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  1. Well I'm pretty sure it's not "The School of Gifted Mutants" lol. X-Men will come one day though... Wolverine alone is such a money maker. I really hope they intersperse the most popular heroes with less popular ones though. If they fire all their big guns in the beginning I fear they will be out of ammo to keep greater interest in the game. But I am a pessimist.
  2. I'm excited to see another game that (at least partially) sprang from the mind of Peter Olotka.
  3. 1) ...that the original version of this game heavily influenced the development of Coup. This game looks even more compelling to me, though. 2) ...that this game will see expansions if it sells well. I have seen the rules of the original game and one change I can see from the news article is that, when investigating an opponent, you only have to choose between 4 cards. This rules change would allow FFG to release more possible roles without the investigation becoming more difficult. I'll even go out on a limb and bet the expansions will be standalone i.e. Lost Legacy style. Why not? Speculation is so much fun
  4. I've owned Cosmic a couple years and can't believe this issue didn't come up until tonight! - Can you choose to have an encounter on a foreign planet where you already have a foreign colony? What happens if you win? What happened in our game is that some of us were in an "alliance" (hehe) and when each others' colors would come up, we would simply target planets where we already had a colony, thus not negatively impacting the player we had an encounter with. This seemed like a cheesy tactic, because it overrides the destiny deck's purpose of forced encounters, and doesn't require any negotiate cards to lead to a peaceful outcome. The way we house-ruled it was that if you win, you simply add your ships the number already present in the colony. I forgot to add that we made this tactic SUPER cheesy because we would ask each other to be defenders in these encounters, thus we would all draw extra cards as defender rewards in these harmless encounters. Our game was still fun, but I have to admit that I was part of that alliance-of-cheese. It probably wasn't very much fun for the 2 people not involved. - Can you make a deal to win a shared victory with someone? (i.e. trade for a 5th colony) I told everyone no to this, but now I can't seem to find any justification. It actually looks like you can use a deal to trade for the 5th colony and win the game. Which seems double cheesy to me! My old group automatically played this way because we all found it so cheesy we couldn't believe it would be a rule.
  5. In regard to expansion factions, they could either release 3 factions that are positioned outside/inside the wheel and make enough connections to allow 3 allies going forward, or they could make the new factions have no allies. I have a hard time seeing the Nids or Necrons with allies... Or maybe the `nids will have some special ability where they 'infest' or gene splice certain other factions. That could be cool.
  6. Sounds heavily inspired by this fantastic game but without the encouragement to wear costumes: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/25768/long-live-the-king However, six games in 1 sounds great. Also, LLK didn't actually "play" with 30 people, it just let them have something to do. I'll be intereted to see if the 25 player mode of this game plays better. I'm super interested.
  7. Agreed, this was the most confusing thing to me too. Good (I guess) to know there were some serious typos in the manual. Also, just to clarify, after the first engagement was resolved (because there was a scrum), then the remaining engagement was treated as 1 massive engagement, correct? The way the rules for identifying engagements are worded as saying something like "tracing a source to a single attacker OR defender" makes it sound like there were potentially 2 remaining engagements left in that picture. But it doesn't seem like that's the case from reading the example and everyone's comments here.
  8. Some clarifications about Trader. The power says "before encounter cards are selected" 1) Can the trader announce a Kicker and then trade hands? 2) After Chronos uses its power, the encounter goes back to the planning phase and encounter cards are chosen again. Can the trader then choose to trade hands, and if so, does the "set aside card" count as part of the trader's hand? #2 Example: Chronos plays an attack 14 and the Trader plays an attack 23 (the Trader chose not to switch hands). Chronos freezes the Trader's 20 and it is placed to the side. Now it goes back to the planning phase again. At this point, the Trader would like to switch hands. The way we have ruled it is that the "set aside" card remains set aside and the trader swaps his or her current hand with the Chronos player. 3) More generically, if any power causes one or more main players to select an encounter card again, does this give the trader the opportunity to use its power? (Assuming Trader is a Main Player or using the Super) 4) Is the Trader Super flare considered to be in the player's hand when the hand is traded, thus losing the super just by using it once? It seems like not since it is considered in play, but this might deserve clarification. Thanks!
  9. Raleigh, NC I don't own the game, but would love to join a game for someone who does.
  10. How do you guys think they could make this game any better without breaking it? Obviouisly more Aliens, but what else?
  11. Kobold Curry Chef said: It's one of those things that's not explicitly called out in the rulebook because it makes no sense to do it any other way. I guess I have a different perspective, coming from a TCG/CCG background. I'm used to playing games where it's regular practice to play and discard card that adds a numerical value to a card already in play. In M:TG, you might have a card on the table with Toughness 2, and then play and discard a card from your hand that gives it +3. You simply have to remember the +3. But I think I will agree with you because that's the argument the people I was playing with said. I figure if most people see it this way, it's most likely what was intended. I don't care how the rule goes, just as long as it's consistent. When a card like the Reserve Wild comes into play, it's good to know ahead of time how you are going to handle this, because it matters.
  12. I was playing the other day, and I was trying to use the Reserve Wild ability. IIRC, it gave the ability to retrieve a reinforcements card when it has been discarded. I was basically wondering if that means it gives me the ability to retrieve someone's card and use it against them in the same encounter they used it. Thanks, -- John
  13. From context, I believe this is true, although neither the rules of the FAQ clearly spell it out: Do passive abilities trigger even when the card they are on is kneeling? Obviously they will still follow all other restrictions normally. Thanks, -- John
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