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  1. The sky is falling again??? ****, I forgot to take my umbrella with me at work today.
  2. I like these two squads recently: Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 TIE/x1 Computer Juke 1 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 36 The Inquisitor — TIE Advanced Prototype 25 Juke 2 TIE/v1 1 Ship Total: 28 Colonel Vessery — TIE Defender 35 Swarm Leader 3 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 36 or Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 Trick shot TIE/x1 Computer 1 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 35 The Inquisitor — TIE Advanced Prototype 25 Juke 2 TIE/v1 1 Ship Total: 28 Kylo Ren — Upsilon-class Shuttle 34 Swarm Leader 3 Collision Detector 0 Ship Total: 37
  3. Set your approach path so that you either: block the falcons action with one of your ships if you are lower PS or hold on to the edge and attack it from the side if you are higher PS
  4. Hey someone just found a combo that might put the Aggressor and YV666 on the table and everyone wants to nerf it because we prefer the current meta. Some people...
  5. How did you get yours last night, all site online still have its status to preorder? Are you sure you did not get a pre-production copy? What you see in your model might be the reason the C-ROC was "on-the boat" for that long. They were fixing this misprint mistake although some early production kits were already produced. Myself I will wait till I get a notification mail that my preorder is shipped and see whats in the box when it arrives.
  6. They dont. I had to use a smuggling compartment to get these goodies to you!
  7. -3 cost!!! Whos willing to bet that soon all the nerfherders will be crying that starvipers are OP.
  8. What they need to do is to fix their original mistake and write the full name of the ship "Aggressor assault Fighter" to both pilot and title cards. Just release a FAQ that both cards refer to that ship and that ship only and get done with it.
  9. +1 to Jeff Wilder for a most generous trade.
  10. Brobots Went 4-0 at the first tournament I used them and 0-4 at the next one...
  11. At the beginning of the combat phase you may pick up one of your opponents dials and look at it. Then you may change one of your dials. If your opponent complains say out loud "Are you kidding me? I'm blind!" .
  12. You probably need to compare it with other options available for this ship. For the same cost you can put on it SPA and have a guarantied evade, opposite to roll an extra die. There is nothing wrong with trying it in a game for sure, but if you find yourself using the cloak action 2-3 times during the game, it might be better to use SPA instead.
  13. We don't have official support here (Japan), and the X-Wing community is stagnant and slowly evaporates. And although we did not have any major incidents as far as X-Wing goes so far, I simply cannot afford to ban anyone at the moment, cheater or not. We did have an incident a few months ago with a player that got banned from tournaments and the local store for a year for another game (infinity). It created such a strong backlash that the game community for that game almost died. Thus I would prefer if FFG had a very clear strict policy about cheating to act as a deterrent, so something like this does not happen to the game I like the most.
  14. Cough...... Cough.... Buuullshrhrhrhrhrit.... Cough.... Cough....
  15. I am not attacking you here, but please let me highlight these two points and see if I understand what you say. Regular TOs are abide to the guidelines described in the Organized Play document and the only penalty they can administer is to disqualify/ remove a perpetrator from a tournament. FFG Organized Play Employees are not abide to the guidelines described in the Organized Play document and may administer a different penalty on their discretion. In other words, do as we say but not as we do?