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  1. Kyle Katarn + Juke + Jan Ors crew + TLT has been one of my favorite combos for a while. I hope they don't nerf it. I took out Dengar with it.
  2. Thats why many people I ve played with put the dials on top of their TIE fighter swarms. When things get crowded and if the shape of the ship allows it, I try to put the dial on top of it instead of right next to it. That said, even though I usualy mark my dials, I have repeatedly picked up my opponents dial accidentally. When you are in the few last minutes of the match and in a hurry, things like that happen. I believe its too harsh to punish a mistake like this with a game loss. A more suitable way to deal with a situation like this would be to be allowed to reset your dial and move the ship after all other ships have moved.
  3. I agree with the OP that this trailer sucked big time. I mean come on, other than some space action scenes what else did we get? The only thing you hear is Luke saying to her Breath .... Just breath .... .... .... Its so much bigger! .... And by that time we are half way into the trailer. This hardly qualifies to me as a good trailer.
  4. Ups, posted in the wrong thread.
  5. here you go: You can see most of the past alt art cards here: http://kevbelisle.github.io/XWingPromos/
  6. Wedge is one of the first Alt art cards made and as such one of the hardest ones to find nowadays. They should make a new Alt card in one of the quarterly kits.
  7. Our next tournament during the Japanese national holidays. See you there!
  8. One may argue that the reason Jabba seems underwhelming at 100 points is because there is no cheap platform for him at the moment, like there is for Palpatine. Once the scum get something equivalent to the Lambda Shuttle, you might start seeing scum swarms on the table. Imagine for example if an upgrade card was released for scum, that you could swap the salvaged astromech on the JM for a crew slot and equip Jabba on one of those. At 300 point Epic format though I see me using him by default!
  9. Having played epic A LOT and also participated in a Epic tournament I can tell you this. I don't think there is a need for a specific rule that says you must bring an epic ship at a tournament. Its very hard to win a tournament match without fielding at least one Epic ship, since most of the matches I ve seen usually end with the majority of small ships destroyed and only the big sticks surviving. A properly modded Epic ship can take down a small base ship a turn usually and also has a support squad of its own. Non epic squads, with maybe the exception of swarms, cannot win against this kind of slow attrition in the time provided. Keep in mind that an epic ship is usually built around 130-140 points and has the ability to regenerate shields. You may try to focus fire on it, but then the support squad going after your small ships will usually kill more points in the same time you focused on the big guy. You may think that 2.5-3 hours is enough time, but when both players have to move more than 5-10 ships, a full turn can take more than 10 minutes with the initial turns even more. Non tournament matches, epic vs non-epic squad match-ups with unlimited time is a different story though. But unless you don't do the mistake of putting more than 140-150 points MAX on the big guy they can still go both ways. PS: I did not know there was an Epic meta already.
  10. I am not sure if we are 1 set of erratas away before FFG gets things right, but I am certain that we are not one set of erratas away before people stop complaining about something being broken.
  11. Come on FFG, why do I need to beg to spend my money on new toys! Give it to us already!!!
  12. Never say never, we didn't get all crew upgrades in the same set as the pilot cards. Vader came with the shuttle Boba Fet with punishing one Han Solo with tantive etc etc there is no reason why we would not get Star Jewel because they already released Jabba crew.
  13. Personally I like the decloaking rules better now than before the nerf and I fly phantoms a lot. I also fly them with advanced sensors, with my favorite maneuver being decloak and block - advanced sensors barel roll - hard 1 turn - range 1 atrack out of ark.
  14. More than everything I think what I see most beginners do wrong is maneuvering. There are several times when I am teaching the game that as soon as a player reveals their dial I say "that puts you streight on the asteroid", "that will have you collide with a ship (that hasent moved yet)" etc etc. This originates from the fact they cannot visualize yet were about the chosen maneuver will put them forehand. So the first thing I teach them is a few siple tricks to get an idea how the ship turns. For example, any given bank maneuver will reposition your ship with the side of its base parallel to were the forward ark lines point. After that I go into more details on how much towards the inside the ship will be placed depending on speed. Etc etc