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  1. Unless they took a photo of the QR code when they were scanning it the last time, or when the owner wasn't looking. Too open for abuse.
  2. A1win

    Card sizes

    About 1-2 mm yeah. Dragon shields fit very nicely.
  3. A1win

    Card sizes

    Here's a KeyForge card (behind) and an MTG card (front) for comparison, no gap between the cards and bottoms are aligned:
  4. Shadows list of one of my decks. So good if the opponent can't purge/discard the penny.
  5. Nothing in the rules suggests that other effects/triggers/mechancis can't be executed mid-effect. In fact, the FAQ entry about Wild Wormhole shows that effects can trigger and resolve while another effect is resolving. The Discard Pile glossary entry in the rulebook says: "When a player runs out of cards in their deck and are required to draw, they shuffle their discard pile to create a new deck." You do it when you need to draw and there are no cards in your deck.
  6. Interesting. I was certain all the names were just coincidental until now. Did a search on "Holy" and surprise, 54/55 decks that have "holy" in their name are Sanctum... and that one that isn't is because it's "Scholy" and not "Holy". I doubt there's any connection between names and cards, because then you'd be able to tell what cards your opponent has in their deck (which would be relevant in a sealed event).
  7. A1win

    Dis - Master of X

    There was a Reddit post where someone had analyzed the data of tens of thousands of decks. I don't have the link anymore but I saved the list, as follows:
  8. If everyone who got duplicate house combinations from a display box posted in this thread, it would seem like a lot of people, even though it'd be only a small fraction of all people who opened multiple decks from one display box.
  9. A1win

    Dis - Master of X

    They're not tied to anything. The speciality is that they are considered just one card when picking them into a deck and is considered "rare" for the chance. If the card is picked to a deck, it then randomizes which of its three variants it uses. This was obvious when the app card search still worked, as you could see that each Master of X occurs in decks 1/3 as often as a regular rare card, and each Master of X occurs equally often, or in other words, the occurrency of Master of 1 + 2 + 3 is the same as the occurrence of a regular rare. On top of that, there can be only one Master of X card in a deck, but that's also true for many commons and uncommons, so that probably isn't related to the special rarity. However, that means that Master of 1, 2, and 3 can never occur in a deck together or in pairs.
  10. Just a reminder... None of the stories posted so far fall between 500 and 1000 words. The point I'm making isn't trying to ruin the fun of this, but if the rule wasn't enforced, it would be kind of unfair for people who will put in the extra effort to follow the word count requirement.
  11. This sounds like similar superstition to making a lottery ticket by picking numbers here and there insted of picking 1, 2, 3, 4, ... The odds will be the same.
  12. 48 decks is a small sample size. There are over 100k decks registered to the app now, so odds are many people will encounter similar "patterns" as you have, while the majority won't. Real random doesn't always look like what humans tend to think of as random.
  13. It is +2. Niffle Queen has two separate constant effects, both of which give Niffle Ape +1 power.
  14. Do you accept multiple submissions per user?
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