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  1. 1) That is how we typically play it, but it felt wiered having Micheal McGlen be able to rush into a group of 3 cultist's (no horror/1 stamania hit) and never have to worry about taking a hit, made more sense that he block the first one( if combat roll failed), but subsequent hit's he could not block that turn. 2) Right, "any phase", is suppose to allow for you to use during encounters, or other world, or even methos phases, if it is avalable. The real question boils down to "can" you cast, example "Shrivling", at the begining of your movment phase (since it says any phase), and due to the succesful cast you feel confdient you can now move into a location with a monster, is it still good untill the end of "that" combat. I relize spells and items that are exusted are use once then done tell next turn, so you could not use it to fight a second monster in that location. Conversully, If you fail to cast succesfully, then choose not to enter a location with a monster. Feels really tricky how the movment/Combat phases are intertwined. It's simple when you get an encounter or other world card that says "Monstor Appears", you either evade or fight (horror + combat or flee checks). 3) just an observation, not important. Thanks for the responce.
  2. My questions are more geared toward how others actually play the movement phase, and cards and abilities that say "any phase": these question may have already been answered but I had a hard time locating them. these are very base game level questions. 1) CardsAbilities that say Any phase? Dose this mean I can use this card at any time during a turn (I assume that it is typically the spirit of the game to only be able to use it once per turn, like The professors ability to ignore 1 sanity lose) . This leads to some confusion as to when you are allowed to use say "shriveling", which leads into my next question. 2) Is Combat a sub phase of movement, during the movement phase? for example can I attempt to cast "shriveling" at the beginning of my movement phase, allowing me to determine if I will have the strength to take on a monster or if I should try to evade. This seems counter to the spirit of the game, but is not clear, I was wondering how others play it. For instance, do most of arkum fans allow casting of 'any phase" cards, and based on the success or failure allow players to determine if they will move in on a monster? It seems to me that "any phase" gives the impression that if you wanted you could cast “shriveling” during the upkeep phase, get +6 to your combat rating, but if you don't fight and the upkeep phase ends you would just lose that card until next upkeep when it refreshes (silly example but important distinction). However, since combat with a monster is not technically a phase but part of the movement phase, this cause me some confusion. We generally play it, that you can not cast "shriveling" until you are in actual combat, so when you move onto a monster with the intent to fight, you have no idea what your fighting strength will be until you resolve the horror check and then start the actual combat "phase", where you can cast etc to see if it helps, is that how others play it as well? 3) Do most people agree that cards and abilities that prevent a loss can be used at any time, once per turn (unless they are specifically phase dependent), even in the middle of an encounter/event BUT those that adjust stats can not? It feels to me like the game has two separate distinctions that can sometimes confuse, it seems that "any phase" spells, allies and abilities can be used at any time to prevent losses, but all spells/allies/abilities that adjust stats (sanity, sneak, etc) must occur before or after an encounter/combat has been resolved but can not occur during (for example, you can't sacrifice duke to up your sanity (stat), after a failed horror check to keep from going insane, but you can cast "flesh ward" to prevent stamina loss even after you have failed a combat check to prevent beginning knocked unconscious). I love this game, Chris
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