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  1. Regarding the Leonx Rider special ability, which player choose the retreating unit that is destroyed when there is more than one retreating unit?
  2. I own the original Runewars game and I was quite surprised by the changes they made in revised edition. The new victory conditions seem to make the game needlessly longer and prevent you from winning the game with a quick and daring assault like it was possible before. Anyone who ever won a game by performing a surprise aerial strike over a mountain with pegasus riders will know what I'm talking about. Overall, these new victory conditions seem to benefit races with strong units like Waiqar that will be able to defend their territories for one full year, but I can't be sure because I only played with the revised rules once. I don't know what to think about moving the heroes with the Mobilise and Conquest order card. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a hero can now move 7 hexes in a single year, which seems a little too much. On the other hand, I'm totally fine with the new rule about routed hexagon-based units counting as standing units during the Tally Strength step. So, what about you, old Runewars veterans? What do you think of the revised rules?
  3. Hey, I live in Quebec city too! If you guys need one more Runewars player I'm all-in! I also happen to be a Pathfinder and D&D 3.0-3.5 player, if you are into tabletop RPGs…
  4. I truly hope that the box of the expansion will be able to hold all the cards of the original game in a elegant and orderly fashion. The box of Rune Age is what I hate the most about the game. I was about to modify it by adding compartments made of foam core sheets inside, but now I'll wait to see if FFG can save me the work. When my fellow gamers and me choose to play Rune Age instead of, let's say, Runewars, it is because we don't have a lot of time before us and we want to play a quick, fast game before doing something else. However, having to reorganize the cards every time we want to play is really annoying.
  5. CEnzo said: I use a paper cutter like this: www.solostocks.it/img/coltello-taglierino-tipo-cuttex-per-usi-vari-24517z0.jpg or see this link: www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/480292/foamboard-cutting-tools Thank you very much!
  6. garathkane said: Maerimydra said: zonimi said: The rules are vague at best and I don't want to assume: 1. During setup, when making the 3 Neutral piles, do you shuffle the Neutral Unit and Neutral Tactic cards together and create the 3 Neutral piles from that random shuffle based on the variable setup for how many to add to the pile? Or do you keep the two types of neutral cards separate and make 2 piles of Tactic cards and 1 pile of Unit cards, as shown in the Setup diagram. If a pile runs out does it get replaced or is that resource gone for the rest of the game? 2. Similar question for Neutral Cities: just shuffle and lay out a number of cities as based on the Variable Setup chart? Once captured I assume they are not replaced. 1. You form 3 non-random piles with the 3 different neutral cards suggested by the scenario. Each pile contains only 1 kind of cards (that's it, 1 pile of Forced March cards, 1 pile of Battle Cry cards and one pile of Demon cards for the Dragonlord scenario. Each of these piles contain a number of cards based on the Variable Setup chart. 2. Yes and yes (they are NOT replaced). The rules could definitely be a little more clear for this but I agree with Maerimydra except I read those neutral unit and tactic cards and being a suggestion. My group played with the suggested cards for the first time but in future plays we'll draw random neutral cards like the cities. Even if you do that, you must still have one pile of neutral cards that cost 2 Influences, one pile of neutral cards that cost 4 Influences and one pile of neutral cards that cost 6 Influences.
  7. I never manipulated foamcore before and I was wondering if standard scissor would be enough to cut the foamcore sheet, or if a paper cutter or a exacto knife would do a better job.
  8. This is simply awesome! I was thinking about doing this for a long time now, but those pictures gave me the motivation I needed to proceed.
  9. cchopman said: When we played the Runewar Scenarios, we confused "During this round" with "During the next round" in some instant Event cards, such as: Rally Forces: When a player gains units during this round, he may place those cards into his hand (instead of his discard pile). Blood Fury: Immediately wound all units that are played in combat during the next round. Restless Warriors: During the next round, deal 4 damage to each player’s Home Realm at the end of his turn unless he won at least 1 siege as the attacker. A Time for War: When a player attacks a Home Realm during this round, add 2 to his total combat strength. What is the timing difference between "During this round" and "Durng the next round"? Thanks for reply... Good catch cchopman. Honestly, I never noticed that before and I played all those Event cards as if they were "During this round" cards.
  10. mr.thomasschmidt said: Can you play this game solo? Yes, you can. In fact, there's two scenarios that you can play solo.
  11. cchopman said: Darnati Warrior When Played: Spend 1 influence to destroy 1 opposing unit. Can I spend 2 inflences to destroy 2 opposing unit at the same time? Siege Machine Resolution: Discard 1 card from your hand to add 2 strength to this unit. Also, can I discard 2 cards from my hand to add 4 strength to this unit at the same time? Thanks fo reply... No and no.
  12. player1816148


    Rommel1 said: thank you so much steve :D:D as for question one if i used mobilize order can i move 3 units form different hexes into the enemy hex? and if i have 2 units in 2 different hexes can i move them both at the same time using a movement order or i can only perform 1 action (i.e moving only one unit) In simple words, the Mobilize and Conquest order cards let you take all the units (heroes excluded) you want within 2 hexes (or 3 hexes for the units with the fast ability) of the hexe that you activate with the order card and bring them all into the activated hexe. You cannot, however, move routed units or units that are already in an activated hexe.
  13. cchopman said: Pillage Action: Reveal the top 2 cards of any player’s deck. Choose 1 card for him to draw and destroy the other. Q: Can I play "Pillage" to reveal the top 2 cards of my deck? Thanks for reply... Yes, you can.
  14. Thanks, but I already printed this document and it's lying safe in my Runewars box.
  15. MoonShadow said: Is it possible to play the Forced march tactic card in a battle to destroy one card and draw two more from your deck? Thanks! No. You can't play an Action card during a Battle or a Siege.
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