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  1. Perhaps the prayer to the Kami was instead answered by a Kansen... narrative time.
  2. There is a gentleman on Ebay that sells them (he is the guy that made the model to begin with). Just look for Star Destroyer Bridge.
  3. My group used them for years and loved them. i’ve Always felt they were the best character sheets ever put together for a game.
  4. I am sorry for the VERY slow progress... I have sold my house, and we are waiting for the new one to be built. Fortunately I will actually have a workspace in the new home and progress should pick up tremendously after I am able to get settled in. Since I haven't been able to post much of anything I will add this. I have just purchased a Star Destroyer Bridge to be converted into a dice tower, it is fairly close to scale (given that the actual Star Destroyer would be somewhere in the 9-12 foot range if built). Meaning that the minis will look close to right next to it. I will be magnetizing the panel at the top of the neck and building a base for it so that the dice get dumped out at the front onto a felt pad with a lip to prevent loss of dice. Here is the model that I purchased (just the bridge section), it sits at 2 feet across.
  5. I often while loosing shout out "STOP EXPLODING YOU COWARDS!" while intentionally cracking my voice, only a few people have gotten it so far.
  6. The refraction is a concern and I am honestly still evaluating my options... Unfortunately glass is very low in my list of acceptable solutions due to the fact that I have 3 young children in the home (sooner or later one will stand and jump on it). I am considering Plexiglas as an alternative (have found a company that will provide 48x96 inch sheet anywhere from quarter to half inch thick), but ultimately wanted the towers to protrude above the playing field.
  7. Some signifigant progress has been made, but unfortunately the latex molds have more or less burnt out (no longer providing clean pulls). I will hide the dozen or so bad pulls, and doubt anyone will notice, but hat depends on how they look painted. It is not an insignificant cost for the latex (around 200.00 for enough to make a full set, but I should be able to pick it up soon. Until then enjoy the current state... A little over 6 square feet. The intent is to get to 18 square feet (3x6), but I will get there soon enough. If you are interested in seeing how well these can turn out google search x-wing buzzing the tower for some very nicely painted tiles with a B-Wing for scale.
  8. apoxie sculpt Not cheap (way cheaper than GW green stuff), but takes pretty good detail, and is hard as a rock when cured.
  9. Ditto on the Vallejo... Used them for years (used to do a lot of warhammer 40K).
  10. Thin coats multiple times will eliminate some of the color irregularity (giving a more even color tone), I would also consider using a very thin ink wash to bring out the details a little more. Steady hands are hard.... Avoid caffeine before painting, make sure you are rested, and be sure to take your time.
  11. Yeah, I have considered that, but ruled it out for various reasons. The clear epoxy I am looking at using has a very low viscosity, and is considered self degassing. It has a long cure time so I can work the bubbles out with a tool without worrying about the material curing before I am able, and it is UV resistant (some epoxy will yellow with exposure to sunlight). None of that will change the weight issue... I will try it out on a smaller scale before making a decision either way.
  12. My suggestion is to purchase plastic-card rod, and tube (that fit one inside the other) https://evergreenscalemodels.com/collections/14-polystyrene-rod https://evergreenscalemodels.com/collections/14-polysytrene-tubes Match the outside diameter of the rod, to the inside diameter of the tube. Get a very good plastic card cutter (like one of these http://www.nwsl.com/nwsl-online-catalog.html ) to make precise cuts then glue the tube to the wing and hull in place like the loops in a door hinge. __ |-O O-| |-O O-| Drill a hole into the plate that will stop the hing pin using a pin vice with a drill bit the same diameter of the rod ( above is __ ). Slide the rod in through the hinge loops and test. create an end cap (Basically the blasters to either side of the cock pit) and drill a hole into the back side of it that will line up with the hinge. put a tiny rop of glue on the pin at the tip and insert it into the end cap (also glue the end cap to the fuselage) and CAREFULLY glue the end cap to the shuttle and to the rod.
  13. Isn't going to be lite. I'm planning on mounting the tiles to plywood, mounted to a 2'x4' frame (although I have a cousin that welds quite well, so...?) and then mounting all of that to steel legs.
  14. I'm not 3d printing them at all. Good eye on the towers, all of these are silicon molded from the Bandai kit bases (towers included). I have considered breaking the table into sections, but that will leave a very visible gap in the clear epoxy when completed. Pretty sure that selling them would be problematic due to the fact that they are molded from a licensed product, but I am considering doing a couple 2'x2' tables as one offs and seeing if anyone is interested (as in not trying to make any real money from it). The turbo laser towers in the battlefield in a box are lovely, but they don't seem to be scaled well in my opinion. There are a lot of differing sources on the size of the towers, so I ultimately decided to use this shot as a reference. The Bandai towers are just about right for my tastes (will happily concede that there are varying sources and opinions on this).
  15. Have started a table build for x-wing... Will take some time to complete, but figured progress shots and comments would keep me motivated. Before anyone says anything about playing on an uneven surface, I intend to use glass-cast to level out the entire thing, only the turbo laser towers will stick up, and even those will be set up with magnets to remove. Whole think will be painted, mounted to a plywood base. Play surface will be 6'x3' with 6" lip on each long side for cards. May add an incredible dice tower, but haven't decided if I want to spend the kind of cash it would require. Thoughts, comments, and questions are welcome.
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