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  1. Was wondering if there are going to be any LCG leagues at Gencon? I see plenty of tournaments, but no leagues yet.
  2. Live in Mankato, and game in Waseca. Haven't found a local player yet.
  3. Ya, I didn't play a lot but did a few games in the league. We probably seen each other someplace there. I know the center has a Invasion night Friday's but by the time I got there I would be lucky enough to play a game or two before I needed to head back. I would be up for a game or more on a Saturday sometime at the FFG center.
  4. Ok, for those interested in playing or learning to play, in the Mankato/Waseca MN area. I am usually down at Event Horizon(Downtown Waseca, http://www.eventhorizonhobbies.com/store/Map.html) Wednesday nights playing 40k. I usually bring my decks with me(along with an army), and willing to play given some advanced noticed. Hope to see someone there.
  5. Looking for a closer regular game than the FFG store.Found I am not as good as I like, got my butt handed to me at GenCon. Figured regular games and a chance to explore more cards in play would help.
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