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  1. I don't like AGoT's setting that much either, but it's the best LCG available, even with the recent silly restriction list and combo-mania. I loved both playing and building decks for the game. FFG did make a few arbitrary, weird rulings, IMO, and I no longer had time to invest, so I'm currently LCG-less.
  2. qwertyuiop

    Switch from L5R to GOT?

    I've played both. The games do share some similarities. I think one could say that L5R CCG influenced Thrones CCG which became Thrones LCG which influenced L5R LCG I play tested L5R and was an active Thrones player from release until the Tyrell box released. I like the L5R (CCG) universe better, but I enjoyed the Thrones game play a lot more. You're not going to be cost neutral, but the switch might not be that bad. There are usually entire collections, or collections current until X cycle on ebay for decent prices. If you're just looking to dabble, buy two intro decks and have a blast. However, the core has some extremely useful cards not present in the intro decks, and if you like the game, you'll still probably end up buying 3x cores. Notably absent are Core Catelyn, Core Melisandre, and Core Tywin. Based on the only preview we've seen with deck lists, I like the Greyjoy and Stark decks the most. If you buy in piecemeal, may I suggest picking up the Called to Arms chapter pack. It has the Winter and Summer agendas. They're a fun addition and can extend the life of your intro decks. The core can do that, too, with the additional cards, extra copies, extra plots, and banner agendas. From there, conventional wisdom will direct you to the deluxe expansion of your favorite house.
  3. qwertyuiop

    The Next LCG

    See you in 2+ years? I get you're salty about restricted lists and power creep. It's ok.
  4. qwertyuiop

    The Next LCG

    You're probably right, but Terrinoth has so much recyclable art!
  5. qwertyuiop

    The Next LCG

    Well played, troll
  6. qwertyuiop

    Hard Sell

    Sell yourself on the book.
  7. qwertyuiop

    The Future of Runewars

    Damage calculation, Template movement, some aspects of the dials, standard FFG overuse of tokens. Perhaps a mix of artificial complexity and pointless restriction. The damage calculation could have been a no-brainer considering how much FFG loves to make its fanbase buy extra dice. Template movement works for X-wing where engaging and disengaging is constant and trajectory matters. It adds nothing to a rank and file combat game, IMO. The dials are mostly good. My issue with them has more to do with the template movement. Turns (generally) matter more in RW than X-wing, which makes bad luck and mistakes more costly. I should also say that I think FFG overdesigns a lot of things in general. Losing 4 players out of how many? If my area (which has a lot of gamers) lost 4 RW players, there might only be two left! Definitely. The tabletop game is more for the book readers. Getting TV show Thrones fans to play the LCG is like pulling teeth. I'd argue that pop culture fans wouldn't drop $150 on a starter box (100+ minis, though), but people keep buying Funko dolls so people gotta have more money than sense. Even with the stuff I don't love about Rune Wars, if I knew I could get in a play session a month with a local meta of 4-8, I'd buy it. (and it'd still work with my Kings of War stuff)
  8. qwertyuiop

    The Future of Runewars

    CMON is almost a local business in my area, so the hype may be higher here. No one has picked it up locally because it hasn't been released yet. I think the KS versions are still a month or two out. I can agree that the game might suffer from Eric Lang syndrome, wherein the game looks very simple. But, sometimes games with his name on them are deeper than they look. Sometimes they aren't.
  9. qwertyuiop

    The Future of Runewars

    If the game doesn't get continued support, you're probably right. Battles of Westeros didn't get a lot of support and died pretty quickly, as did Battlelore 2nd edition. Wrath of Kings is the only CMON game I can think of in the past which needed continual support and didn't receive it. Maybe Kaosball? The rules are definitely interesting and clever for a 60 minute game experience, but it is swingy and doesn't have the same card upgrade customization, so I get how people might shy away from it. The tactics cards and non-combat units are pretty cool.Rune Wars does have a lot of artificial complexity which is definitely interesting to some. Eh. It's subjective. Rune Wars does have a lower price point which is a plus, and as I've mentioned, I personally like the IP more than Thrones. Still, whether people want to admit it or not, Rune Wars does compete with Legion on some level. (but not as much as the Star Wars games compete with themselves) Eric Lang has already proven himself with the IP, but you're right. If initial sales tank and slow support or if support isn't on track, there could be problems. Maybe I'm just plugged into a smaller niche within the hobby, but I see a lot of people playing Saga, Flames of War, Bolt Action, etc. Honestly, if I had no interest in the game and the minis were scaled down I'd buy the models for use with Kings of War, like I'm doing with Rune Wars. Terrinoth is a cool universe(Runebound 2.0 4lyfe) and their stuff looks great. If Descent 3.0 gets released and has skirmish like Imperial Assault, I'll go all in.
  10. qwertyuiop

    The Future of Runewars

    Quebec is a lot more high strung than Sweden. Sweden also has Opeth to teach them English.
  11. qwertyuiop

    The Future of Runewars

    Thrones is easier to pick up and play, IMO. Take that how you will. Demoing one and having played the other, I can say Thrones looks to be faster and more streamlined. As with most games, it depends what you're looking for. I actually prefer the generic fantasy of Terrinoth to the Thrones IP, but I like the rules for Thrones better. Rune Wars has more complex rules. If that's a plus or a minus for you, so be it. Thrones comes assembled. Rune Wars has you locked to the dial where Thrones does not. It all depends on what you're looking for. Thrones, being a rank/tray fantasy minis game, is in more direct competition with Rune Wars than Legion from the aspect of game play. I get you on mass brand recognition. I think Thrones is more friendly to newbies, but the (somewhat) established Rune Wars community may be able to offset it. I think it's going to be a contender. Rune Wars actually benefits from being generic over Thrones's established IP. In my experience with the LCG, the biggest barrier to finding new Thrones players is finding people who like the IP enough to play a card game. The second biggest barrier is Magic: The Gathering. It offers good game play. It offers faster game play. I found the rules, while simpler, did not hinder my tactical or strategic choices. The upgrade card system is one thing(mechanically) I think Rune Wars does better, but it can be complex to some. If it were still 2013, I'd be inclined to agree with you. CMON has come a long way in a short amount of time, and I can't recall any major hiccups in distribution. If you know of any, definitely let me know. I think CMON has enough good people to recognize the need for a solid release schedule and comparable balance. I think it's a wait and see situation I'd argue that GoT has fewer challenges than Legion in that we're aware of more large scale battles, and that medieval combat is fairly recognizable to most people who are into the genre. Star Wars is rather limited due to the unrelated fronts in which battles occur, Space vs Ground, Clone Wars vs GCW vs rehashed GCW. My intention is not to pit the games against each other, but to be aware of their differences and be ready to adapt if needed.
  12. qwertyuiop

    The Future of Runewars

    How do you think it will survive the Game of Thrones minis game CMON is releasing later this year?
  13. July 5th, a most auspicious day in Star Wars history!
  14. qwertyuiop

    I just discovered Skyrim

    Somewhere, Todd Howard shed a single tear, knowing the choice to continuously release Skyrim was the right decision.
  15. See also Hasbro and anytime anyone tries to make a Monopoly variant.