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  1. Didn't come across many of these problems the other day during our first 3 games. It says that the dice aren't limited like other components- so that if you need to roll more than 4, just keep track of successes and roll as many more as needed. We did wonder about assigning/paying... everything on the board is paid for each round, but it does not state whether units placed on cards do not have to be paid for. I assume not, for example the central officer can place satellites in the resolution phase, after payment. But something like the commander's training asset, or the sky ranger, happen in the timed phase and there is some ambiguity in language- in the 'Units' rule entry it states that the commander must pay a credit for each unit assigned to a task. However in the rules for auditing the budget it states that only units assigned to the board are paid for- implying not cards. As mentioned above, the constant and interchangeable use of the word 'assign' does not help much!
  2. Hi folks, quick and possibly silly question- is it possible to move figures, scouts/armies onto other players squares without blockading them? Secondly, can figures move through squares containing the figures of other players? Playing our second game last night I was Russia, and using my scouts to move into other players cities to learn techs, but didn't want to be blockading squares on the outskirts. Would also at one point have had to move through squares with another players armies and just didn't know if it was possible. Can anyone fill me in on this?
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