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  1. Needs more Gothic. Each scrip is a small rectangle of everplastic. One side has a colorful & uplifting picture of an Imperial saint, and the details of what the scrip is good for. The other side is blank, or has some IG symbol. Assuming you don't die in the meatgrinder, you can pretty easily get enough to make a deck of cards. For scrip that's been spent, Command gets it back by every so often the Comissars sweep the camp followers. They take the spent scrip and exchange it for some amount of guard-confiscated food or some other surplus materiel. Even the Imperium knows troopers need a little R&R before being sent back to the trenches.
  2. (assuming you can talk to the player, figure out what's up, and have a reason to keep him in the group) Give the character an offer he can't refuse. For the OP character. "In light of your achievements, personal abilities, etc etc" promote him to squad leader of a squad of all Space Wolf scouts. Embarrassment of being treated as one of them, not something he can really protest over since it is promotion, and he gets to hang out with Marines who can drink him under the table and still perform their duties. Maybe even have the other players play the scouts, do a mission or two, then have the character go back to the regular group. For a Librarian, so many possibilities. Send him to a small one-person watchpost, cause the person in it needs to be able to communicate psychically. No force weapon, no armor, "post is too small to put up a fight, so all you get is this self-destruct button" The kill team could deliver him. Or when he runs out of fate points, he is obviously corrupted by Chaos so have him possessed by a Tzeentch demon, or turn him into a chaos spawn. The kill team has to stop it before too much damage to the ship.
  3. This bit seems backwards to me The Imperium is somewhere between stagnant and slow decay. So, the older the item: The better the technology is likely to be. (See archeotech - they are noticeably better than the equivalent '41st millenium' gun or component) The more attention will be paid to maintenance. If it's old, it must be better, so is more worthy of veneration by the Ad Mech. And, a Rogue Trader can afford to spend much more on repairs for their special plasma pistol than, say, a guardsmen on their lasgun. The sturdier the components. Present day, aviation electronics are usually tighter specs/longer expected lifespan/more hand picked than regular gear (and you pay for that quality, too) So, was your gun made with low-grade steel from a hive manufactorium, or from Lathe-wrought null-grav steel/adamantium alloy blended by a Magos Alchemica? Heck, there's the stories like "we carefully maintain the nonregulation paint job on this Terminator armor because the Space Marine inside dies if we cover up it's emblems". Another thing to remember is just because an item is old, that doesn't mean all its' parts are that old. When a part breaks, you replace it. Replacing a single part at a time is maybe enough easier to explain how it stays best craftsmanship. See 'my grandfather's axe' http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheseusShipParadox http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus In general, I would assume the umpteen-thousand crewed ship has a machine shop able to fix all combat damage. Your valet removes the lasgun-scorched armor plates after every combat and gets new pieces from stores. You have a room full of frag grenades to replenish your stock. The tech adept builds a new blivet-capacitor when the one in your 'Dragons breath' melta gun starts to overheat. If you did an upkeep test, make it more like "Hmm, with all those repairs we've run out of adamantium. We have enough to fix the Prow armor, or we can dedicate it all to keeping your power armor running." Of course the PCs will replace their gear. But it should be "a suit of carapace armor worn by Purity Lathamon is rumored to be on this planet. I must find this a holy relic. Sigh, sorry grampa but I will have to put the armor inherited from you back into storage". Oh, and keeping on the leading edge of haute cuisine is a never-ending task.
  4. Give the Techmarine something to occupy his servo-arm? Like holding up a tank for repairs or keeping a big slab of ceramite from crushing the party.
  5. Somewhere I saw an art that was supposed to be time-lapse photos of how Tyranids eat a planet. The space elevator thing was used in that. Send Tyranids down, pipe nutrients and planet resources back up. No clue what or where I saw it. Suggested reading: EE Doc Smith, first book with Kim Kinnison in it, so probably Galactic Patrol or Lensman. The scene where Kim and VanBuskirk will meet &/or just met Worsel, and the two power-armored dudes have to go through a jungle where everything tries to eat them. Probably one of the earliest descriptions of 'the planet hates you' Babylon 5: The Shadow planetkiller was living missiles (thousands or millions) that burrowed deep into the planet's crust before exploding. Basically disrupted the planet's crust. If they take hours or days instead of minutes, you could have a scenario "the planet will blow up soon, we don't have enough people who can go deep enough to take out all the missiles. Now what?" Paranoia game: Example of beating a hive mind. Communication is temporarily lost, when they try to reconnect each piece wants to be the core of the mind. Disagreement and fighting ensues. Like the death star idea, and using the rest of the fleet as protection. This thing would only show up at places the Swarm didn't want to eat - either defenses too strong, nothing to eat (moon with small research outpost, Necron world) or something. Way to take it out: With the psychic Tyranid field, your choices boil down to Untouchables, Grey Knights, Librarians, de-fleshed tech-priests. Basically a strike team that can either actively resist the aura, or wouldn't know it's there. And the best time to kill it is that bit where the Swarm is approaching a planet and doing the last couple lightyears at sub-light speed. Let the fleet come to you instead of worrying about warp travel.
  6. The space hulk board game had an article in white dwarf where they talked about using dreadnoughts (statted out a Carnifex, Eldar WraithLord, and one of the marine dreads). Obviously would depend on the ship layout. Also in those rules, chainfists had the power to rip through a door faster. Boarding: Boarding torpedo or well-piloted ship. Marines should be pretty good at using sensors to find weak spots, and want to spend as little time in nonessential bits as possible. Hmm, can assault marines use their packs to jump onto the hull? Terminators might use a teleportarium to get on. Weapons: If you're taking out critical components, melta bombs are a must. Grenades can be extra-effective in small rooms. Don't forget flash-bangs when the Marines go through a door. Do you want low-pen to avoid severing unarmored cables, or high pen so you can shoot through walls and not worry about ricochets? Melee weapons obviously. And assault marines do use pistols. If you want mobile cover, bring along one of those Arbites/rogue trader riot shields. Might want one guy with longer range in case enemies mass up in a big room. As far as opponents, Dark Her & Rog Trad both have good ones (super-daemonette, ball of malice and sharp sharp knives, stats for naval officers)
  7. Seems reasonable, although potentially too much change for a game. You would probably have to seriously up-power goals - eliminate all Orks, invade the next galaxy (maybe that is what Tyranids are fleeing) A couple raise dead counters: Eldar or Chaos blew up Horus's flagship with Emperor inside. Eldar feel an obligation to humanity and foresaw the emperor would get in the way. So after he stops Horus they assassinate him, act all outraged, and keep working with humans. They need a crippled superpsychic husk to keep the human web gate from exploding. It's a stasis throne and no one knows how to turn it off. He needs 10k years of peace and quiet so the warp can calm before he Ascends into godhood. Eldar couldn't get to the emperor in time. Eldrad, Emperor, and Leman Russ went on a 10,000 year pub crawl.
  8. (I'll assume that despite any improbabilities, the alliance did happen, because game). TLDR better laser & maybe suspensor tech, psykers using Eldar gear, maybe webway access. Harlequins Harlequins Harlequins. (I like Harlequins. ) Eldar population boom. Still not very big compared to the imperium, but enough growth to need the Maiden worlds for colonization. Maybe a population shift, more Exodite & less Craft or Dark? (either Exodites have more sex, or souls don't want to reincarnate as Dark Eldar) Big improvements to psykers. They are the only humans that can use 75% of Eldar tech because that stuff is psychoactive. If it is possible for them to learn the runes, then generally safer, less psyker possession. For regular tech, possible improvements to las weaponry. Can Techpriests copy how the Eldar make their lasblasters. or does it require psyker manipulating wraithbone etc? Aside from that, very little change because their tech's have completely different foundations. Maybe Eldar start suspensor factories. Webway access. Stabilizing the one under the Golden Can, space marines helping clear out the chaos-infested paths (Demons are like 'these dudes souls don't taste as good as Eldar. Lets leave') Harlequin Inquisitors. Without those souls, Slaanesh weakens and they have time to fight Chaos on the human front. Actually. Look at the eye of terror. All those souls that Slaanesh ate at his birth. Trillions maybe? Those souls would way outnumber Craftworld, Dark, and Exodite combined. Only War, Deathwatch, Black Crusade games all set inside the webway.
  9. I've always assumed the 'anything with +0 modifier' meant anything. The more interesting the better. And it being not tied to PF because it is the kind of stuff a PC picks up before joining the ship. So, for someone with true faith: Idiota Libri Exorcismus. Exact stats, who knows? Maybe a bonus to forbidden (demons) For a xenos hunter: a gun-maintenance servitor. Acts as an arms coffer, reloader, and golf caddy. "Target is 200m away, heavily armored, and approaching at 60 mph. May I suggest the lascannon Sir?" Also, treasure maps.
  10. The earliest number-related quote I remember is something like 'there is less than one space marine for each planet in the imperium, but that is still enough" . So 1000 chapters, 1000 marines per. Don't know which book I saw that in unfortunately. As far as ships, since WH uses a age of sail model, I checked out 'Rating System of the Royal Navy' on Wikipedia. Translating into warhammer terms, the RN had about 10 to 20 Battleships (1st & 2nd rate), 100 Cruisers (3rd rate), and another 100 or so Frigates (4th & 5th rate). No good counterpart to Raiders. So for every BS, there are 5 cruisers & 5 frigates. But, comparing that to Patrol Group Retaliator, it looks like the Imperium has about 3 or 6 frigates for every larger ship. Assuming 5 battleships and 200-odd ships total: 5 Battleships 25 Cruisers 100 Light Cruisers or Frigates 75 Destroyers
  11. For 2, the 'bind/ally with the demon' seems like the most fun. For 1, not quite what you want, but sorcerors are able to at least semi-reliably guide hulks through the Immaterium - I don't remember which book, maybe a Chaos Codex, talking about how Tzeentch sorcerors are good if you want to use a hulk to invade the Imperium. Or maybe it was talking about Ahriman doing it to get around. So, would steering it so it bounces between the same two or three locations work?
  12. Do we know how fast Tyranid's can travel? Assuming it is slow enough, you can buy a few years with scorched earth tactics. Do an Exterminatus on planets in their path. No biomass (it's all dead/fusioned/evaporated) means the Tyr can't "refuel". Go pure defense in one of the other salient (probably Tau would be easiest for that), and go all out in the third. Smash Chaos really good then go back to Tyranid and Tau. And I love the idea of siccing Rogue Trader's on the Tau. The Mechanicus would probably want to give extra aid to the Trader's so they could get their servoarms on Tau tech. Oh, and as far as reconquering Tyranid worlds, there aren't any to reconquer. They don't bother leaving spores behind, no need. They take everything of use from the planet, including the atmosphere, and move on leaving a worthless husk behind. Check out the table in the wiki: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Tyranid#Planetary_Assimilation
  13. Mmm, I'm pretty sure this is discussed in a few books, but I don't remember which ones (I'll talk like it's all fact since that is easier to write ). The most common thing is that when an area goes from 'expanse' to 'sector', the sector is now part of the Imprium so the RT's charter no longer applies. So, the Rogue Trader moves on to another un-Imperium area. But, parts of the family might have already been set up as planetary governors etc, and they keep those jobs. In Dark Heresy's Book of Judgement, they mention the planet Landunder. In the Calixis Sector, but its' planetary charter had some extra clauses giving a RT family a bunch of rights. So that is another way things can go. Generally, I would assume that big families have basically independent branches across multiple Expanses because coordination would take too much time. So PC's could be a new branch of a powerful family from somewhere else. When planets become part of the Imperium, it kind of goes from junk bond to blue-chip stock. Less profit, more stable, good place to dump boring family members while the risk takers go off to the next gold rush.
  14. I'd suggest looking up the Badab War, & the Space Wolves vs the Thousand Sons home planet of Caliban. At the Chapter level, only Space Marines have the firepower to punish other Marines. Other groups might be involved (I think there was an Inquisitor coordinating the Badab war) but Marines will form the core. They do have obligations to the Imperium. Tithe of gene seed always. Tithe of resources if they control a planet or Sector. And Space Marines do not have a rep in the High Lords. Overall, Marines strongly resemble the Mechanicus - not part of the Imperial cult (I think that's in Dark Heresy in some section talking about the Ecclesiarch) and mostly independent, and they police themselves. At their founding, a Chapter might be given a duty, but overall they do as they see fit. Still have interactions with the wider Imperium though. Either DH or RT mentioned the 'peers of the imperium' thing. Basically, at the highest levels you have Inquisitors, R Traders, Chapter Masters, etc, all with theoretically unlimited power in some area, and all with firepower to back it up. So, conflicts come down to politics, and sometimes who can get the most other peers with big guns on their side. Some of the older lore I remember: A Space Marine was turned into a Rogue Trader & sent out there with a good chunk of a Chapter. When the Mechanicus come out with new/improved gear, there is a chapter that tests the stuff, and individual marines could earn a right of refusal if the gear is too crazy sounding. There is/was a chapter (Relictors?) that specializes in repurposing Chaos weapons.
  15. Dark Heresy core book mentions the 'primitive-type sword' that turns into 'power sword' when you turn on the juice. Somewhere else mentioned the empty hilt that turns into power sword when turned on. Then you have chainfists, which I've seen described as basically chainsaw with power field on top. Given those as examples, seems like it would be reasonable to have a signature chain weapon that can turn on a weak/short duration power field when needed. Or heck, have it be made out of some exotic material, like the teeth of that dragon critter on Vulcan, and say that makes it immune to power weapon destruction
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