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  1. Aragorn looks like a significantly less manly version of this guy.
  2. Tolkien never got to really flesh out Celeborn as a character, though, I think it's safe to say he didn't mismatch couples that weren't already doomed. (Sorry, Turin) He's a character of great(inserted?) lineage(kinsman of Thingol), that doesn't really get fleshed out on the back end. Regardless, being the grandfather of the queen of Gondor and father-in-law to Elrond bears some weight. Heck, even the Gaffer is honored through his son. It's through his martial leadership that Lorien is defended and Dol Guldur successfully assaulted for Galadriel to Nenya-nuke its core to bring healing to Mirkwood. He's also the giver of gifts, right? I highly doubt Galadriel is like a mom buying Celeborn stuff to give to his sister and dad for Christmas. I would say(off the top of my head) the one gift Galadriel presented independently from him was the blessing to Gimli. Even though we get very little information about him, we have to assume there's a reason he's a match for Galadriel. I just finished rereading the appendices. Celeborn is ridiculous in the movies.
  3. What regions in Middle Earth are left to explore?
  4. 1) Thrones has been pretty popular throughout the years from when it was a CCG, through both editions of the LCG. I don't think referencing the reprint of KD+cycle really means a whole lot. I believe the hiatus(soft cancellation) was announced before the reprint, and many of those sales could be brand new players who never got a shot at the cycle, or they could be people who see how quickly inventory dries up on popular games that FFG stops supporting (Netrunner, Call of Cthulhu). I could just ask you which game had an annual meetup at a castle for over a decade. Not that it means anything. 2) Judging from the way it received, I wouldn't be surprised if 2nd edition enjoyed a net increase in players. The initial LCG release of Thrones 1ed was not great. My guess would be most people who didn't move to 2nd edition didn't really enjoy the 1st edition. 1st ed was more of a way to transition the CCG into the LCG model which ended up releasing a product with a more clunky feel to the way themes and mechanics were introduced. Seriously, I don't think there was any real drop off between editions. 3) LOTR was a cooperative game and not a competitive game, meaning it's only viable if you have an active community of people to play with. How many people are solo only players? This is still a game meant to be played with others. Solo gamers are still a minority in purchases. See your #1. If LotR LCG was more popular than Thrones in sales, would it be due to an abundance of solo players? Tough to say. I don't know if rebalancing really applies to cooperative games. Who would listen? 4) 100% agree. Even with the show turning into a dumpster fire, the game probably would have maintained or had a resurgence if book 6 had come out somewhat recently. I promise I'm not trying to dash any hopes of the game continuing, but I've played a lot of different FFG games in the last 15 years and I've seen how they shut down games. Champions had to go full playset in a single core to get the mass market. I'm glad they did it. I would LOVE to see a restructured release of LotR in that format. It's only what.. 50 more cards? I've yet to see anyone who truly likes X-Wing 2.0. The bulk pack for Thrones was a nice goodbye with reprints of 1st ed cards which are either too powerful or too weak for organized play, but are a lot of fun. I think it's a nice sendoff. I'd honestly like to see a 2nd ed of LotR for what it's worth. I won't speak or speculate on geopolitics or economics, but I do think that people are in a place to reevaluate how they're spending their lives and time.
  5. Thrones is effectively a dead game now. I wouldn't look to it for any signs of hope relating to LotR. A 2nd edition or restructuring of currently released product is probably the best outlook.
  6. The number one thing that could make this game better is having Angus McBride art. I don't really see any problems with the OP's issues. An adventuring party moving to single locations as a group works thematically and avoids the additional abstraction of engaging enemies from the same pool while being at different locations. Doom... the whole of middle earth feels the encroaching shadow regardless of whether the three hunters, the dwarves of Erebor, or the ring-bearers held the first player token during the War of the Ring. The rest of the issues never struck me as bad design on the encounter/enemy side, but more of a resource issue on the side of the players. Granted, I only originally played through the first two cycles, but I never liked how it sometimes felt that the next pack would really help solve the current pack's difficulties. I was mostly a solo player. Still, my biggest problems were always resource and deck related. 50 cards felt like too large a deck at the time, and the resource match rules seemed too draconian. Maybe it's easier to deal with now, or maybe I was always trash at the game. (No one can tell me single player mono faction Tactics decks are viable, at least not in the early days) I think the game would be well served by a 2nd edition, drawing upon some of the strengths of AHLCG in terms of product release, deckbuilding, and resource management.. and the RPG elements. And fix the Icon Songs. No way should it cost a resource to get an additional icon while using deck slots and getting punched in the face by encounters.
  7. Why should anyone buy extras now that they know the customer support isn't there? The Magic comparison has already been put to bed. Your scenario is dubious, but since we're dealing with sketchy logic,
  8. @Caimheul1313 It's all good! I'm shuddering from memories of trying to have enough Engine Upgrades in X-Wing 1E 40 card LCG packs gave you 10 cards with a full play set and 10 cards with a single copy to "simulate rarity" With games like Warmachine and Age of Sigmar offering free, printable unit info, I'm surprised that FFG allows themselves to stay behind the times. Obviously if you've got the minis, you've got the cards or reasonable access to them. Why not commission (I forget the name) whoever keeps up TableTop Admiral to come up with a printer friendly list generator to make this a non-issue for events?
  9. You're right. But if I was a player who called out other players for a card or two being proxied, my pool of willing opponents could easily decrease. If I'm house ruling a tournament in my kitchen, we use 1/5 scale 3d printed models and professionally printed high gloss foil versions of everything in 5x7. I have a large kitchen. Come on. Comparing TP proxies to a single missing card component is silly. Asmodee, FFG, and a store TO lose more from not allowing the one off use of a single card here or there than they do from strictly enforcing the rule. Again, this is only for the occasional use of a card or two. Don't show up to an event with a majority of proxied cards.
  10. I'm pretty sure I was careful to specifically mention upgrade cards. I apologize if I was unclear. These are two different things. Bring whichever models are required. Magic the Gathering is a completely different entity. A Magic card does not equal an upgrade card or unit card in a minis game. The increased variety of MtG cards across all formats significantly reduces if not nullifies the notion that their card text is universally known information. No comparison. However, altered/proxy cards are used frequently in MTG tournaments, though typically lower tier events. Privateer Press does indeed offer free versions of their warmahordes cards, errata'd or otherwise. The key here is no purchase is required and any store with a printer is probably cool enough to print out a card for you, if needed. There's also a difference here since the record keeping is done on the cards. I was careful to note that expecting everyone to have official cards for higher tier events(regionals/nationals/worlds) is completely reasonable. FFG OP is, and has always been lackluster. DQ'ing a player for bringing a photocopy of an extra Frag Grenade or whatever when you're playing for an alt art card or some tokens is anti-consumer and anti-player. It's not as bad as it was. FFG has gotten better at not forcing cross faction or additional purchases just to get the extra card you might need for your list. I don't know if you were around for X-Wing 1E or 40 card GoT 1E LCG packs, but those were bad times if you needed extra copies of a card.
  11. I heard that FFG had a guy put in jail for using a photocopied card at a tournament. I heard he was later shot and his family was billed for the bullet.🙄 ...Sorry, wrong entity. Why would any of you as consumers allow FFG, a TO, or Participant force you to buy extra pieces just so you'd have the extra card with universally known info to attach to a perfectly legal model? To use in low stakes events, no less. * *If money, accommodations, or airfare is at stake, by all means show up with 1st party stuff. The proxy card argument is a bit tangential, or its own topic, but as long as we're discussing legitimate anti-consumer practices, I say go for it.
  12. Remember when Asmodee stepped on the necks of online retailers and shut out distributors to "support FLGS"?
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