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  1. If you are looking for a correction then I believe the lightsaber shoto weapon damage is wrong. It comes up as 4 damage when the book says 5 (the hilt has a -1 damage on it but a regular lightsaber has 6 damage). Also if you build it as a hilt and add the Ilum crystal to it then it ends up correct at 5 damage.
  2. Sorry that doesn't help at all, and doesn't explain anything with respect to the wording of the FAQ. I am not thinking of saboteur. FAQ: "Q: If a ship has more than one copy of the same card that does not require an action to trigger its ability, can it trigger all of those card abilities? A: Yes, For example, when a ship equipped with two mercenary copilots is attacking, it can change two "hit" results to two "critical" results." This doesn't help really at all with recon specialist because that is specifically with you performing a focus action, so that requires an action explicitly. Tactician says after you perform an attack, which I at least view as an action because you choose to do it, but if it isn't an action, then why? Otherwise from the FAQ: "Q: Can a ship perform the same upgrade card action or damage card action more than once per round? A: No. Having more than one copy of the same card that requires an action to trigger its ability does not allow you to perform that action more than once per round." The answer here is no, so why wouldn't this apply?
  3. Yep All cards trigger in a vacuum. Currently existing and/or spoilered crew that can double-stack. Note that these can potentially Triple or Quadruple stack on Huge Ships. Intelligence AgentLook at the dials of up to Two enemy ships at Range 1-2 Mercenary Co-PilotTurn up to 2 [boom]s into [KABLAM]s when attacking at Range 3 TacticianDeal 2 stress tokens when attacking in your arc at Range 2 Reconnaissance SpecialistGain 2 extra Focus Tokens when performing a Focus action, for a net total of 3. Targeting CoordinatorYou may spend up to 2 Energy to acquire Target Locks for up to 2 friendly ships at Range 1-2 Flight InstructorYou may re-roll up to 2 [Eye]s while defending, or up to 2 [___]s if the attacker's PS is 2 or lower. I can see intelligence agent, mercenary copilot, and flight instructor working twice, but doesn't the FAQ prohibit tactician and recon specialist from working twice since they are triggered by an action?
  4. Adamantium Will does next to nothing for an army as the best Psyker powers are the ones that aren't cast on the enemy. You can't use any modifiers to making DtW rolls vs blessings or conjurations.
  5. pg. 209 - The example: Mentions using an iridescent staff as the weapon and later says "The sword does 1d10+5 Impact damage", so I'm assuming one of those should be changed sword or staff? Could also add onto the end the result that would be added to the next time he is wounded (+5 for the wound and +10 for the critical, so +15 total next time correct?)
  6. pg. 206 upper right " Whenever a character is hit by an attack or effect, he has to determine which hit location on his body is struck by the blow. For attacks made in combat, the attacker compares the 1s digit of his attack roll to either the diagram presented here or Table 7-2: Hit Location (see page 202)." I don't see any diagram on this page anywhere.
  7. That sounds like their old building, not "The Event Center". Look instead at: 1975 Oakcrest Avenue, Suite 10 Roseville, MN 55113 United States of America Phone: 651-379-3801
  8. Works fine, we use a wet erase mat and minis for almost all battles. If the scale bugs you then make each square/hex 2 meters, that's about right for the scale of the minitures.
  9. Don't have the books on me but I specifically remember reading in Rites of Battle that the MK6 helmet was incompatible with the MK8 chest. That at least means you lose the +5 PER. Also, if you swap out the chest and helmet from the MK6, then that is a very good portion of the armor, would the bonus Ag even apply anymore? It's not really a MK6 armor anymore, only the arms, shoulders, and legs pretty much.
  10. I saw that rule. Glad to have been a part of it's origin.
  11. I must be dense because I don't understand what Nimon is even talking about. He talks about either a player gaining a bonus or the horde, but not both. I only see one bonus in total and so I can't see how it could be applied to either the player or the horde but not both. There is only one bonus (of the horde) "not allowing a dodge or parry" and you apply it to the horde then it is applied, and if you don't, maybe due to the player having combat master, then it is not applied. It is an all or nothing type thing (at least what I'm talking about). As far as logically the magnituide mattering in the difficulty of dodging or parrying the horde, I would think it would top out very fast. You can only get so many people/mobs/aliens/whatever adjacent to you, the others further away aren't really doing anything. This is melee. Ranged hordes get extra ranged attacks based on their magnitude, so that all balances out based on the current magnitude.
  12. Nimon said: All combat master does is take away the typical +10 a NPC gets against you when it out numbers you. If you also make it that the player recieves no penalties that is a pretty big bonus you are giving them. If thats how you play it in your games, then so be it, but I like the RAW. A horde does not get the typical gang up bonus, it instaed gets the bonus that enemies can't dodge or parry. NPCs could get up to +30? to hit with extra attackers, maybe more with the talent double team (didn't look up rules specifically). Esentially the horde trades the gang up bonus for the no dodge/parry rule. Kinda sucks for a talent you may have that specifically negates advantages of opponents that outnumber you not work because the opponent outnumbers you but as a rules simplification is considered a horde instead of individuals. I'm not trying to push my viewpoint onto others, that they must do it this way. Everyone needs to run their game their way. If you have fun then that's all that matters.
  13. The Russian said: Hm, its because I'm impatient for Rite of Battle. Bought it Friday from FFG, not sure if it shipped yet. Got the "Order Received" email, but I don't know if they send out a shipping notice. And I hope it will arrive by Friday. So my question: When will it ship!? Don't know, but I was thinking of stopping by the event center and seeing if they have them yet in stock to buy (they are closed Mondays).
  14. Hmmmm I have a regular version that I read, and honestly only opened mine once. I should see if I have this issue.
  15. Eldar if they die without their soul stones trapping their souls go into the warp where Slannish tears them to bits or something. Some books refer to people dying and going into the warp to the Emperor. If you are aligned to a chaos power you go to that power in the warp when you die. What they all do there collected together??? I haven't seen anything really more specific than that to be honest. Most likely nobody "really" knows till they die, and then they aren't telling those who are still living, kind of like real life.
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