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  1. Hello. Manticore Venom (CCG Iron Throne edition) is an attachment that says: While attached character has a Military and a Intrigue icon, it gains the text: "If you win a challenge in which this character attacked alone, instead of the normal claim effetcs, choose and kill a character controlled by the losing opponent. Then, discard Manticore Venom from play (cannot be saved)." If Adam plays Manticore Venom on a character controlled by Bart and Bart attacks Carl, is Bart able to use Manticore Venom's ability? I know the controller of the attachment remains Adam, so normally "if you win" would be referred to Adam, but in this case does the "attached character gains the text" part transfer the subject to the controller of the character? Thank you.
  2. Hello. I've a question abount Jaqen H'ghar from Forging the chain: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/GoTCards.html/_/secrets-of-oldtown/forging-the-chain/jaqen-hghar-ftc Any phase: Bring Jaqen H'ghar out of Shadows by paying the rest of his cost to choose 1 non-Army character in an opponent's dead pile that was killed this phase, and attach it to Jaqen H'ghar as a duplicate. Jaqen H'ghar gains the printed text, base STR, icons, traits and crests of that card. If that duplicate leaves play, return Jaqen H'ghar to Shadows. What happens if Jaqen is killed and cannot be saved? Does he become "moribund" and "in the shadow" at the same time, and then first player decides? Or, "moribund" occours first, so the static "If that duplicate leaves play, return Jaqen H'ghar to Shadows" never happens? Thank you.
  3. Thank you again. And, what if there is Hear me Roar revealed: - "Characters without an Intrigue icon get -1 STR". If House Brax footmen is already in play when I reveal this plot, clearly it works. But, what about me playing House Brax footmen from hand while Hear me Roar is already revealed? Do House Brax footmen enter in play with 3 STR and then their STR is lowered to 2 (givin' me the opportunity to trigger their response), or do House Brax footmen enter in play with 2 STR directly? Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I think you misunderstood the second question tough. Prince's Loyalist is used to cancel Guardian of the Way, not Followed at Night. So, since Guardian of the Way triggers twice, also canceling have to be done twice. There are two distinct responses to be canceled. Right?
  5. FAQ states that, "When a player draws multiple cards (e.g., by drawing 2 cards during his draw phase, or due to a card effect like that of Insidious Ways (CORE L163), he is considered to be drawing them one at a time, not all at once. This is important for effects that may trigger by a card being drawn." Is it valid also while discarding cards? For istance, take this example: Followed at Night (event): "Challenges: kneel 2 influence or a Martell Learned character to choose a player. That player chooses and discard 2 cards from his or her hand". Guardian of the Way (character): "Response: after a card is discarded from a player hand, choose a character. Until the end of the phase, that character gains or loses an icon of your choice". Prince's Loyalist (character): "Response: kneel 1 influence to cancel a triggered character ability with influence cost X or lower. X is the number of doomed cards in your dead pile". If I play Followed at Night, may I trigger Guardian of the Way response once or twice? If triggered twice, do I have to trigger Prince's Loyalist response twice to cancel both icons gaining/losing? Thank you.
  6. Hello. There are many constant abilities which change STR, for example Dragonbone Dagger - "Attached character gets +1 STR and deadly" or the old plot Don't Wake the Dragon: - "Non-Targaryen characters get -1 STR while attacking or defending". Can I use these constant abilities to trigger House Brax footmen response: - "Response: after House Brax footmen's STR has been raised or lowered, choose and kneel a character with STR 3 or lower." For istance, when House Brax footmen is declared attacking and there is Don't Wake the Dragon revealed, their STR change from 3 to 2. Or, when I attach Dragonbone Dagger to them (ignoring the "No attachments" keyword for example purposes), their STR change from 3 to 4. But, constant abilities have no point of initiation, by definition. So, can I trigger the House Brax response? Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I missed that. Thank you.
  8. So, if there would be, for example, during a Melee game, a plot reading: "If a player wins a challenge against an opponent, that player may claim an additional power" it would be valid by winning a challenge against anyone, except against the player who controls the plot? Thank you.
  9. So, I can play the unique Scourge first, and then play the non-unique Scourge (or viceversa), and having both in play as separate locations? Thank you.
  10. Hello. There are some event cards with no printed House affiliation (like every event), but with a "House X only" restriction. Are those event cards considered neutral for gaming purpose? For istance, with Empty the Vaults plot, from Five Kings: "At the beginning of the marshalling phase, reveal your hand. Discard all cards in your hand that do not have your House affiliation" Thank you
  11. Hello. What happens if I have in my deck two cards with the same title, one unique and the other one not unique? I can happen, for istance, with "The Scourge", from Five King and from "A Tale of Champions". Thank you.
  12. Hello. Probably it has been already asked, but I cannot find the thread. A City plot is, for example: "When revealed, choose and kneel up to X characters. X is the number of City plot in your used pile." If I reveal this city plot as the last plot, which is the value of X? The used pile is already empty when I check the effect, so it is zero? Or, I count the city plot in the used pile and then I move them to the unused pile? Thank you.
  13. Hello. White Sword Tower: "Kingsguard characters get +2 STR and do not kneel to defend during power challenges". Is the "+2 STR" always valid, or just during power challenges? How can I tell such wording, in general? It would be much clearer if written: "Kingsguard characters get +2 STR. Kingsguard characters do not kneel to defend during power challenges". or "During power challenges Kingsguard characters get +2 STR and do not kneel to defend" depending on the case. Thank you.
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