was added to the game which can be profited from by an overall increase. Disney's gotta pay for those Han Solo reshoots somehow.
  10. IA Price Increase

    If it's from FFG... yes. There's no reason for the publisher to run a temporary price hike. If it's going up by $X it'll stay that way. and incidentally, I'm selling out of the game.
  11. new movies stuff

    Where's the Rose upgrade attachment (Finn only)? -7 points, "Treat Finn's card as if it were blank. At the end of each activation, Finn takes 1 strain"
  12. new movies stuff

    Maybe you should ask her if she has a boyfriend, a cute boyfriend.
  13. new movies stuff

    For 10 points Rey should also generate VPs at the end of each turn. Kylo looks pretty good.
  14. Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    I have a collection available. 1x of all released product except skirmish mats. I do have the Jabba's Palace mat.