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  1. I ve never lost to a Nym build. People need to learn how to play before they are entitled to complain. He is a 1 agility ship, play to his weaknesses and not to his strengths.
  2. If you were able to put it on the Lamda it would be a great asset but they don’t have a PS.
  3. Make sure you DO NOT FORGET that he has daredevil! Your opponent will certainly have forgot about it by the time it counts. As for the Kylo Bomber, I ve tried this list. It works till Omega Ace goes down, so make sure you plan your approach carefully. Omega Ace + Swarm Leader + Comm Relay Gamma Squadron Veteran + TIE Shuttle + Twin Ion Engine + Kylo Ren + Systems Officer Academy Pilot x4 or Imperial Trainee x2 and Wamba
  4. I ve kicked all Nym-Dengar-Miranda 2 ships lists out of the local meta with this build. Kylo Ren + Daredevil + Reinforced Deflectors + Emperor Palpatine + Pattern Analyzer + Engine Upgrade "Whisper" + Gunner + Advanced Sensors + Advanced Cloaking Device + Intensity "ohh, you brought a VI Nym you say?" "sorry he is PS0 now, say hi to Whisper if you see her"
  5. When you fly her with Kylo Ren somewhere in the squad, her PS is not an issue any more.
  6. Intensity is the card I use on Whisper almost exclusively lately. Its an awesome combo.
  7. Really nice set! My Palpmobile will look great with the alt arts!
  8. Well you need to compare it to the rest upgrades phantoms can use. With lightweight frame you have a potential evade when you defend, with particle accelerator you have a guaranteed evade. For that, I will always prefer the second option. I ve been itching to try this squad. Vessery + TIEx7 + swarm leader 2x Sigma + particle accelerator + gunner + collision detector or drop the gunners for FCS and Ren crew and systems officer or sensor jammers and systems officer on one of them.
  9. The opening rounds are what people usually fundamentally do wrong and start complaining that the squads they are facing are OP. Half the game is the initial setup and approach towards the first engagement, no matter what squad you fly!
  10. Not claiming to be an expert in flying Phantoms or an expert at all as a matter of fact, still here's my 2cents. I ve been back to flying Whisper a lot lately with several different wing men. Tried the classic RAC-Whisper, Swarm leader Whisper with 2 Barons, Kylo Ren Whisper etc etc. By far my favorite squad that I ve gone 5-0 against Nym builds is this: Kylo Ren + Daredevil + Reinforced Deflectors + Emperor Palpatine + Pattern Analyzer + Engine Upgrade "Whisper" + Gunner + Advanced Sensors + Advanced Cloaking Device + Intensity First and foremost, ever since intensity came out, its the only PS card I use on her, with her ability its almost like the designers had her (apart the obvious Poe) in mind when designing the card. The aforementioned squad is build around killing higher PS than her. It doesn't look like much but its actually one of the fastest moving squad I ve tried. You obviously want them to fire at Ren first, so she serves as the bait to drag them towards him for the first engage of the game, unless they do you the favor and go for Ren first! To do so, place them apart at the opposite corners on your setup side. If they go for her first, drag them towards Ren with decloak 2 straight and 4 straight moving along the edge of the map, while Ren slowly approaches from the middle. If they go after Ren first, reveal a stop and then 1 green. That should give her enough time to flank them. Once Ren and has done his "hero to 0" ability on the first ace, Whisper can dance around them and spit on their face occasionally and kill them at her leisure. Whisper does not need to be kept at r3 constantly, you are not flying brobots! Its far far easier to arcdodge at closer range than at r3. Even a high PS pilot will have hard time pining her down and unless you are facing turrets it should not be hard to keep her out of arcs for the most time. This is where the Advanced sensors + Intensity combo comes in handy. Even if you cant keep her out of all arcs, the free evade + Palp will fend off an attack from a single ship easily even when not cloaked. Personally I always decloak, re-positioning is her best defense. There are very few instances I will keep her cloak and thats usually when she obviously wont have anyone in arc in combat and keeping her cloaked will put her in a favorable position for next round. When she can fire she is always decloaked for combat. For me is the other way around, I typically take evade with intensity unless she will obviously be out of all arcs for combat. Gunner will do the rest in the squad above. Play as much as possible? At least when it comes to the squad mentioned above, an uphill battle is a well flown swarm. Something I am not worried I will face many times in the current meta. As long as you manage to have them shoot at Ren first, every other squad is in even or favorable terms. PS: Since this was a thread about my second favorite lady in my life at the moment, I deliberately avoided mentioning how awesome is Daredevil Ren.
  11. That makes more sense to me too. I was a bit hesitant though because most online squad builders allow 1 mod per section.
  12. Like the title says, is there any consensus on how many modifications you can have on 2 section Epic ships like the Raider or the CR-90? Can you have 1 per section or, since they are still considered as a singe ship, only 1 on one of the sections?
  13. Samewise reporting a great trade with Sergovan!
  14. Thanks for this post, it made me realize I that I had been doing it wrong! Habit is hard to overcome if you ve played Epic a lot and know the reinforce action from there.