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  1. Alright, I just had to check it after seeing these comments... and, HA! I'm still taller than all the boards next to each other! (but only by about 4 inches...)
  2. *shudders and sniffles* he touched me... and I knew what true eldritch horrors were...
  3. If I could create the 'ideal' game shop it would be one that's a little more, for lack of better terms, classy and less 'nerd-dungeon' type. Despite being a life long geek (I use the term with pride) I've always kind of shied away from game and comic shops because they always just seemed like a haven for the socially awkward. Now, that may be more of a problem with the customer base than the shops themselves... you can make a shop classy all you want, but if that's the demographic it attracts, there's not much you can do about it. My first suggestion would be not to have the shop be overly crowded with stuff; I particularly hate feeling like I'm walking through just a tight packed warehouse with just a few tables out near the front where people can play Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever else. And enough with the fading posters on the wall. I think more of like a sharp looking indie-cafe atmosphere, rather than hentai-worship site, would be the kind of thing I would be attracted to. I remember quitting comic shops all together until one opened up near me that was just kind of the comics equivalent of like a Borders/Starbucks, and it made it feel good to go to. Something like that for a games shop may also get me to go again. But, like I said, I don't know how feasible that is given the demographic. I don't mean that as an insult really, I consider myself part of the demographic... but, honestly, it's hard enough sometimes to tolerate Avi's presence, could you imagine an entire store full of people like him? ;P
  4. North_Wolf said: Funny you mentioned White Wolf. I had collected every vampire book then, and I was working on completing Wraith and Werewolf when reboot happened and I never looked back or bought another one. Yea, I viewed the publishing of Requiem and all the other NWoD stuff as White Wolf's way of saying "Alright, we want to move on to a new customer-base, so goodbye you guys!" and I said goodbye back... of course, they may be regretting this since it seems there's a move BACK towards the Old World of Darkness, what with an MMO coming out that takes place in that and NOT their new one...
  5. North_Wolf said: I really enjoyed the theme of the DP expansion and had some good times playing it (despite knowing that it was clunky and unwealdy compared to the rest - the forum maniacs here and on BBG helped alot in getting the most out of it rules wise). Arkham Horror got me back into board games and I have every single expansion that has been made for it (want the mini´s later). I was a bit concerned about a new edition of DP but I am quite happy with the explanation given. Seems that the new expansions will continue to build on the game and let us get the most out of existing content. That is a fantastic direction to take and I will continue to support the series for a long time to come. The only thing I dread is a reboot or a third edition, since that often seems like a cheap way of cashing anew after a long series of expansion (making what you have out of date) I´m glad that FFG is not adopting that plan and is nurturing the AH series instead. Pretty much agree with everything here. I much prefer just updating or revising stuff when needed and expanding the existing game as opposed to just starting up a third edition, which would surely kill this game and have a lot of people just leave all together. A similar situation, I guess, is what White Wolf did with their World of Darkness franchise... scrapping Vampire: The Masquerade and the other brands in that line and started up a new World of Darkness with Requiem and a bunch of new games... and the minute they did that was when I and I'm sure a lot of people just left the company's side. Starting all over from scratch is very jarring for long time customers.
  6. I guess I'm gonna start going through removing all my CotDP cards... somewhat annoying since I keep them all shuffled together
  7. We really need another preview already. Maybe one of those cool animated trailers. I'm so incredibly psyched for this expansion. Tell us the release date!
  8. EcnoTheNeato said: I'm just surprised Avi HAS a life Don't be misled. He doesn't.
  9. I'm no where near as experienced as a lot of you, certainly not the fearsome dreader, but one simple solution I came up with to keep King in Yellow an active part of any Arkham game, no matter how diluted, is just that before drawing a mythos card, roll a single six sided die. On a 1, it counts as if you pulled a "the next act begins" card. Simple enough.
  10. Avi_dreader said: [FYI, my fellow forumites, I'm not being rude to a scarce poster, I know him IRL, he won't take it the wrong way, I think. Unless he's the sort of person who secretly cries inside.] I secretly cry on the outside. Wait. I'm not sure if that's possible...
  11. Avi_dreader said: HyeJinx1984 said: The new Act cards actually really intrigue me. King in Yellow is probably my favorite expansion thematically, but the act cards don't really DO anything... except "note the passage of time." It would be nice if each act card also served as sort of its own environment card, conditions getting worse and worse as each act progresses. Also, I always really wanted the Tattered King to be a special monster that moved around the board and kind of caused havoc. It would be really easy to make a set up for a herald to be used with the King in Yellow that would A) alter how the acts work and B) put in one of the monsters as a proxy for The King in Yellow. Go to it! :') *Whines* but I want FF to do it... it's THEIR job...
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