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  1. Trying to set up a game tomorrow night.( I know short notice) I live north of the city Towson area and have just picked this game up . Have crushed through the rules and want to get to the table to prepare for the up and coming set releases.
  2. Just getting into netrunner and trying to find some local players. Looking for casual games to get my feet wet. I'm north of the city Towson area. Thanks in advance.
  3. I go on vacation next week and I am bringing X-wing with me for when the kids go to bed and the fathers can drink a beer and game. I want to bring a diverse yet noob (including myself here less than 10 games of x-wing under my belt) friendly squad. I figure i have a couple of days to get any ships i don't have that may be recommended. Here's what i have the base set, a-wing, y-wing, and tie defender. Please any help to make this an amazing starter to mid game would be appreciated. frog
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