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  1. That would be very cool as I am also in her position and have only played games with my boyfriend and once with another person at the gaming store. If you want to get together, send me a private message and I can give you my cell phone number and we can try and co-ordinate things before Arkham Nights. Kriz
  2. I just was able to look at the event schedule today and I am super excited for everything! What are some thoughts about the scheduling? What events are you looking forward to the most and which ones do you think you'll be participating in? Is anyone on here planning to do the costume contest? I personally am not, but I am very interested to see what people will come in costume as and hope to take many pictures if I am allowed I plan on playing in the LCG tournament (not that I think I'll actually win or even place for that matter) to try and test out playing against people that I do not know. Hope any of you that are pretty slick at the game can try and help me improve mine. My roommate Nick is coming with me, so we are hoping to try and get in some games of Arkham Horror together and a few other things. Streets of Insanity looks pretty crazy, so I might have to get in on that before or after the LCG tournament and also the Order of the Silver Twilight Seminar. The cube draft might be a cool chill thing to do on Sunday. Crash Course in Cthulhu looks pretty fun as I have only played the RPG once and I will be starting my own campaign 2 weeks before Arkham Nights. If I can get in on Mansions of Madness that would be nice, but if I don't get picked, I am cool with that too. I wonder if they will have copies we can purchase before the official release. Those are my thoughts and ramblings, what are yours? Kriz
  3. Hello. My name is Kriz (also know as tehKriz), and I am a Lovecraft addict. Hope to see you guys there! I look forward to 3 days of awesomeness and meeting new people I am planning to go, and I am carting my roommate Nick and possibly my other roommate Gerald with me to Roseville. We have never been to Minnesota before and we would be trekking up there from Kenosha, Wisconsin. They both really want to see the event center, as do I. I've been saying for months, "We should go there, it would be so cool!" and nothing ever came of it. When I found out about Arkham Nights, I knew I at least had to go, but I didn't want to make the trek alone. Nick offered to accompany me on the trip and we'll be staying at the Radisson (I called and made the reservation this morning). I am hoping while we are there to also check out Minneapolis as it appears to be only a few minutes away and I'd like to add another major city to my list of visited places. Any of you that live in the area let me know any cool or interesting places that I should see! Feel free to PM me or send me a message on MSN if you wanna talk. A little about my buddies/roommates... Nick is more into the Warhammer Invasion LCG and various Fantasy Flight board games. Gerald is more into A Game of Thrones LCG (he plans on attending Days of Ice and Fire in November and I may go with him). He also is an avid board game collector. Both love to play Arkham Horror and Gerald made a deck for CoC out of my cards. Now that I've talked about everyone but me, I'll give the skinny on myself. I love all things Cthulhu and having CoC the LCG come into my life was pretty rad. I have been collecting decks and introducing new people to the game since last year. I would like to start a league at our local game store (Rockhead's) but I don't want it to turn into some huge competitive thing (which is what I think at least one person wants). I want anyone who wants to join to have a good time, maybe win some cool things and just love to play the game. I am not a very competitive person and I am sure my skill at playing CoC is novice level, but in the end, I don't care, I have fun playing the game. I have a difficult time building decks, but I am trying to get better at it. I currently play a Miskatonic/Agency deck. I own the base set for Arkham Horror and have played it once. It's hard for our group to get together to play games due to everyone's crazy schedule, but I enjoyed the game immensely. The tl;dr of this is: love Cthulhu and Lovecraftian anything and will be in Roseville investigating with the best of 'em <3, Kriz P.S. @JesseOlivier: Do you like The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets? I know they are from your neck of the woods and full of wonderful Lovecraftian goodness.
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