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    Kragg got a reaction from PoorEvader2Soon in 1st Ludic Incoming X-Wing Tournament (Rome, Italy)   
    Hello guys, I wanted to share with you the top4 of our last (actualy it is the first we organize in our gaming club), to give you some feedback about our metagame and its current status.

    It was a 10 people tournament, somenthing really fast and easy, and it got the following top4:
      1° Han Solo: Predator + Gunner + C3po + Engine Upgrade + Millenium Falcon - 2x Tala Squadron Pilot - Bandit Squadron Pilot   2° Han Solo: Predator + C3po + R2-D2 + Engine Upgrade + Millenium Falcon - 3x Tala Squadron Pilot   3° Dash Rendar: Predator + Recon Specialist + Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon - 2x Blue Squadron Pilot   4° Dash Rendar: Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade + Kyle Katarn + Heavy Laser Cannon + Outrider - Corran Horn: Veteran Insticts + R2-D2 + Fire Control System

    Since I cannot reach the User Stmack, for his x-wing squad ranker, (I suppose his message folder is full), I'm posting these result here with the hope to see them posted in this squad ranker.
    Thanks everybody and good gaming everyone!
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