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  1. That one where they all ended up corrupted (Or maybe it was just the Kitsu?)and they came with that weird ass shadowlands/Kitsu shugenja deck. It was so bizzare it felt like playing corrupted Phoenix or Shadowlands maho. I figured I was just buying some Lion blitz deck with a bit of baked in tactical cards, boy was I mistaken.
  2. Can we get some kind of "Voracious Dog" card in the ________ realms expansion? To think of it, Talisman has everything except for a dog cards. Phantom hound and Faithful hound are the only two I can think of. "Voracious Hound." Follower. The Voracious Hound chews up one of your items at random, then becomes a follower. At any time you may feed it one of your items for +3 Strength. another use for water bottles.
  3. On the steam forums we got "Some time in October as long as things keep staying at the current pace" also to be released around the same time are the Jester character and the Goblin Shaman. After that it's been mentioned we -may- get Deep Realms or Nether Realms followed by Blood Moon. From there it has not been mentioned what we will get, but I'm hoping it's two Christmas characters and another character contest, the first one was pretty awesome and the Shaman turned out to be a really good character.
  4. Hahaha I like him even more now, the image reminds me of Madmartigan from Willow, maybe we should give him a free water bottle, being as he can hold infinite objects and travels a lot + the scene from the movie. It also suggests he might be a drunk "Of all the things, why does he start with a water bottle?" "He starts in the tavern and he travels a lot. Water is the essence of survival and liquor the essence of sanity." With a 1 in 3 shot at taking a ferry boat to the middle region he can use his water bottle too, which has become a bit of an underused item due to better items being out there. If players don't like it they can always pawn it at the city for an extra gold.
  5. Also a special shout out to "Does the Khan take over the empire." That was a pretty one sided question to begin with, no? The clans who ended up on his side were even punished as faceless mooks (Mantis)
  6. Ahhh yeah this glorious one. I remember that vote. I think it was more of just a shot a trying something fun, so I wont hang the storyline team for it but yeah. I also have a special hate for Kimee the rat and her hat. It was a joke taken way too far. First we had a rat in winter court, then from there ???
  7. Part 2: What L5R is to me (and why I stopped) L5R is a game about samurai conflict in a warring state. The key word there is samurai. Looking back at the origin of the game, the characters felt human. My interest began to fade right around the time riding sea dragons became a thing. Magic always was a part of Rokugan, but it became so high magic that the characters felt less human and the game felt less authentic (and I use that term loosely) to the samurai genre. This and I used the sea dragons in a lot of events during Lotus Edition, it always felt dirty.
  8. I would like to see dishonor take on a bigger role. It stays a Scorpion niche and rightfully so. But having more support for other clans as well. Many times you see corrupted decks designed to run right to the dishonor limit for a military victory and I see no problem with that, but I want to see it run more of a gambit vs other clans besides Scorpion. Scorpion dishonor is set up to tank even the highest honor running decks. I like Game of Thrones' Red, Green. Blue system but I don't want to see a similar one for L5R. It could work, but both system are already VERY similar, including victory conditions.
  9. Hate you? I probably could kiss you right now! It's happened in Rokugan's (briefly) history before. Meanwhile many of the gaijin nations have guns. It's not steampunk in any way. It would have been a neat way to fold the story over with an ending (Or maybe an alternate history as that's been explored before), as it mirrors not only that certain movie with Tom Cruise, but how the samurai seized to be in Japan. If we keep the 20 years of story and move forward, i'm cool with it and it wont stop me from buying the product. Nor will having or not having a Spider Clan at the get go. However, I find that trying to keep up with 20 years of history may be a bit overwhelming to the new player base we will potentially pick up. Also, let's be honest, and I do not blame the story team for this, but a lot of the jump the shark moment started as soon as the Clan Wars (Crab marching on capitol with shadowlands army) and continued on down the line. We've had things like Kali Ma (I actually liked that storyline) and Yodotai attacks, but the matter of getting guns in rokugan is as simple as The Mantis Clan or Colony Spider Clan simply not giving a ****. While guns are outlawed, so was communication with Ratlings, Maho, summoning Oni, poison and may other taboo things. The difference between gunpowder, or rather firearms being as gunpowder is around in firework form with the Agasha famlily, is that guns kill the sword and sorcery aspect of the setting. But I feel, in a way they do not, not if we're looking at an end time scenario. In a way it would give a tragic samurai death to the setting as the samurai of history also died; Technology rolling over religion and forcing government reform. As the Kaiu, Yoritomo and Daigotsu families are no longer names at all because they were the same uniform, share the same rank in the gunline as eta and light fuses to mow down traditionalist samurai, while americanized gaijin give them orders, it would have been cool too see who still wore the armor and held a daisho. Would we have seen a Bayushi and Doji samurai finally shed a tear together as artillery rained on brother and sister from above? Could the Oracles get the elemental dragons to return and murder these gaijin corruptors in a brutal revenge before being severed from the realm of man for good and possibly see these dragons die? Plenty of things to explore. Grimdark and historical but I don't know about steampunk. Again it would've been cool to see which families held out to the end, unable or refusing to reform.
  10. You are certainly welcome to mix your steampunk with L5R, but I will take my time and energy elsewhere should that be the default setting. Steampunk? You mean cliché movies?
  11. Dare I say it but I would have liked to see it all die with a gunpowder age, railroads, trade agreements with foreign powers, disconnection from the kami and fortunes due to the emperor being replaced by government reform, followed by topknots being clipped and samurai resistors being mowed down by cannon fire. You will all hate me now, but when Hida Kisada comes back to fight Iuchiban again you'll choose the musket balls.
  12. Very much this. I liked Hida Kisada the most, especially the way of the Crab write up for him and his family. Fast forward almost 20 years and now I cant stomach the guy, go figure. The Crab Clan really jumped the shark quickly, didn't they? They were my favorite clan out of the gate, but I still cant stomach Kisada and his actions in the Clan war. I don't know how much of that was a result of tournament results but...bleqh. The way of the Scorpion and Dragon books were the best out of the bunch. And none of the NPCs to follow in later editions top the initial ones we had when the setting launched. But it's hard to top some of the stereotypes "Grey Crane" Maimed Scorpion." "Hottest chick ever Scorpion." "Dragon that's an actual dragon." "Biggest Crab ever in a suit of armor."
  13. I'm not a fan of a time jump for a soft reset. That was done with Battletech and the storyline is still hurting from that.
  14. I thought the Spider Clan was pretty cool on it's inception and out with the Rat they came, make it a game of Clans and anyone being able to be dishonored out. But over time it's been a bit of a mess. Much like the other weird factions; Ninja, Spirits, The Horde, even Brotherhood and Naga. I like having an antagonist faction but let us not forget the Scorpion. I'm sure i'll upset some people but add me to the list of people who would rather just see the Spider Clan scraped as a faction and the Horde along with it. That being said, I don't want to see them removed as elements from the storyline or loss of card support. I just feel the game would be better if Taint came at a real cost to the basic Clans, shadowlands nasties like goblins more cost, big oni even more cost. The antagonist factions just seem to be too much of a mess, or now. Kick the game off with 8 Clans and then ask how we want to move forward on the more controversial factions. ill they be a faction in their own right? Or a stronghold attachment? A bunch of grimdark cards you really have to ask yourself if you want to use, because that 12F/12C Oni just cost you a 10 honor hit and his card states on the next turn you hand him over to your opponent.
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