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  1. I was holding out for this game. Here it is the 17th no still vid, no review, no nothing so Dungeon Run ended up with my cash. I still plan on getting it, but with Christmas around the corner it probably will not be until sometime next year.
  2. Oh I see what your saying there. I agree 5 points pierce on 4 point armor is still only 4 damage. I have reread Invul and noticed pierce is still attributed. Thanks for the assist
  3. Pierce Ignores Armor so 1 point of pierce is 1 automatic damage. In other words if a person has 4 armor and you do 3 damage with 2 pierce you do 2 point of damage. Thats why I was asking about the invulnrability protects against pierce too.
  4. Thats cool that their are 5 i have well of darkeness and alter of despair. So um... sorry if I didnt specify, didnt realize something that needed to be pointed out.
  5. I just bought both expansions and upon reading Additions to the Overlord cards with no Treachery cost I felt it was unclear. Here is my questions. 1) Does the new spawn (Kobold, ferrows, Dark Elves) and trap cards with no treachery get thrown into the base pack? This would be around ten new cards? 2) If not how the heck do I calculate their treachery to include them?
  6. We have no problem putting 4 heroes on the table. I can easily have 2 players play 2 characters. Thanks to both of you.
  7. I was going to order the next expansion in line "Well of Darkness" but wanted to know if other expansions were more recommended.
  8. So far I have only played the game with my wife. I play the Overlord and she plays the Champions. One thing we noticed is getting a useful treasure piece hard to come by and its not like there is an over abundance of money and chest laying around. So we have been play testing with two new sets of rules. 1st set: We pull Items here two champions will not be able to use out. This does not include stuff she doesnt like but just non champion related weapons. 2nd: Once and only once she can purchase an item of her choice from a chest color all ready discovered. Now this requires going to town and trading in at least 1 said treasure for 1/2 its amount. So far the second seems the most reasonable. Well thats it let me know what you think.
  9. Can you spend three fatigues on telekenesis to suck a monster 2 squares away from you into your aura, back out and back in again?
  10. my wife and I played our first game last night and did not complete it after 6 hours due to fine tooth combing the rules. As Overlord you spawn and activate in your turn which can help put pressure if a rooms not cleared out first. If a doors left open spawn them around the corner if you want to set them up. Mimic cards you can play during the chest phase so you get your attack.
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