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  1. Thank you one and all. Some very informative and helpful reviews. More so than reaing the shops and online reviews, after all their aim is to sell! Thanks again, not sure I'll get it, as my lot are all happy with the 2nd edition.
  2. let him have, by all means. but remember that if the plasma ever overheats! BOOM! Go the bolter shells! i would hae it as per energy critical result 10+ and if he ever decides to power the gun off of his Potetia Coil the drain will likely cause fatigue! otherwise tell him/her to stop being such a power gaming oik!
  3. I'm a long time Gamesmaster of the original WFRPG and played it since it came out way on back in the Dark Ages and I still run a second edition campaign. i'm reluctant to put all those books aside and start again with this new format that to be honest, i have not heard good things about. i'd like honest oppinions please guys, thank you all.
  4. I'm just curious about the size of other GM's groups? and how many npc's they run? I know that with Rogue Trader the later can be quite large given that the RT will probably have a ship with more than a few peeps on board! I've been gaming (roleplaying that is) for thirty years and games mastering for just about all of them! My usual group size is three to five players, though i have run the odd one on one's with a good player and had as a many as fifteen players at one time, which was fairly challenging and taxing giving the fact that more than a third of them had little to no RPG experience, but it was all good fun.
  5. And yes there is a trend (if you will) of young DM's and old. to go by the book with little or no give when it comes to a player wanting to try something to try out an idea that's not within the borders of the adventure or rules! It's a game and we play it to have fun and enjoy the story and adventure.
  6. I've been GM'ing and playing for thirty years this summer! Thirty years!!! i'm pretty much a full time games master with the group of friends both past and present that i've gamed with, about a good 90% of the time. other than me there has only been a few people willing to step and take the responsibilty to running things and accepting it when it all goes belly up.
  7. thanks. appreciate all your thoughts. i guess i shouldn't compare a sanctioned psyker to a astropath really. they are really two distinct careers so there should be a line drawn between them. and looking at the astropaths power of reprogram, they don't need anything extra!
  8. So i was running our weekly RT game last night. The explorers subordinates have suffered some injuries, some of which are life threatening and as this RT happens to take interest in the little people on his ship, after all he can't do everything himself! they call on the psyker, the astropath. "Do you have any healing abilities my friend?" We play Dark Heresy on tuesdays and the psyker has some minor healing power aka 'Healer'. the astropath answers in the negative! What not even a minor healing power? asks the lord captain? My ask is, whats the general opinion amongst us most badgered of gamers, aka the Gamesmasters! "Should the astropath have access to other psyker powers? I'm not sure. would be thankful of some opinions. cheers. may the emporers light guide us :-)
  9. how about using a sector of space where chaos isn't chaos? horus is the emporer and the 'god emporer' of the"real" reality is the bad guy! chaos good, imperial = bad. could be dangerous for the characters but fun. well fun for you at any rate. hell i might use it on my lot!
  10. Was wondering about what sort of game it is and what it plays like? I like the art work and the basic premise but would like a little more info please?
  11. my group has just recently destroyed three hazeroth class raiders that had attacked a mechanicus transport ship in orbit above settlement 228. they had spoken to Magus Luol Rho (info from dark heresy core rule book.) in hive sibellus on scintilla in the callixus sector to see about getting an introduction to the foundries on hadd in the lathe systems. they are preparing for an extended trip to uncharted areas of the koronus expanse and are taking time for prep work. he said in exchange for introductions would the rogue trader and his entourage investigate a mechanicus ship that had been missing for some time near 228. in the fight with the three ships one was destroyed by some awesome rolls from the players and some naff bad luck on my part! shortly after this, some masterful maneuvering on the rogue traders part a second raider's ship was hulked with a blinding shot from their vessels macrobatteries and a blinding shot from their lance. the final one was utterly crippled when a critical shot severed the bridge of the vessel. after a boarding action or two later, the rogue trader had a new ship in his possesion, and parts that were salvaged from the hulked vessel to sell or use. all this from asking for an introduction from the ambassador to the lathes on scintilla!
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