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  1. I doubt I can add anything that most people have already said, but being a female gamer myself I'd like to show some support. Judging from what I've read I agree completely that this type of behavior goes will beyond any in-game issue. I understand that people sometimes want to play abrasive characters and that is totally their right - but they need to understand that there is a fine, fine line between roleplaying an ass and actually being one. If you're feeling uncomfortable with the group then by all means you should speak with your friend. As GM he should have some control over the way his other players portray their marines. Creative license aside, their are simply types of behaviors that even an Astartes would be censored for; and calling a Sororitas a monkey is one of them. I got yelled at once in my group for calling a Tech-Priest a cog-boy (all ic mind, but it was funny). Should you notice not improvement though I would advise walking. You shouldn't need to deal with that type of mean spirited behavior during a game.
  2. Siranna


    For Master Morthus: My husband and I will be moving down into that area (Rockville, MD - which if mapquest doesn't lie isn't too far from you) in late May, and would be more than happy to try and pull something together at that time. My husband (ferzberk on here) is an experienced GM and typically runs very intrigue based games with a emphasis on investigation (less hack and slash). We currently are running a very successful Dark Heresy campaign but are interested in moving into Deathwatch more. If you're interested in potentially starting something you can contact him at ferzberk@comcast.net. I know it's a little ways off, but we have no gaming groups at all nearby at the moment and are really excited to be moving to a more player friendly neighborhood. Also, if you would rather get started right away, we often use voice chat to facilitate long distance gaming with a fair amount of success.
  3. My contact at the local game store said early April for this one... but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Letrii said: Similar to the 3 level chess from Star Trek: The Next Generation? My brother in-law actually found rules for that one.
  5. Aliens? or, alternatively, Predators?
  6. Completely agreed - it would be a great addition to the growing collection of 40K themed games. I've been toying with the idea of making one simply for character props but have yet to get the motivation to do so. A licensed set (which requires nothing but monetary compensation from me) would be a blessing. Though, to be honest, I doubt it would ever happen. I'm still waiting for someone to make a holo-chess game.
  7. Siranna


    Roll: Player Looking For: GM, Group Type of Game: Online Session Specifics: Voice chat (Vent/Skype), live chat (Steam), PbP Region: USA, EST Session Time: Weekdays after 8pm EST (except Wed.), weekends Game Style: Serious, narrative. Game Specifics: I prefer story based to combat focused. Some flexibility and creative license a must. Comments: I am looking jointly for a game for both my husband and myself. He usually runs all our rpgs and it would be nice to be able to play with him instead of "against" him for a change. Dark Heresy veterans with extensive knowledge of the game system and 40K universe. Contact: Lady.Snapdragon@yahoo.com
  8. For long distant rps I've usually either done them over Skype (Vent or the like), or a PbP... never tried a direct chat. Depending on the times you guys would be getting together to do it I would be interested.
  9. Siranna

    New to DH

    Since you're just starting to get into DH I would hold off purchasing any more of the source books for now. Many of them are exceptional, but they are very expensive and I wouldn't bother until you absolutely need the extra material. When that time comes however I would recommend; Disciples of the Dark Gods: full of some lovely bad guys and ideas for expanding upon pre-existing concepts. Some good cults and interesting warpcraft as well. I personally would get this one over Creatures Anathama (mind you I have and have read both). The latter of those I found to be lackluster. Inquisitor's Handbook: I bought it mainly for the background packages (which are numerous and unique) but it also contains some good reference notes on the Calixis sector, different types of planets and a ton of gear. Note though if you want "holy" things, there isn't a whole lot of that in here - despite the original Sister of Battle classes being listed. If you want access to those go straight for Blood of Martyrs (which is by far my favorite source book to date.) Radical's Handbook: Even if you're not going down the dark road it has some very... intriguing ideas for GMs to temp their player's with. As for general books; Cain: Any and all of them. While not strictly cannon and often slapstick they are undeniably an enjoyable read. Shira Calpurnia: It was a very sound series, in a much more serious vein than the good Commissar. And it gives a very interesting look into the workings of the Arbites/ Gaunt's Ghosts: I loved the first 2 omnibi, very grim-dark with relatable characters and what I think is a fairly accurate view of the 40K world at large. There are a lot of them however and honestly after the Saint I find the series a tad aggrivating. Eisenhorn: Was a really good one as well, and demonstrates some of the more subtle dangers an Inquisitor has to face. Keep in mind, I'm one of those nuts who owns most of the Black Library (and the DH/RT/DW) material so I'm just throwing out my favorites.
  10. This came about during my last rpg chapter where my character had taken it upon herself to "cleanse" a blighted schola which was producing some rather interesting antagonists for me to chase around Malfi. Eventually, as one might assume, I got bored with trying to be subtle. Broadcast by Interrogator Lavana Talon upon her arrival to the Schola Progenium "Our Martyred Lady of Calypse": "To those who have strayed from His on Earth's most radiant gaze know this; He has seen into the perverted and twisting confines of your souls and judged you unworthy. In righteous fire you shall be cleansed of this world and in barbed and hallowed shackles presented before Him for your impure essence to be expunged from His holy presence. I am the herald of his verdict and it is with the greatest pleasure that I carry out the sentence he has decreed for you. Sinners, I have come.'" To add fuel to the fire so to speak I had with me a squad of Adepta Sororitas and after they had razed the place to the ground I called in an orbital bombardment from the very accommodating Navy and erased the building (and mountain it happened to be perched on) from the planet. I was totally rocking my influence rolls there.
  11. My husband and I have been playing a running DH game for just over a year now and 2 sessions ago I (inadvertently) said what he claimed was one of the funniest things he'd ever heard in an rpg...I leave you guys to be the judge of that. I'd just like to point out that normally during our rpgs everyone is completely in-character (we have costumes/props and everything. Total geeks I know), so I suppose to hear me come out with this in that atmosphere added to the supposed hilarity. My character is a sanctioned psyker (pyromancer specifically - think 2 steps from the Burning Princess), and the acting Inquisitor for our group. I won't go into all the details (since I currently have 13 pages of typed notes for the thing) but suffice to say that the hive world we were on was going to hell in a hand basket. Mass civil strife; open rioting, lynch mobs... the works. There were two (that I currently know of - we're still playing this one) main reasons for the unrest; 1) the world was almost completely cut off from the surrounding galaxy by some sort of confluence in the warp currents, and 2) there was a deranged (and tainted) minor member of the Ecclesiarchy preaching death and damnation to everyone who came within a 2 mile radius of him... which in a hive is a pretty significant number of people. Redemptionists everywhere. The good father had cloistered himself safely within the walls of his cathedral, amid a couple thousand of his frothing followers; but because I'm awesome *cough* we managed to get him out (under his own power I might add!) and back to our little hide-out for questioning. One long and scream filled interrogation later I executed him for being an unstable and morally compromised witch. Of course this man was being heralded by the populace as a near saint. He was constantly wracked with warp spawned visions of judgment that he claimed was the Emperor's will made manifest on their sin plagued world. Never mind the fact that he was causing most of the so called "sins" to even take place with his rhetoric. This, of course, made being rid of him problematic. I could hardly dump the body out into the street - what if someone recognized him? The PDF (as they usually are) were completely useless in holding back the flash mobs - I didn't need to incite them further. Sooo... a convenient beheading and burning shortly ensued. Then came the irony; poor Father Occlus had spent the last 9 months of his life devoutly burning everything he even thought was a sinner - now he was quietly charring to ash in front of me for the same crime. I couldn't help myself and chuckling said "I just dumpster fired their prophet."
  12. Or... just let her play a female Space Marine. And before someone goes off and starts calling me out (I've read the rants, no reason to reiterate yourselves), let me say this; it doesn't matter. Honestly people I don't see what the big deal is. So they wrote in the book 'all Space Marines are male'... so? It's a GAME. It wouldn't be the first time that I've disregarded something in the rules because I didn't agree with it and I can name at least a half dozen other people I know as well who play (Dark Heresy mostly) who have their own lists of house rules. I'm sure many of you do as well. Also let me point out that I am a woman and have no problem playing a male character; I simply chose not too on occasion. That being said the way that we handle gender issues in our DW game is that we don't make a big deal out of it. Anyone can play a female Space Marine and they are treated exactly like any other battle brother. There are no exceptional circumstances for their being there - they simply are.
  13. Well, being the Pysker in question I am obviously more than a little interested in the ruling of this particular question... however the form to submit questions seems to have a bug. I get this error message every time I try; error '8004020f' /edge_faq.asp, line 59 Regardless, my biggest point of issue is the wording with the specific rules of Holocaust. It is, in theory, supposed to be undefendible, and I would therefore argue that hexagramatic wards are moot when facing it. However, as several people have stated, both rule sets contradict one another and we really could circle about the issue for days. The point regarding the power vs Untouchables however I find highly interesting, and in which case I again would make a highly debatable question; are the fires conjured by a Pyromancer 'warp fire' once they leave the psykers body, or normal flame? After all, I can summon a fireball with no ill effects, but if I try and stick my hand in it once I've released the energy I'll get burned like the rest of us. Flameshroud excluding of course.
  14. w176: That is awesome; the real blood was a nice touch! Though the real question is if the mailman actually complied and filtered your mail accordingly. The text I used is as follows; Inquisitorial Mandate Resolved henceforth in the name of the Most Beneficent God-Emperor of Mankind, the High Lords of Terra grant this Inquisitorial Mandate to: [Name Here] And to all of her discretion, from now until the end of time. The Bearer of this Mandate is granted the inalienable right to seek out those who would do harm of the blessed Imperium; to purge those impure of mind and body, and to make war upon the Mutant, the Xenos and the Heretic for the glory of the Emperor as she deems necessary. By the authority of the Senatorum Imperialis, this Mandate places the Bearer as a peer to the great powers of the Imperium, inter alia: Imperial Commanders, Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Astartes, and the Noble Houses of the Segmentum Obscurus. The authority this Mandate grants starts where the Imperium begins, and where it ends. The bearer of this Mandate speaks with the voice of the Emperor Himself. Her actions, are his actions. Her deeds, are his deeds. It is the bearer's right and her responsibility to claim whatever worlds, resources, or privileges she may obtain in any manner she chooses for the greater-good of Mankind. By writ of Seal of Holy Terra [Character signature in different font]
  15. Call me a geek if you will (I'll certainly not deny it!) but whenever I roleplay I really get into character. And when I say really I mean writing pages upon pages of backstory, extensive lists of previous contacts (complete with the scenarios and parting demeanors of both parties).. just ask my husband, I drive him nuts with this stuff. I'm almost too thorough. But what I'm most fond of doing is making character appropriate costumes. Despite only wearing them to sit around a table I really enjoy the process and thought I would share some of my accomplishments - as well as explain how I did them. (For the forum mods - I was going to put this in Art, but didn't think it quite fit so forgive me and kindly move it should you feel it appropriate.) img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000114.jpg <A full version of the image img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000115.jpg < A close up view of the seal itself 1) This is probably my pride and joy of everything I've made. For those of you who can't place it - it's a purity seal. The paper is merely aged printer paper which I have soaked in tea, then proceeded to crumple, tear and otherwise mold how I wanted it. The poem admittedly isn't mine (and I honestly forget where I found it) but I found a nice gothic script to go with it which I downloaded. The seal itself took me a few weeks to figure out. I originally started tyring to use wax (I've made letter seals in the past with great success) but I couldn't quite get the feel for this. You can't really tell in the picture but that thing is the size of my palm and I had alot of trouble getting the wax to that size. The few times I did manage it the seals were very flimsy. I eventually gave up on the idea and made this one of white clay (Sculpy to be specific which you can bake in your home oven). It has 5 layers of acrylic paint on it ending with a wash of Red Ink from the Games-Workshop miniature paint line, which accounts for the shiny texture. The impression was done with a rather gaudy pin that I picked up for a buck at the local Good-Will store. img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000127.jpg < Full sized image img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000129.jpg < From the side, to see the binding img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000128.jpg < A close up of the seal 2) This is my personal 'Book of the Dead', in which my character has written various holy incantations of banishment, damnation, etc. The book is a cheap hard-cover I again picked up at the Good-Will (ahh the things you can find in there). I painted the binding in gold acrylic to give it a more aged feel and then I cut up a pair of old leather pants to re-bind the whole thing. As you can see, the top stretched a bit so one of these days I'm planning on ripping that off and redoing it but for the moment it's as it is. I added the book-mark to make it look more like a holy writ as well which I think added a nice little touch of charm. The purity seal was made in the same manner as the first one; however I did write the poem this time, though I again cheated as every line is a quote from a various 40K source. Any American looking at this will also know what the clay was pressed with (A US quarter). I was trying to only get the eagle so I was mildly surprised when the impression came out with the wording too. I didn't think I was pressing that hard. img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000116.jpg < Larger image img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000117.jpg < A close up of the seal (sorry it's blurry) img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Sirannon/P1000118.jpg < How it is usually worn 3) This is another of my more simple (but very gratifying) creations. Some of you may recognize the wording of this Mandate - and that would be because it used to be a Rogue Trader Warrant. Now, because of that, and because I am by nature a fairly lazy creature, the writ doesn't read well in some places; but I really didn't make it to read, more to wave around at people. Aged paper, a downloaded gothic font and a few word changes got me a very cool piece of swag. The seal was made in the same manner as the previous ones (why mess with success after all) but was cast from fake pirate coin I had hanging in my car (it's from Pirates of the Caribbean actually), which I then cut carefully out with an exacto knife and painted. You can see in the third picture why both that and the string are there for. I have plenty more which I have made over the years (including full IG inspired regalia and a pair of rosettes) - but sadly I don't have the time to post them. Rest assured once I get out of work, and if people are actually interested, I shall continue.
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