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  1. I have a spot for one more person, but I need an Email or Skype adress
  2. Leogun_91 said: I belive I allready answered that but I'd prefer a Rouge Trader or Navigator but is fine with mostly anything. Sorry, I need a email from you or your Skype name first for the game....then a sheet.
  3. Wow lots of feedback. I should ask what roles people want to take in this game.
  4. Glad to see there was some feed back. Plan on getting back to all of you, I just had minor computer trouble
  5. Hey, I saw that someone ran/ is running a Rogue Trader Campagin on here (through Vent), I thought I might try out something similar. I'm planning on running this through Skype instead, I'm looking for 3-4 more players, and the oh so vital role of RT is still open. I plan on running it 6PM through 9 PM Central Time, either on Fridays or Saturdays. I'm very open on the date on starting this though. Any takers? Just send me a PM
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