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  1. I've actually been wanting to get rid of my collection. No one wants to play where I am, so I'm playing LOTR now. I have two Core Sets, All of the Yuggoth Contract, most of the Summons of the Deep, most of the Dreamlands, and the Ancient Horrors Asylum Packs. I want to sell them all at the same time, and we can talk about prices through messages, send me a message if you're interested.
  2. The title says it all, anybody up for some Lackey games, later on or now? Just post on here and what time if you're interested, and put your Lackey Name, and time zone. My name is the same as it is on here.
  3. Cool, thanks for the feed back! I'm still trying to figure out if my group would go for it, we just got into Civ V and D&D so our plates are really over full! LOL But, I am still considering getting TI. By the way does it hold attention well, or is it more o a niche game?
  4. *Takes a bow* Why thank you Professor, I do what I can. LOL
  5. So, I work at a game store, and I've been staring at this TI for around 3 months now. My friends like Magic, D&D, Ascension, CoC LCG, Risk and Age of Empires, will they take well to this? I've also heard the length of games can be a huge turn off, how much of a barrier is it? I mean we've had series of games that start at 4pm and end at 7am before, but one single game, I don't know. I think I'd really like it but the worry is my play group
  6. Well, generally you want the least amount of cards possible, otherwise you would have a clunky inconsistent deck. Sometimes a certain combo will require you to have alot but that's one in a million. So yeah you generally want to keep to the minimum so you can have a greater chance of pulling cards when you need them.
  7. I know you're probably not gonna like this answer, but I'd recommend getting them all. With the new GOOs and all of the really useful new cards in them there is not a one that I would not recommend.
  8. Cuacuani said: Hydra isn't quite powerful enough to be a game-winner (but then, if she had Invulnerability rather than Toughness +2, she'd be really powerful) and there aren't enough copies of Ol' Squidface to see him reliably turn up. I think you fixed your own problem of a finisher right there, since you're already running Squid Face throw in at least one more cut an Adult Deep One my brother runs a deck VERY similar to this and he always funs 2 Cthulhus for finishing. I know it goes against theme but 2 Degenerate Cultists or Brood of Yigs could help out your early game and the terror difficulty, so you would only have to take out the remaining Adults to make room. My bro also uses them and they seem to do the job as well. If you like the cultists I recommend adding in Carl, he wins games! Yeah just some criticism I hope you're deck starts kicking some Kingly ass, god knows something needs to.
  9. Yeah I'm not too worried about it either. Like they said it's a four piece combo, that is massive in terms of combo sizes. Plus it's based around an ancient one they're supposed to be these really powerful cards that can do crazy things. I think this is gonna be a big deal like Yoggy and then blow over like Yoggy did just a month ago. I do, however, think a solid could be built around Dark Young and Shubs, the combo would just be another win-con for the deck. It'll make for a strong new deck type in the meta, which is never a bad thing. The more diversity the better I say, after all it takes focus away from Seventy-Birds Deck.
  10. First off, Ritual of the Lance doesn't require you to sac a creature to Ritual of the Lance, in fact you can't. It just says whenever you sacrifice a character you get a success token. That could be for any multitude of reasons, including shocking transformation *cough cough*. This sort of play is common in many other ccgs. I'm actually shocked it hasn't shown up in CoC before now. The whole sac something that's important to gain a better thing or effect is a really common design strategy, and has more than proven its merit in Magic. Look at Red Deck Wins the cards in it are running rampant with this sort of theme. Also we need to take into consideration that you can activate actions after each "struggle" in a story contest (not sure if that's the right terminology but it sounds good ). This could potentially be devastating, imagine sacing characters that have no skill after their prospective struggle has past, like Servant from Out of Time, say you just used him in your terror struggle. Then you sac him to Carl giving him 2 Combat, and Arcane, PLUS putting a counter on good ole Ritual of the Lance! Yeah I know thats three factions, but I see a Cultist themed deck being very viable nonetheless.
  11. Ok, so I am going to take some of my many years of CCG/LCG/TCG experience across 6 games and put my two cents in on this incredibly debatable topic. As far as the order of action resolution in most CCG/LCG/TCGs it goes as such: Cost, Target, Goes into the process of being played (cast), then Resolution in order of print on card (unless otherwise stated on card). It is this way in every game I've played, including: Pokemon, Yugioh, Wyvern, Magi-Nation, CoC LCG, and Magic. As far as "X" as a cost goes the faq says it equates to zero unless something is directly paying for it. This is true in Magic and Magi-Nation both had "X" cards. You are paying 2 for Yoggy's ability which then makes you target a Spell in your Graveyard, then allows you to play the targeted spell ignoring all costs (aka: X), then said spell goes into the process of casting (where the opportunity to use Reactions and Disrupts takes place, then the Spell resolves. This MHO on the whole ordeal theres probably some hole in there just reply and Ill try to explain.
  12. I agree with Yog lovers here, I have become a fan of Yog over the past few months because it does effectively slow Hastur/ Agency. The cool thing about the faction is its flexibility. Yeah Yog is flexible in fact probably the most flexible faction in the game, at least IMO. I have won pretty often against Hastur/Agency by stalling, shooting for success tokens when I could, while slowly grinding my opponent. The thing that no one seems to realize is just how easy it is in CoC. It's ridiculous!! There are 50 cards in a deck after your opponent takes his/her first turn that's down to 40!! You have the Hermit, Blackmoor, and the Gate. Those cards in and of itself can win you the game. I think out of the 3 games I won out of 5 I won 2 by grinding and 1 with actual stories. i can have a decklist for you guys tonight but I have to write a paper and I'm procrastinating, but check out Yog for real.
  13. So what do you all think of the new Lord of R'lyeh?
  14. I've play tested it in a cultist themed deck (see Hastur/Yog Cultist Control Thread) and this guy was one of the star players. The ability to take control of a ravager repeatedly is just great!
  15. Ok, so I have a decklist I'm testing now. I played a game versus a Deep One deck last night and did alright.... Characters 3x Bringer of Fire 2x Crazed Arsonist 2x Yellow Muse 2x Overzealous Initiate 3x Performance Artist 3x Aspiring Artist 2x Struggling Artist 3x Hermetic Scholar 2x Yog-Sothoth 2x Son of Yeb 2x Harbinger of Insanity 2x Living Mummy 2x Victoria Glasser 2x Victoria's Prodigy 1x Shadow Sorceress 2x Obsessive PLaywright Other Cards 2x Speak to the Dead 3x Twilight Gate 3x Cursed Skull 2x A Single Glimpse 3x Unnspeakable Resurrection 3x Journey to the Otherside 2x Tattoo Parlor Son of Yeb, Harbinger of Insanity, Cursed Skull, and Obssesive Playwright were the MVPs for sure!! Taking his Ravager each turn is excellent for stalling. The only issue I'm having is icons I can control the field incredibly well, but once something with terror icons and toughness/ invulnerability hits the field its practically impossible...You can stall very effectively though! I really want to test a more grinding focussed variant because I could see that being affective with the field control I have.
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