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  1. Should put in chickens and add take turns away from being a toad. Also you can redefine the rules about being a toad as well so it fixes that up with some of the newer effects. Might nick the idea... :).
  2. The only difference in both Spells is the timing and Blinks hopping like effect. Other than that another player (or the same player) is moving the character so the same effect in that regard. But I do see what you're saying a simple house rule will fix this all up.
  3. Can you copy the updates over the card pages? or are the updates just for playtesting results. I have to say I wanted to see a rule that takes one card from the Highlands Relic deck at random example: Like during setup when you place the Forge deck in play shuffle and take one card at random from the Highland Relic deck and place in face down under the Dwarven Highway part of the Lost Realms board (so that at least half of the Relic cards back is able to be seen). The Relic card placed in this way remains here for the rest of the game. Also, it's a great idea to add more card.
  4. We call it "Spell Locked" yeah great idea.
  5. What? Ah, I see the aim was not to force the casting of the spell. Right'o'.
  6. Add "you must cast" to the text. Otherwise fantastic now make a whole Troll expansion.
  7. I think only playtesting could answer something like this. But I don't think this would be hard to remember because they are not trigger abilities. Yeh true. But think of the opportunity with these cards, you can make some poor characters a better choice to take if a player draws them.
  8. Why? Because too many rules on a card is confusing even if they are "take another gold". And limiting it to only 2 gives more choice to streamline the cards to improve some already poor characters. Thus you're using this to balance the characters out a bit as well as adding fun and entertaining effects to make the game better. As well the rules would be a lot simpler as well, But it's upto you of course but great ideas I may have to nick them .
  9. I like this. But each archetype should just have 2 abilities one gives you something one takes something eg. Chosen: Once you have 4 followers you may +1 to your movement roll. You start the game with one less fate (min of 1). Then you can say players draw 3 at the start of the game and choose one to go with their character. Then a set of 21-24 would be good.
  10. There are four aspects of turning back: 1) You declare that you are turning back. 2) You move back the way you came. 3) You do not encounter any of the spaces. 4) You proceed all the way to the Plain of Peril. With Blink or Misdirection you definitely do not do 1 or 4. 2 is forced upon you. 3 is the one that is in question. And it still makes no sense for the character not to encounter it. You says that "it's just like turning back," except that it is actually almost nothing like turning back. The only thing that it has in common with turning back is that you move in the opposite direction. Again, you don't declare that you are going back and you don't proceed all the way to the Plain of Peril. So from that perspective, you are still proceeding toward the Crown of Command, even if you wind up taking a step backwards in the process. Your direction is still toward the goal, even if you get knocked back a space. Because your intent is still to move your character toward the Crown of Command you should still be required to encounter the space. Your intent in the inner region has not changed. As such, you must still encounter the space. The more I read of the FAQ the more I come to realize what a rather useless document it is. It includes several rulings and explanations that defy logic and sound thinking. Never the less there is a FAQ ruling and that's that. You can think its useless (from a point of view) and also think it has explanations that defy logic (from a point of view) I certainly don't think any of the FAQ rulings defies logic (matter on what type of logic you are meaning though because Talisman is hardly logical) or is useless (I think it address all it needed to at time of printing). If you give examples I can try to explain why the FAQ say such a ruling. But of course, if the FAQ ruling upsets you so much then change it. No-one's forcing you to play that way. Just make sure if you do all players know before you start the game.
  11. Well, it's just like turning back but without the player having to continue to travel back. I personally have no problem with the FAQ ruling. It makes perfect sense to me. But of course you may play it anyway you want really.
  12. Oh ok sorry, I was just trying to answer the question. I think the reason why they made the ruling in the first place was because the Inner Region was designed to allow players to turn back if they lost a talisman or ended up in a nasty place and know they are stuffed. And then allow them to return heal and then try again. And with what Misdirection did and its effect on its die roll for movement players did not know if it could still work on a player in the Inner Region (because you don't roll a die for movement in there) so the FAQ ruling answers both the moving back issue and the rolling a die roll for movement issue. I hope that helped.
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