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  1. I really don't see the reason why people complain about the Harpooned! condition. The effect does not discriminate from enemy and friendly ships. Given the fact that the round you fired the missile you were beyond r1, most likely you will be at r1 of the harpooned ship next round. If you damage or kill a harpooned ship at r1 you take damage too and if you had already damage from the previous round you risk being mutually destroyed. If I was flying the harpooned ship I would probably not remove the effect but use it as a ship equipped with Dead Mans Switch. What I really see as a good combo is its interaction with Kylo Ren and the recent trend of the Empire doing damage that bypasses shields. If you trigger Harpooned on a ship you also inflicted the I ll show you the dark side condition, you immediately deal 2 damage that bypasses shields! If we get Kylo Ren on the the new TIE silencer and able to fire missiles, this is going to be a fun ship to play.
  2. Although amusing your graph is never gonna be complete unless you include pre-nerf Phantoms. Arguably their nerfing is a nodal point in X-Wing history since it was the first hard fix applied by FFG. It was the first time FFG yielded to the nerf cries and started walking on the slippery path down.
  3. Announcing our next tournament in the greater Tokyo area!
  4. And if you make it to Japan let me know. There are regular tournaments in Tokyo and Osaka!
  5. I think acquiring a target lock from FCS is something I forget the most. I also see many of my opponents forget that frequently. Probably the main reason I don't use FCS much!
  6. There are very few people on this forum I listen to their opinion about the game, and I sure hope that FFG does the same. Most people that complain don't even know how to play the game and have hardly ever won a tournament. Take the plethora of fix threads for example. Most suggestions are poorly thought and would create more problems than they solve. Not to mention the "Lemmings effect", one guy comes up with a great list and about 100 people copy it instead of coming up with a strategy to counter it.
  7. Just included this professionally painted scum dial in my trading list above, its available for trade
  8. I am in the same boat with you. I was working hard to dominate the local tournament scene, but once I did (having won about 8 tournaments in a row) I realized its not what I want to do any more. I was killing the local scene because of that since many of the seasoned players stopped participating lately. I heard comments like "I don't want to join because I don't want to be stomped again by him" or " whats the point in joining if there is no chance in winning the tournament", which kind of made me feel bad about winning too much. So lately I decided not to win every tournament and in order not to be tempted to do so, I bring casual lists every other tournament that have no chance against the popular meta lists. I will not throw the mach to a player, if they play bad they lose, but I am happy to lose to a player that has studied the strong points of his list.
  9. Last updated August 14, 2017 Have: AA Ketsu Onyo (Q1 2017) AA Corran Horn (Summer 2016) AA IG88-C (Spring 2016) AA Tactician (Q2 2017) AA Swarm Tactics (Q1 2017) AA Predator (Summer 2016) AA VI (Spring 2016) AA Gunner (Winter 2016) AA Recon Specialist (Summer 2015) 5x Ion Tokens (Spring 2016) 5x Stress tokens (Summer 2016) 1x Winter 2015 Kit Poster (Imperial ace interceptor) 2x Summer 2016 challenge coin <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal 1x Spring 2016 challenge coin <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal 1x Winter 2014 Medal <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal 1 professionally painted Scum dial, see below Wants AA Inquisitor AA Howlrunner AA Vader (Worlds 2014) AA Lando (Nationals 2013) AA Wedge (Seasonal 2013) AA Push the limit AA BB-8 (open series 2016) FFG Shield tokens FFG clear dice (I will consider offers with other AA pilot cards too) Successfully completed trades 4, with WarriorPoet, asperon, bobdaninja Keoki Jeff Wilder Located in Tokyo and happy to trade anywhere in the world.
  10. TLT is now one attack you perform twice. You need to miss both times to trigger Luke, Baze or Gunner. Check the Attack Timing flow chart in the FAQ.
  11. Well, I ve used Gand Findsman as a support ship with wingman and inspiring recruit a lot. He works great in removing the stress taken by Zuckuss or Glitterstim from the "party buss" Bossk Swarm Leader 4-LOM Dengar Zuckuss Glitterstim Gand Findsman Wingman Inspiring Recruit Inaldra Veteran Instincts Heavy Laser Cannon Pulsed Ray Shield "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor
  12. I thought so, thanks guys
  13. Sorry for the lazy man question, but I could not locate the exact rule about this. Are you able to boost and or barrel roll over bombs, the same way as you would do over enemy ships? Since they are not obstacles I assume you should be but I might be missing something. Also, in the case you barrel roll or boost over a bomb that triggers if the ship or the ship template overlapped it, you roll for damage, right?
  14. Are you permitted copy's of the cards or printouts for your squad at your local tournament? If not, let us know the exact number of expansion you have. I am sure we will be able to help you build a competitive squad.
  15. In the current low agility high health ship meta, Mangler works just as well. In the past though when high agility aces ruled the meta it was almost impossible to push any damage through unless you had a HLC and VI to preposition beyond range 1. Its all relative and depends on what you are up against in your local meta.