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  1. tsondaboy

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    You are not allowed to sell cards on this thread only trade.
  2. tsondaboy

    Can a TO play in a tournament?

    Yup you can play, I am the TO for our local tournaments and always play. Like the others say, appoint someone to be the judge for your games, preferable someone that knows the rules well and is not a close friend to you. A word of advice, the TO is like the dungeon master he is there to keep the game level high but lose to players. You wont have much of a gaming scene if you win every tournament. Its not gonna be long before people start saying, why should I join the tournament to be stomped by the TO again. 😉
  3. Join us for our next X-Wing tournament in Tokyo! No advance registration required, if you are interested in joining PM me or make a reply here. Access map: https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=Tōkyō-to%2C+Adachi-ku%2C+Ayase%2C+1+Chome−34−7+%2C+Tokyo%2C+jp%2C+Tokyo%2C+jp
  4. tsondaboy

    European Championship

    Can someone post the top 4 lists? It looks like Ben was using a Lambda so I assume he was playing Palp aces.
  5. tsondaboy

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    Luke gunner himself is not an issue. He has to spend his force token to turn the arc around, when from the little info we have so far about force tokens, they can be used in better ways (like focus tokens?). What would make him a problem is if cards like expertise have found their way to 2.0 somehow.
  6. What do you need a Bulls Eye arc HLC when you can put a full arc Ion Cannon that sets you up for the kill next turn! I bet if they allow a cannon slot on the Phantom, Ion cannons Phantoms are goin to be a thing!
  7. tsondaboy

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    They can always alter the deal, lets pray they don't decide to alter it any further.
  8. tsondaboy

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    By the way, if energy is not stored directly on the card that uses it, any ship that can equip "elusive" and "R2-D2" has infinite Regen but linked to red maneuvers instead of green, get weapons disable token and limits your talent selection. I think I can live with that.
  9. tsondaboy

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    Dont worry, its not going to be long before we get a recharge upgrade in one of the future waves so that they get you buy again a ship you already have 3-4 from 1.0.
  10. If they get a cannon slot and their cost has droped they are going to be one of the most versatile ship the empire has. Here is for hoping.
  11. Not mean to be rude but it really begs the question, have you actually flown the Phantom after the decloack change? I mean, if you cannot reposition yourself with the decloack to block, whats the point in bringing one in the game in the first place?! Even in the current meta that doesn't favor them I ve flown them in tournaments with Intensity instead of VI and have a good knowledge how hard is to go against higher PS. And thats now that evade adds a dice and can possibly mitigate 3 damage and still end up cloaked at the end of the turn. With the evade change damage mitigation is not possible, so if you are not planing to use barrel roll to arc dodge I am not sure whats your plan to keep them alive for more than 2 turns or to be cloaked for next turn. Again I am sorry for all this negativity, I am not trolling you. I just hope I am wrong and they give us some pretty cool upgrades for them. But they way evade works now, I do not see their place in the competitive play any more. Unless of course the point cost is so dramatic that you can bring them with 2 more aces in a squad.
  12. The other thing that would make me fly phantoms again is if they got some upgrade that lets them attack while cloaked. You lose your repositioning ability but you at least get to attack.
  13. I am not sure how you can use coordinate to arc dodge out of a higher ps arc unless Lambda has PS6 pilots that are not spoiled yet. Not to mention at range 3 inquisitor does nothing.
  14. Remember thought that at 1.0 even the generics could consistently modify a 4 dice attack with FCS and a focus. In 2.0 not only they got their attack lowered but also their ability to push it through since FCS does nothing on them any more.
  15. Which is a one round trick, because once you use him do an action you get stress that automatically means next turn you start stressed and do not get an evade token after decloacking. So your next turn option would be to do a green after decloacking take an evade as an action and use him to hopefully barrel roll out of the higher PS guy that just activated. Still it limits you flying Whisper with him as the exclusive crew if they still have a crew slot.