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  1. This happened many moons ago, but something made me think of it today. We don't play a lot and one day I decided to give a heavy ordnance ship (K-Wing) a shot since they had come out with extra munitions. I don't remember the exact loadout, but I did choose ion bombs as one of my bombs and I had this thing piled up with points. Naturally, it was an Imp-magnet and they knocked my shields out Round 2 and I was lamenting my choice to pile on the points even though I had shield-regen capability (through R2 perhaps?) I decided to stick with my plan of turning sharp left from the right side of the board and essentially running down the "50 yard line" dropping bombs and shooting anything in my path whilst SLAMing. This is when probably the funniest thing that I've seen in the game happened. We play a lot in teams of 2 and the Imp players each had a ship (Vader and Academy Pilot) in front of me before I turned. Well, Vader decided to peel off after Wedge and The AP was anticipating my move. They ended up turning into each other (Vader hit the AP), just as an ion bomb detonated. They spent the next two rounds bumping into each other (as we imagined Vader Force Choking the hapless Academy Pilot) while the rest of the team turned into and blasted them.
  2. I'm not faulting you guys for playing as the rules are written, but the group I play with are all engineers and see the way we do it as logical. As stated earlier in this thread, the reasoning that FFG gave is they didn't think players would remember to carry over the XP after levelling. That seems pretty weak in my opinion. We're not trying to rock Fourier Transforms here. It's getting a number, performing a level up, then carrying over the remainder.
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors is not mathematics though. 4+2 = 6 ; 2+4 = 6 The results for 6 XP should be the same otherwise there is no point in measuring it numerically. Since the game is classless the XP system should graduate equally. It's not like D&D where each class's benchmarks are different. What you're saying is effectively is if I was playing a fighter in D&D and so was my buddy and I killed an Orc and then an Ogre and got 2,000XP, but my buddy killed an Ogre first and then an Orc for 2,000XP he should be higher level than me.
  4. Easy: Let's say you have 2 Level 1 characters. One has so far received no XP and the other has 2 XP and his peg is on the last letter he possesses. Then, let's say they both gain 4 XP. The person who previously had 2 XP is now level 3, while the person who had no XP is now level 2 and has his XP peg on his first letter. Now the level 2 player gains 2 XP. His XP tracker moves to his last letter and he is still level 2. End result: 2 players earned 6 XP, but one is level 2 and one is level 3. I would call that unfair.
  5. After playing all 4 scenarios (and The Commonwealth over again) I have to say I still greatly enjoy the game, but agree with a lot of posts that due to the agenda cards that align with a certain faction, the game can end quickly without the opportunity to really delve into side quests and especially vaults. The last scenario we played was Far Harbor. Definitely the trickiest one. When we replayed The Commonwealth I had a win condition in about an hour or so, but due to a combination of having a good time and a pint or two of rum, decided to not declare victory and extend the game. I still won when the time came so that was good. Haven't played with less than 4 people. I feel that my initial suspicion that you don't want to play this game every day is well-founded as even playing once a month, we had most of the starting encounter cards figured out. Anyone have any reflections now that they have experience with the game?
  6. FFS, I think that's pretty sad that they made it unfair because they thought we couldn't remember a single digit number. I'm definitely playing it the "fair" way and they can shove that rule up their 4th point of contact.
  7. We're still learning so noted for next time.
  8. We played the tutorial and the first mission with 2 marines. Baron of Hell slowed them down pretty considerably but with the larger hand size (also due to class cards) and some lucky draws, shuffles, and redraws he got mowed down by a static gun that had the charge card played 4 times.
  9. Anybody hear anything if this is different in terms of frag tokens for the invader to win?
  10. Sounds like everyone thinks this game is heavily slanted to the Marines. True or False?
  11. Getting ready to start our first campaign and I can't find anything that explicitly says whether or not you get to choose the heroic reward or if it's assigned. Since I don't own the game I'm not sure if there are multiple things to choose from. Thanks in advance.
  12. So I'm fairly certain that I read correctly during our tutorial play that each soldier that is assigned to a task is killed if a loss is rolled (which makes the game horrifyingly hard when I as the game owner took the role of squad leader and even with carapace armor set a record for number of pairs of ones rolled in the history of this game so far). We were playing that only one interceptor was lost at a time though, possibly in defiance of the rules, based on something I read as a passing comment in a different topic. Are all interceptors (per continent) lost on a loss? Are all satellites and scientists on a task exhausted on a loss as well or is the attempt decreased by one exhausted asset? If all losses are total, I don't see how it's possible to win this SOB, but it's an amazingly fun game, so I'm sure I'll be probed and dissected many a time in the process. Maybe I'll drink less rum next game. Thanks in advance! Ziggy
  13. The thought of the guide getting smoked by crushing blow is pretty funny though.
  14. Thanks Corbon, I was aware of the other things. I have been letting the group keep their guys, with only skills, if they beat the quest on the first try (and they want to). I felt it was essential early on to keep the group interested so it didn't turn into me crushing them repeatedly in the first hour (I won't lie, I may have been a little easy on them). I love this game and haven't been able to keep a group interested until now. Now that I have them hooked I have been putting the boots to them medium style and they still love it. Next session will be the first one with a relic so I just wanted to be clear. Thanks again! Ziggy
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