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  1. Past bedtime I was. With 2 kids that's usually the only time.
  2. Post updated with my Q4 Horton Salm loot surplus.
  3. Reporting a great trade with Sarcon!
  4. Gotcha, I ruled right then. This came up in a game I was playing today and did as you say.
  5. So if a TIE Striker with Adaptive Ailerons bumps on a ship with Ion Projector because of the ailerons move and gets an Ion Token, does it remove it after its regular maneuver or it stays for next turn?
  6. Last updated December 9, 2017 Have: AA Horton Salm (Q4 2017) AA Han Solo (Winter 2014) AA Corran Horn (Summer 2016) AA IG88-C (Spring 2016) 2x AA Omicron Group Pilot (Q4 2017) 4x AA Crackshot (Q3 2017) AA Tactician (Q2 2017) AA Swarm Tactics (Q1 2017) AA Predator (Summer 2016) AA VI (Spring 2016) AA Gunner (Winter 2016) AA Recon Specialist (Summer 2015) 5x Ion Tokens (Spring 2016) 5x Stress tokens (Summer 2016) 1x Winter 2015 Kit Poster (Imperial ace interceptor) 2x Summer 2016 challenge coin <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal 1x Spring 2016 challenge coin <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal 1x Winter 2014 Medal <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal 1 professionally painted Scum dial, see below Wants (willing to trade multiple for one of those) AA Inquisitor AA IG-88B (System open 2018) AA Dengar (System open 2018) AA Vader (Worlds 2014) AA Lando (Nationals 2013) AA Wedge (Seasonal 2013) AA Push the limit AA BB-8 (open series 2016) FFG Shield tokens FFG clear dice (I will consider offers with other AA pilot cards too) Successfully completed trades 8, with: WarriorPoet asperon bobdaninja Keoki Jeff Wilder kharas1 Sergovan Sarcon Located in Tokyo and happy to trade anywhere in the world.
  7. I ve organized 2 epic tournaments, the most recent one last month. I had to stick to 250 min rounds 300 points to finish 3 games in a day. By the end of the second match everyone was too exhausted already for the last round. 250 mins are not enough usually to see the big sticks go down in flames, but its enough to decide the winner. By that time most 3 point epic ships were with 1 section crippled and 2 point ships destroyed.
  8. I never said that TLT is one attack. The wording on the TLT card makes it pretty clear IMO that both attacks are part of the same attack. The second clause on the TLT " Each time this attack hits, " makes it so I believe. If not the wording should have been "When one of the attacks hits". What needs clarification in this case is whether the wording "this attack" on Accuracy Corrector refers to each sub attacks separately or the TLT attack as a whole. In other words, does it trigger between steps 2-7 or after that. Miranda is once per round, which makes it impossible to do it twice even if she had a way to attack twice other than TLT. Latts ability and FAQ clearly contradict the flow chart, since he is triggered at step one and the TLT attacks happen at steps 2-7; unless I got it wrong and you declare the TLT target separately for each of the attacks.
  9. I am not sure I understand the logic behind this. You might be in a "new" Modify Attack Dice step, but with the new FAQ you are still in the same attack when you roll for the second time. If indeed you are able to use the AC effect when you roll dice again as part of the same attack, then what prevents you from using a target lock after you use the accuracy corrector in the first time you perform this attack?
  10. I ve never lost to a Nym build. People need to learn how to play before they are entitled to complain. He is a 1 agility ship, play to his weaknesses and not to his strengths.
  11. If you were able to put it on the Lamda it would be a great asset but they don’t have a PS.
  12. Make sure you DO NOT FORGET that he has daredevil! Your opponent will certainly have forgot about it by the time it counts. As for the Kylo Bomber, I ve tried this list. It works till Omega Ace goes down, so make sure you plan your approach carefully. Omega Ace + Swarm Leader + Comm Relay Gamma Squadron Veteran + TIE Shuttle + Twin Ion Engine + Kylo Ren + Systems Officer Academy Pilot x4 or Imperial Trainee x2 and Wamba
  13. I ve kicked all Nym-Dengar-Miranda 2 ships lists out of the local meta with this build. Kylo Ren + Daredevil + Reinforced Deflectors + Emperor Palpatine + Pattern Analyzer + Engine Upgrade "Whisper" + Gunner + Advanced Sensors + Advanced Cloaking Device + Intensity "ohh, you brought a VI Nym you say?" "sorry he is PS0 now, say hi to Whisper if you see her"
  14. When you fly her with Kylo Ren somewhere in the squad, her PS is not an issue any more.
  15. Intensity is the card I use on Whisper almost exclusively lately. Its an awesome combo.