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    Jenna reacted to nodgenesor in What weird character do you always win or lose with?   
    Funny that I have come across this thread. In my playing group, which plays mostly 2nd edition (even though we do play 4th edition occasionally) the Rogue character has just had a victory for the first time in 29 years. 
    Bit of a cause for celebration. 
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    Jenna reacted to Lorinor in What weird character do you always win or lose with?   
    We almost always play with random characters (draw 3, pick one of them),
    so I don't really think I can talk much about my experience in particular,
    but rather general stuff.

    The Thief - while he has won some games - seems to lose most games he's
    taken part in, also dying quite often.

    The Djinn-Blooded was made out by many to be the next "Dark Cultist", yet,
    he has up to this date never once won a game at this table and he was always
    either killed before the game ended or he didn't have any chance of victory.
    [Side note: While she has once won a game, the Dark Cultist also has a very
    bad track record here.]

    The Chivalric Knight seems to be a character that people just can't figure out
    how to play and struggle with every game. - I wish I'd already had a chance to play
    a game with him to turn his luck around, but fate wouldn't have it - for now.

    The Ghoul is considered weak by some and has lost its fair share of games around
    here, yet I can't even remember one game where I really felt like his abilities
    came into play more than once of twice.

    Often made fun of, the Leprechaun has won quite a number of games and people
    should start to learn that it's a mistake to underestimate him.

    Players always enjoy giving the Necromancer a go, yet things never turn out as
    expected for him and never well either. He has lost each and every game he has
    taken part in, often dying right at the start or rather fast, at the very least.
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    Jenna got a reaction from Budgernaut in How similar is Runewars Miniatures to Original Runewars?   
    If any of you played the original Runewars that was released about 10 years ago, can you please tell me whether Runewars Miniatures is pretty similar to it? 
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    Jenna reacted to Osbo25 in The Dragon: alternate mechanics for the tokens   
    There are 24 spaces in the outer region and 16 spaces in the middle region, for a total of 40 spaces.
    Excluding the Treasure Chamber, Eyrie, and Meeting with Destiny, there are 28 spaces each in the Dungeon, Highlands, and Woodland expansions, for a total of 84 spaces.
    Excluding the City Gate, Town Square, Jail, and all of the shops, there are 16 spaces in the City expansion.
    40 + 84 + 16 = 140
    There are 140 Dragon tokens.
    At the start of the game, place one dragon token face down on each of these spaces.  When a character lands on a space he flips the token over.  If the token is a dragon scale then the scale is encountered according to the normal rules of encountering scales.  If the token is a dragon slumber or dragon rage then the token is encountered as if the character drew it, after which it is discarded and the character encounters the space.  If the token is a dragon strike then the character simply discards the token and encounters the space.
    Dragon scales may only be used to provide a bonus once, after which they are discarded.  (This is to offset the fact that all 120 dragon scales are in play.)
    A new dragon king is crowned whenever the time card is flipped, simply passing sequentially from one to another.
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    Jenna reacted to talismanisland in Talisman phone edition - What's it like?   
    It takes place as a normal game of Talisman, so there is no asynchronous play I'm afraid.
    If there is a problem, or someone has to go, the AI can take over after a specified amount of time however, or you can all meet up at another time as there is the facility to save games (one at a time I believe).
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    Jenna reacted to Talisrob in Pictures from your games here   
    Here's the setup from Sundays game. Finally had a table big enough to comfortably play all four corners! Ended up being a 4 hour game and in the end my Warlock came out victorious. 


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    Jenna reacted to Rigmaster in Is the Talisman core enough?   
    I think core game is enough. It's easy to say it's not enough when you've played expansions. True, expansions add to the game, as they should, but the core game kept us occupied for a long time before adding expansions. Then, start with the Reaper which is, in a manner of speaking, more base game.
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    Jenna reacted to Rawsugar in Is the Talisman core enough?   
    Personally i prefer just core game, the balance is also better (expansions make characters that depend on  landing on other characters much worse, character that depend on spaces in outer region become worse, the core game is balanced so that just when people start becoming strong they can take the chance to go for win whereas bossendings disrupt this mechanism, city makes gold suddenly worth 2 or 3 times as much...and so on)
    Core game fits perfectly for a good evening of casual players looking for some hours of fun (its still easily 4 hours if people arent somewhat focused on game), characters make for great variety, enough if you dont play it every weekend.
    We play with frostmarch which is basically just coregame  but a doubles adventure cardpile and adds a few chars.
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    Jenna reacted to DomaGB in Painted Werewolf & Reaper fig @ DollarTree   
    It's that time of the year again!

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    Jenna reacted to Joker2016 in FFG and Gamesworkshop   
    I'm good on talisman until I'm an old man lol
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    Jenna reacted to Uvatha in The End of Talisman   
    That's the burning question isn't it .
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    Jenna got a reaction from nodgenesor in The End of Talisman   
    Will kain7th keep making "rate this character out of 10" posts? 
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    Jenna got a reaction from talismanisland in The End of Talisman   
    Will kain7th keep making "rate this character out of 10" posts? 
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    Jenna reacted to sanityismyvanity in The End of Talisman   
    Yes, the Nomads have already commented that this hasn't any affect on them, as they have a license agreement with GW directly to make the digital version. They have never had any official relationship with FFG, only GW. All expansions will still be produced by them.
    On a related note, if the Highlands-Woodlands mini-Realm were to be created by Jon/the Community as mentioned earlier, I wonder if it would be possible to have Nomad make a digital port of that as well. Not sure where something like that would fall under their license agreement.
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    Jenna reacted to Osbo25 in Huge come-from-behind win!   
    I was playing a four-player DE game this morning.  One of the other players left early, and another died about midway.  So for all intents and purposes it was just one other guy and me.  I am the Courtesan.  He is the Valkyrie.  And he is just running away with the game.  He's got the spell book, Singe, and plenty of other goodies that make him a beast.  Most battles he's auto-winning.
    Well, I chase him into the Dungeon, because he is making a run for the Lord of Darkness.  I catch up to him and steal his spell book.  I draw Toadify.  A couple of turns later he comes back to me to try to kill me (I was low on life).  I cast Toadify on him and rolled a 4.
    However, I had been in the Highlands, so I had the Wildlander.  On my next turn I used the Wildlander and picked up all of the stuff dropped by the Toadified Valkyrie.  With everything that I pick up I am only Strength 6 Craft 6.  Not great.  But I press on.
    I win a couple of battles and bump my strength up by one.  But I also picked up the Lone Dwarf, which adds 2 to my score in the Treasure Chamber.  I make it to the Treasure Chamber.
    It was Day, so the Lord of Darkness had a -1.  I cast Weakness on him, giving him a -4.  I used my bow and rolled a 6!  YES!  I rolled a 4 for my attack score, and he rolled a 3.  I used Twist of Fate to make my 4 a 6.  I beat him and teleport to the CoC.
    Judgment Day is the ending.  I, of course, vote myself worthy, but I don't know what else is going to happen.
    The one guy who was left voted me not worthy (-1), as did one of the AIs (-2 total).  But the other AI and I both voted worthy (+2 total), thus offsetting those two unworthy votes, leaving me with a 6 and a win.
    If the guy would have just gone on to the Treasure Chamber he would have won.  (I would have voted him worthy.  He played really well.)  But he decided to show off, and it cost him the game, giving it to me instead.
    But it took two great combinations of spells and followers and some timely 6s to get there.
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    Jenna reacted to Filippo in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    When I play, I don't consider respawn. I try to win with the current character UNTIL THE END. For Glory.
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    Jenna reacted to Bludgeon in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    We all choose who we want to play. (advising new players if necessary)
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    Jenna reacted to Artaterxes in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    We play with all characters mixed. We either play single random or draw three pick one, depending on the mood of the group.
    I play as best I can with any character I get.
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    Jenna reacted to Rawsugar in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    I might play him more aggressively than I would if it wasnt for the respawn; go for spots w 2+ draws, not go try to heal when at 2 life etc.
    I wouldn't play badly, 'd prefer to just not play.
    we play with balanced characters though so it's only an issue w digitial edition
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    Jenna reacted to kain7th in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    What do you do when you get a character you don't like?
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    Jenna reacted to JediKnightAmoeba in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    We do the same.  Our group never understood why anyone would play a game in which they had a character they had no investment.  We have the characters separated into Good, Neutral and Evil piles and pass them around picking as we desire. 
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    Jenna reacted to Osbo25 in When you get a character you dislike, do you try to play with it well, or do you try to get it killed?   
    I have a house rule that deals with this.  If you don't like the three characters that you get to pick from, you can randomly draw one character, which you must play.  You can still wind up with a dud, though.
    I play to win, no matter which character I've got to work with.  Sometimes it takes a little more work than others.  So while I might not have as many cool special abilities to use, I still play to win.
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    Jenna reacted to Supertoe in Rate this Character out of 10: The Troll?   
    I give him a 7, mostly because of his incredible ability to bring you back into the running if you get him after you die.
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    Jenna reacted to Supertoe in Music for Talisman   
    Mumford and Sons does it for me.
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