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  1. And why is it not? You originally said: The did not have to rewrite the whole rule book to add a line of text limiting some upgrade cards to specific pilots, and they will certainly not have to do so if they add a line of text at the IG-2000 card limiting it only to the IG-88 pilots. Unless of course you are worried we are gonna get generic aggressor pilots in the future and you wont be able to link them with the IG-2000 title to one named pilot.
  2. Actually we do, "A wing test pilot" for example limits the title to pilots with a skill higher than 2.
  3. If you ask me whether making it "scum only" fixes the problem, the answer is obviously yes. Scum only though still does not limit the title to its intended pilot(s) only. Thus for me its preferable if the errata fixes the problem directly from its source, and not indirectly because there is no other scum ship in the game at the moment that you could equip the title.
  4. Slave-1 title Imperial only is tricky but not a problem with Andastra Scum only. Currently we have unique "titles" to distinguish from a named pilots ship within a ship model like "Slave I","Millennium Falcon" and non unique "titles" to distinguish between different versions within the ship model line like "TIE/x7","TIE/D". The IG-2000 title belongs to the former category so like Punning suggested it should be restricted to its intended pilot(s for the robots case) . Scum only does not restrict the title to the pilot only, so "IG-88 only" is a good solution. I would prefer to keep cross factionalism as an option because you never know what might be released in the future. We could get a bounty hunters pack for example were all the named bounty hunters in the original trilogy get an Imperial version of the pilot. Admittedly a far stretched possibility but you never know. PS: Its funny but according to wookieepedia the full name for the "Aggressor" is "Aggressor assault fighter" (I did not know that till I looked it up now). We would not be having this argument if FFG used the full name straight from the beginning instead of a shorter version.
  5. Exactly this is the problem with my suggestion. I do recognize that if you do the separation as I suggested you wont be able to use the Andastra title on the Imperial Firespray or the Slave-1 title on the scum Firespray. But I do not see thematically a problem with the separation of titles between factions. In addition, it limits the possibilities for them if they want to make a multi ship title like Rogue Squadron in the future. Nevertheless, the problem in hand here is if you can use a title cross faction and in addition between different ships. Currently the game permits usage of titles cross faction, ie Andastra and Slave-1. So if we want to maintain that then what needs to be fixed is the ability to equip a title on different ships. Thus a fix to this should be similar to the "black one" and errata the card to "Aggressor IG-2000 only" or something among these lines.
  6. Hmmm. Are we gonna start arguing now about basic stuff like whats the definition of a ship in this game? Or isn't the Imperial Firespray clearly difined as a different ship from the Scum Firespray?
  7. True, if they ever want to make a Rogue Squadron title or something. I don't see a problem regarding Andastra though, since the Imperial Firespray might as well not be able to equip the same titles as the Scum one. Makes sense thematically to me.
  8. And leave room for more arguments in the future when they release a new title that could potentially be equipped to two different ships.
  9. The easiest way to fix this is to make a clarification in the rulles that "title" upgrades can only be equiped to the ship they originally came with.
  10. I think we are on the same page regarding Star Jewel.
  11. I knew the Epic ships are not in scale to the rest of the game, but I did not know that they are not in scale with one another. I always assumed all epic are at the same scale.
  12. Using a measuring tape and first grade mathematics one can easily prove that FFG made the Tantive IV using the general specification for the CR90 corvette assuming a length of 150 m. Unless of course one wants to argue that the Tantive and Raider are not made in the same scale, since both of them are approximately 33 cm. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/CR90_corvette/Legends Regardless, if we use the Raider as a point of reference, then the Minstrel-class yacht would only be another 1.5 cm longer than the Raider. Now the entry for the Minstrel-class does not specify if the hull only is 160 m or the total length of the ship from the fore section to the rear tip of the Maneuvering vanes is 160 m. If its the former, then the model with the fins extracted to full length will have to be another 2-3 cm longer and the hull only about the size of the Raider. If its the later then the hull of the ship will actually be shorter than the Raider. So I see no problem either way to fit this on the table in the same scale as the rest of the Epic ships we currently have.
  13. Who cares about the Kihraxz becoming canon. Look at that beautiful Star Jewel becoming canon in that pic!!!!!!! Bets for next scum epik ship anyone?
  14. In your example Vader is going to kill Soontir not the stress, since Vader RAC always is bad news for interceptors. I will not argue though that YV-666 was the catalyst for FAQing tactician.
  15. The Tactician fix was made because someone flew 2 tacticians + Vader on engine upgrade RAC at a tournament. It was basically what made aces obsolete before the rise of Palp. You could also swap Vader with Rebel Captive for the ultimate stress machine.