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  1. I have a collection that I am willing to sell...I have a lot of cards. I was very very heavy into game until about 6 months ago. My collection is heavy on the Stark, Baratheon, Martell, Tragareon and Nuetral with limited GreyJoy and Lannister cards. A few friends and i traded a lot of the cards we needed for the specific houses since, almost no one trades in this game, so this is what I ended up with. It is about a Paper reem box full of cards with at least two base sets, and a few serveral house boxes... Thanks for asking...
  2. Wow...thanks a lot for the information. Never thought that having 2nd edition would be so difficult to incorporate the new 4th edition with it...
  3. Thanks for the info...I am guessing that they want you to buy all the new set and expansion and just disregard the old classic board etc. I was never able to get a second ed. Dragons expansion. Do you know how it is different? And is there anyway one can use the new with the old? Thanks again...
  4. Can one use the new 4th Edition "Dragons" expansion with the old 2nd Edition version of the game? Is there a way to incorporate the new with the old? Thanks....
  5. I just received the new 4th Edition Dragons Expansion for Talisman as a gift. I have the Old 2nd Edition game in its entiriorty with all the expansions except "Dragons". Can one use the new "Dragons" 4th Ed. with the old game and is there a conversion for doing so? Thanks!
  6. Will Fantasy Flight be at Origins and have any of the new WWII Wings of War product available for purchase? Thanks, smo63
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