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  1. What weird character(s) do you always win or lose with? By "weird," I mean they're overpowered but you lose with them, or they have terrible abilities but you win with them. I always, without fail, lose with the Dread Knight. For some reason, I always win with the Ghoul even though I hate his abilities and often forget to use them.
  2. Hi everyone, We're having a rule dispute. We'd appreciate some help. If you encounter the Beggar King and get the result that says, "All other Characters must give you 1 of their Objects," can a player choose to give you a Cursed Object, even if they have non-Cursed Objects?
  3. If any of you played the original Runewars that was released about 10 years ago, can you please tell me whether Runewars Miniatures is pretty similar to it?
  4. Omg, this idea is awesome. Adopted.
  5. I'm thinking about getting the Talisman app for my phone, and I have a question. How do turns take place? Does everyone have to be glued to the game once it begins, like in a normal game of Talisman? Or is it more like Words with Friends, where there's a lot of time and life-living in between turns but the game takes forever to complete? I'm hoping it's the latter.
  6. I do, but every time I try playing with other people the game goes crazy slow. I think it's an issue with my computer, since other people don't seem to have that problem. How experienced are the other players? I think pretty experienced. I really think it's my area or my computer. I can't wait to get this thing replaced.
  7. I do, but every time I try playing with other people the game goes crazy slow. I think it's an issue with my computer, since other people don't seem to have that problem.
  8. Will kain7th keep making "rate this character out of 10" posts?
  9. Will Talisman Digital continue to produce expansions (like the forest)?
  10. I recently played with just the core game (it was a gift for my parents-in-law; my husband and I have the core game plus all expansions) and really enjoyed it.
  11. I like the occasional challenge of playing with crappy characters. How hubby and I choose characters is, each person rolls a die. If you roll a 1, you get only 1 randomly drawn character. If you roll a 2, you get to choose from 2 randomly drawn characters. Etc. It's fun when one of us rolls a 1 and the other a 6. The 1 often gets a dud and the 6 gets a badass. Funner still when the dud wins against the badass.
  12. I give him a 6. He makes spaces useless for other players, which is a little like making them miss turns. (I hate playing against him for this reason.) Can also bogart stat streams if he's the first to draw them. I especially like his movement ability. There's nothing to dislike about this character, but there's nothing outstanding about him either.
  13. I give him an 8. Begins the game evil with a lot of fate. Very cool abilities. I love that he can know the top Pet card and top treasure cards for the Highlands and Dungeon (these treasures are drawn randomly in our games).
  14. I like him. I give him a 6. Likes: - Only 2 abilities and they're super easy to remember. - Regeneration is a useful ability. - Begins with 6 strength. Dislikes: None, really. I want to penalize him for beginning with 1 craft, but in practice it's rarely much of a hindrance. He amps up in craft quickly enough usually, and when he doesn't, the regeneration ability keeps him afloat.
  15. Jenna

    Music for Talisman

    Lol, wow that's strange.
  16. Jenna

    Music for Talisman

    We sometimes play Sephiroth's theme ("The One Winged Angel") from FF7 when we're battling it out at the Crown.
  17. Who is Stompy? The pet elephant. You land on cards you don't like and stomp them into oblivion.
  18. I love the philosopher. But I like Stompy too, so there's that.
  19. Vendark has some great balanced characters under the Home Brews section of this forum: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/193197-new-characters/
  20. You wouldn't encounter it. There are some cards that specifically say, "Put a terrain card on your space and then encounter it." Plus, if everyone had to encounter their terrain cards that turn, it would get everyone's turns confused.
  21. I hate this character. He gets a 1 from me. His abilities are more punitive than beneficial. Granted, if he gets the fate stealer and a war horse, that's a powerful combo. But the fate stealer almost never makes an appearance in our games.
  22. 2. Mostly I can't stand his "pet" ability, which is so weak compared to the minstrel's, the ogre chieftain's, and the necromancer's. 2 instead of a 1 because starting out evil with a lot of fate is always a bonus.
  23. "Our group has put a halt to these combos but running the game as is can lead to abuse...." I like those games that seem impossible. It's all the more awesome on the occasions when the invincible one loses.
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