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  1. Join us for our regular X-Wing tournament in Tokyo! Access map: https://www.google.co.jp/maps/place/足立区+勤労福祉会館/@35.761186,139.8191953,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x60188fb6537d2d3b:0xa8ad25eb6a47dc3a!8m2!3d35.761186!4d139.821384?hl=en
  2. Epic FAQ Update

    With Finn on it and Jan Ors in your squad you have a 7 dice attack from your main now!
  3. 2018 quarterly tournament kits?

    Thanks for the info!
  4. 2018 quarterly tournament kits?

    Nope, the quarterly kits as the title says not regionals.
  5. 2018 quarterly tournament kits?

    Thats Q4 2017 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/quarterly-kits/x-wing/
  6. 2018 quarterly tournament kits?

    Does anyone have an idea or info when the next (Q1 2018?) X-Wing tournament kits are going to be available? I cant find any info regarding that in the OP pages.
  7. Epic FAQ Update

    Try to build a squad like that with bombers and see how many you can bring. 8 scimitars with 1 torpedo and nothing else, are already more than half your squad. And unless you bring elites with PS5 or higher, you will be loosing at least 2 on the approach for the same reasons explained above.
  8. Epic FAQ Update

    I ve went against that build and it does not work as well as it seems on paper. If you were to deploy all 4 in one turn then, the first 2 will either have to do 3 speed banks left and right or 4 straight and barrel rolls so that the other 2 can do a 4 speed straight and 1 speed something. They also carry ordnance and need to target lock the raider, so bumping them is not a good idea. In addition they want to fight at the same range as the Raider wants. Unless you bring expensive bombers, the raider at PS4 will fire before your scimitars. Now, the bomber that is in the front ark will get a minimum of 3 crits from Vader even if all 3 attacks miss (main twice and 1 torpedo). Since the Proton Torpedo with a Jonus reroll and 2 hits from the teams will do 4 hits you just lost a bomber as soon as you deployed it. If something is in the back arc too, you could be loosing a second one. And thats only the Raider attack, without counting the fire from her support ships... The only way to go against the raider with Gozanti is to bring ships that can jump at R1 of him straight from deployment, fire and run.
  9. Epic FAQ Update

    I disagree. I recently took this Raider build at an epic tournament and basically plowed my way to the top. Raider-class Corvette (Aft) + Weapons Engineer + Darth Vader + Proton Torpedoes + Cluster Missiles + Ordnance Experts + Tibanna Gas Supplies + Ordnance Tubes + Impetuous Raider-class Corvette (Fore) + Proton Torpedoes + Gunnery Team And that was before the harpoons came out and I hat to bring Jonus for the rerolls. You want the fight to come close when you are using ordnance. Thanks to Vader and the title I was able to fire 2 torpedoes at the same target in the same turn, by finishing off a hurt ship. Opposite to the energy using hardpoints and unless you roll 4 blanks, you are looking to a minimum 3 damage off a Proton Torpedo. Combine that with 2 attacks from your mains and Vader you should be tacking down a ship a turn at least. When you don't have to worry about energy on the secondary weapons, you can recharge shields at will and that majorly cancels out Vader's drawback.
  10. Scum Corvette and??

    Minstrel-class space yacht and Z-95!
  11. Epic FAQ Update

    Major Vader change too, the opponent does not choose which section is effected any more! Too bad they did not fix ordnance tubes with it. It still remains the most broken upgrade on them. The condition should require one energy to fire a missile or torpedo because at the moment its the most cost efficient card on them.
  12. Rebels Semi-Thematic...

    No Han Solo crew and Tantive title together with Maul makes me a sad Panda...
  13. Two Falcons Required List Help

    Ok so here is my suggestion and comments. I will never fly a Rebel epic ship without Toryn and without a way to replenish energy fast. In the current meta Toryn is a must have! The last thing you want is to trace for Harpooned effect from a huge base ship! You will also not need more than one Comms Booster, when you are flying only 3 other ships. I ve also never seen EM Emitter work, since if their attacks are obstructed, so are yours. And when you equip the falcons with Engine upgrade, you wont be hiding behind the transport. Recharging shields when you are running on fumes and not getting critted is gonna keep you longer in the game IMO. If I was to build a 2 falcon rebel transport escort, this is how I would probably outfit it. Classic Chewee that can hold on his own and Ray that can feed off evades from 3 ships and do 6-7 die attacks. • Rey + Swarm Leader + Jan Ors +Finn • Chewbacca + Push the Limit + Kanan Jarrus + C-3PO + Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) + Engine Upgrade GR-75 Medium Transport + Quantum Storm + Toryn Farr + Breach Specialist + Backup Shield Generator + Tibanna Gas Supplies + Automated Protocols Green Squadron Pilot #1 + A-Wing Test Pilot + Chardaan Refit + Adaptability + Crack Shot Green Squadron Pilot #2 + A-Wing Test Pilot + Chardaan Refit + Adaptability + Crack Shot
  14. Dace and Maul

    That is correct I believe. scratch that, Arachneo is right.
  15. Maul for the Rebels

    I ll second swapping Kyle for Jan crew on the OP squad. Let me give you a few other ideas: • Han Solo + Push the Limit + Ezra Bridger + Kanan Jarrus + Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) + Engine Upgrade • Keyan Farlander + Sensor Jammer + Veteran Instincts + B-Wing/E2 + Maul Just fly around things with Boost and evade and let Ezra do the focusing. Also check this thread if you haven't already. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/268674-keyan-maul-lfe/