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  1. heptat said: LordoftheMilk said: I think the recharge mechanic is fantastic. No more duration counting, no more magic points, etc… Also allows for heroic fighting styles and maneuvers. A wonderful evolution. And if you need more flwxibility, you can simply use the toolkit rules whereby you can reuse an action card while adding misfortune dice. That's cool, I'm glad you like it My players just found it a bit fiddly and we were always forgetting whether we'd taken the chit off or not…we lost count too easily (but you're right, we'd have the same problem with counting durations ). You're supposed to fix your recharge at the end of your turn. If a player is forgetting, that's on them. It's done at the same time and totally unambiguous.
  2. You can't shoot if you're engaged without special actions. Also, preparing a weapon or putting a weapon away are both 'maneuvers'. If you get somebody into melee engaged with the shooters, they suddenly are "unequipped" for melee combat (easier to hit) and can't actually hit you without moving away, sucking up more maneuvers (or stress). Drawing a weapon could be done, but that's a whole maneuver and you'll find most people will want to sheathe their weapon to keep it safe (using up another maneuver), and being strict about not being able to fire/reload a gun/crossbow/bow with one hand will ensure that people have to make hard choices in combat or at least not be able to run roughshod over encounters.
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