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  1. thanks a bunch for that, i think i'll pool some cash for the large fortress set after i buy my next batch of minis.
  2. just out of curiousity, what brand of terrain is it that you are using in these pictures? i would like to get a few of those pieces myself, and was wondering where to get them from.
  3. thanks for the info on that Grandmikus, and thanks to everyone for their opinions and advice. i'll probably find a way to employ most of all of your suggestions when i have the chance.
  4. yeah, you do have a point, is the megahirozord theurgia the one in the coming soon section under the name of M.K Theurgia?
  5. i was considering a couple grimorium later on in the year anyway, when i can scab them as gifts for either christmas or my birthday. besides that, i don't mind either of them, they both seem good in their own way. thank you everyone for your great advice on playing a wissenchaft, although if anyone else has some tips i would appreciate it.
  6. hey, just wondering if there is any useful tactics for fighting a team that includes cordelia. i use a wissenchaft team and i'm relatively new to the game, having only played 2 matches. And if you were wondering, the person i will be playing against doesn't use wissenchaft, but has still decided to buy Cordelia anyway. which of course slightly annoys me since i'm gonna end up painting his one as well as one of my own. (also because he's getting one of the models i planned to get before i do) i suppose it makes a lot of sense to actually let you know which characters i have as well. i am currently in possession of: XII, Lorenzo, Rayne, Celia, Alessa Raincross and by the time my friend gets cordelia, i will have a goethia as well. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. thanks, just wanted a rough idea on which models were in it so i could tell my friend.
  8. Does anyone have an idea of which wanderers will be featured in the boxed set?
  9. I know this probably isn't the right area to post this, but i'd like to thank you for introducing me to the game.
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