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  1. I'm thinking of trying to give every player 5-6 TG's (or something) fromt he start of the game. they get one race pr default but can buy additional to choose from for 1-2 TG's each. lets say you just want the one race to choose from, you would get 6 TG's if you instead want to choose from 4 different races, you don't get any TG's ofcourse all race sheets should be handed out simultaniously, so you couldnt just buy additional if you didn't get what you wanted the first/second/third time
  2. I deffinately like trolling with The Yssaril Tribe the most. However most people find them a bit overpowered… In my oppinion, Sol is also a really "good" (op?) race, but I think they are to easy/straight forward to play. mostly i just like to play a race i haven't played recently… as long as it isn't the Necro virus… i hate the Necro virus… they lack the ability to do anything fun…
  3. As "Gravity Drive" clearly specifies that Ships gains +1 movement and not units; i would say that it didn't apply to Saar space docks.
  4. Yes it does. the AFB combat roll are based on your destroyers combat value, and it is therefore improved
  5. 1. Say there are two planets in the system, both with domain counter on them. you choose the order in which you reveal them / invade the planets. one has fighter, the other is "free". If you get the free one first, you keep it, then reveal the fighters. if you loose to the fighters you loose the second planet (it says so in the game manual). If you reveal the fighters first and you loose, you loose all ground forces and thereby the choice of invading the second planet (and thereby you wouldnt even know that it was "free") 2. and 3. well it clearly states "Ground Forces" in the manual, so i would say mercs and MU's wouldnt get hit by them according to the rules… however i will continue to house-rule it differently. (if they can damage spaceships in adjacent systems it seems unrealistic that they cant shoot a hole in a tank on the same planet.. honestly ) 4. it would get destroyed unless the opponent has shocktroops or and agent; then he would claim it (unless he allready had 2 pds units on the planet… then they would get destroyed)
  6. Usually we get 2 and chosse one, then rool for speaker - very standard it seems Then we wanted to try something new we divided the races into 3 pools, first pool with 3 races, second with 5 or 6 and the rest in the last. each player would then pick a pool. if they pick pool 1 they get 3 trade goods, pool 2 gives 1 trade good and pool 3 gives 0. when everyone have chosen a pool we roll to see who gets to pick first. if more people chose the pool, than there are races in it, then the last players to pick move up a pool and pick after the players in that pool, however still gaining the TG's from the pool they joined first. this rewards players for randomness we've only actually tried it once - so it might need some tweaks
  7. I've missread the Mercenary it seems - thought they reverted as soon as there were no other GF's or mechs on the planet. as for the other two - there are the same amount of Invasion Combat in both cases (none...) however both are an act of war - opposite local unrest, where its not realy you doing anything, thought its your action card.
  8. I love Hyper Metabolism! I'll do what i can to get it early on every game - however there might be some prioritizing which exculdes it
  9. a slight google search suggest a lot of people named Sarween on facebook, leading me to think that Sarween is a name =s
  10. yea we actually houseruled it, as most of the time it seemed like it was simply +1 movement for all of your ships. in our houseruling, we only get the +1 movement when moving through a wormhole, making awesome for suprice attacks, but not granting an almost permanent +1 movement
  11. Personally i only gear up for war if it helps me gain VPs OR if i have spare command counters and a lot of unused production. i prefere not even getting to many red techs as movement, command counters and utility often works better for me. id rather have 3 cruisers with stasis capsules, type 4 drive and maybe even light/wave dflectors than id want war suns. except when playing muaat with movement 3 warsuns <3
  12. One of the stage 2 Public Objectives states: "I destroyed an opponent's Space Dock at the end of combat this turn" However what defines a combat, as it doesnt say Invasion Combat. Can you claim the objective if: 1) You make a planetary landing on an oppenent's planet containing nothing but a spacedock and thereby destroys it? 2) You use the x-89 bacterial weapons to bombard a planet containing any number of ground forces and a Mercenary, Theryby killing the Ground Forces and making the Mercenary revert the planet to neutral and this way destroy the spacedock? 3) Activate the system with a War Sun and play the action card "Star of Death" (i think its called) killing off all Ground Forces, destroying everything else, reverting the planet to neutral and placing a radioactive counter on the planet? please elaborate your answer - hope you can help
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