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  1. One important thing to understand is that the small/medium units are generally supports. There's the flesh moulders who heal, the goblin archers who are your primary range, the spiders poison (very deadly against heroes with low strength), the zombies grab and spread disease, etc. They are not usually meant to stand alone, but support the large monsters, who are your front line heavy hitters. But again, it always depends on the quest. Large monsters just don't have the mobility you need for some quests, as has already been mentioned. As the elite spider's web ability has been mentioned a number of times, I will say that it is made for small corridors. And since spiders often appear in the spider's lair tile, the elite is generally perfectly positioned. The more you play, you'll figure out little tricks and gimmicks for each monster besides their basic attacks and health. -Daggon
  2. Honestly the fact that FFG is selling the lieutenant figures separately doesn't bother me. I expected that when I got the game. The price of each is not that bad either, if you do some digging (can sometimes find it for about $6 each). It is much cheaper than I originally thought it would be when I started this thread. My only complaint is that I wish FFG had put an option to buy all of the packs together, and given a slight discount. It would give a nice option to spend more at once but save money in the long run, or pay a little at a time, saving money in the short run, but overall spending more. The latter would have also provided the option of only buying some of the packs. I just feel like it would have been a much better marketing structure. -Daggon
  3. Wait a minute, no, no there isn't what I'm talking about. I know about those 1st ed demons, but what I'm talking about is this: There are no Uthuk Y'llan monsters yet (to my knowledge anyways...) -Daggon
  4. Goddamit! I really need to take a look a this conversion kit. Apparently all the monsters I want most already exist Unless of course there's no creepy scarecrow monster...
  5. This right here says it all. Rolling dice is a stroke of luck, playing an OL card is not. I will admit there is some luck involved in the OL having to draw the card, but after that it's strategy, not pure luck. Also, while a hero being able to move 10 spaces while immobilized doesn't really make that much sense per se, let's not forget it is a Heroic Feat. Meaning that it is something deemed impossible or nearly impossible by common folk. -Daggon
  6. This right here is what answers your problem perfectly. The point of Kraxonis is to act as a sort of timer for the scenario. The reason his strength is so high is because you're not supposed to kill him. If you can kill him, you have enough strength to end the game, so why bother attacking him?
  7. I'm not completely sure, but as far as I know, all FFG games are printed the exact same way as the original print unless it specifically states on the box that it is a Revised Edition. -Daggon
  8. I know this post is really late, but I would just like to offer some additional insight into this. Firstly, yes, each Lizard Rider can only destroy units whose combined strength = 2. i.e. you can destroy either two 1-strength units or one 2-strength unit. Secondly, the War Chief. As the card specifically states, you have to buy at least 1 unit if you activate his ability (remember, activating when-played abilities is optional). However, you could spend more gold than the unit costs to get rid of all your gold. i.e. you could spend 5 gold just to buy a Ravager.
  9. I'm surprised that people categorize any of the races as being weak. They're all pretty balanced IMO. In my group the Dwarves are pretty popular, as the Demolitionists can effectively cripple other players if the Dwarves pull ahead early (which they often do).
  10. I do agree that some of the runes are a bit overpowered, but it all depends on the group you're playing with. For example, in my group, when someone starts pulling ahead, everyone pretty much gangs up on them, which totally mitigates the powers of the runes. We don't really play that scenario much anymore though, there just isn't enough strategy involved compared to some of the other scenarios. One important you can do is check the faq every now and then to see if they adjusted any of the cards for balance.
  11. The last 2 times I've played this scenario the OL has lost. It's mostly a matter of teamwork and communication between the other players. This scenario has surprisingly become the favorite of my group. The last time we played it, the game actually took about 3 1/2 hours to finish
  12. There's shades in the conversion kit? Huh, must have been from a D1 expansion. I never really payed too much attention to those, except Sea of Blood, so I'm a bit rusty on all the old monsters. Still, we could always use more, and there still aren't any made for D2 On another note, I'm still waiting for a Chaos Lord type monster. Seriously, who wouldn't want to fight a giant, spiky demon of death?
  13. Are you sure you played that quest right? In my experience as the OL, I generally raise ALL of the zombies. The problem generally comes in the 2nd part of the quest, where the heroes slowly build up an army of militia. This quest definitely favors the heroes (at least the updated version that was introduced in the faq), but it can still be pretty close at times. -Daggon
  14. Ok $8 seems a bit more reasonable. I mean, it's still a bit overpriced, but the minis also cost more to produce per unit, I'm sure, as there aren't as many minis being produced in-mass as the base game or the expansions. Also, like you guys said, they're add-ons, which are always a bit overpriced. -Daggon
  15. There have been some pretty good ideas on here, especially the orc/goblin pirates idea. Maybe there could also be some zombie pirates? What I really want to see is some ghosts/shades/wraiths that can control heroes for a time. Either by possessing them or some new mechanic like fear or something. There really isn't a good spirit monster for the game yet
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