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  1. Hello guys, I wanted to share with you the top4 of our last (actualy it is the first we organize in our gaming club), to give you some feedback about our metagame and its current status. It was a 10 people tournament, somenthing really fast and easy, and it got the following top4: 1° Han Solo: Predator + Gunner + C3po + Engine Upgrade + Millenium Falcon - 2x Tala Squadron Pilot - Bandit Squadron Pilot 2° Han Solo: Predator + C3po + R2-D2 + Engine Upgrade + Millenium Falcon - 3x Tala Squadron Pilot 3° Dash Rendar: Predator + Recon Specialist + Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon - 2x Blue Squadron Pilot 4° Dash Rendar: Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade + Kyle Katarn + Heavy Laser Cannon + Outrider - Corran Horn: Veteran Insticts + R2-D2 + Fire Control System Since I cannot reach the User Stmack, for his x-wing squad ranker, (I suppose his message folder is full), I'm posting these result here with the hope to see them posted in this squad ranker. Thanks everybody and good gaming everyone!
  2. It would look rly nice to see chaos gods theme coming up in the next expansion. I like your idea cuttingrage
  3. f7eleven said: Yeah, the DE hero is solid, and the HE Iron Discipline could be if HE's get a little better. I guess the best cards contributing to the two worst factions isn't such a bad thing. And of course I still get every pack regardless of what's in it. that's the best choice. no1 knows if cards that today gonna be crap, tomorrow gonna be OP.
  4. Curator said: True. But in a "May the best Deck Win" themed game those Gobos would be great for a Greenskin Animosity War tourney. You just have to challenge yourself into making a deck that uses a majority of odd numbered costing cards. what's that? never heard about it.
  5. @grille we have been studying most of the tattics you were talking about during our league, there are some groups that plays infiltrate and other stuff you mentioned, but they are just 1 group amond a whole country (actualy I was one of the guys playing infiltrate xD). we do also agree that since legends coming out, things gonna change a lil, but we can't test that much yet since our country publisher had a delay with the 4th BP and legends..... as soon as legends gonna hit also italians stores, I promise you we'll continue back our testing and find out the impact with the new chaos card pool. @curator **** or gfto casual player.
  6. grille said: I guess f7eleven doesn't mean the artworks as they are really good as you already said. It's more a matter of cards since there seems to be no really outstanding cards. There is no real boost to already established decktypes but new subthemes. I can live with that because legends expansion already gave a huge impact in a lot of decks. Though the competition players don't yield from visit decks, our small playgroup here thinks that the difference in strength between the factions isn't that big as it was. I do strongly agree with Grille and f7. Imho the only good card in this BP is the elfish iron discipline. Dwarf attachment theme and goblin's theme wont see that much playing in competitive game. In my meta there are ppl rly enjoying the Comet of Cassandora, instead I find it less powerfull than the indirect dmg spell which came out from Legend. Maybe juggernaut could be seen as a good add to the chaos cards pool, but the others cards inside this BP aren't rly that amazing. I'm looking forward the 5th BP with the spell cicle and the other good cards spoilered on the website.
  7. The simple proof that you both fail hardly at playing WHI is that you pretend to be CASUAL gamers and then come here makeing fun of those who take it way much serious than you. if you are playing it just for fun, why do you even post here? we , metagamers, do not need your useless advices.
  8. curator and loken, just cus you guys fail at playing WHI that doesn't mean those who plays in competitive league (european and american guys who take place at tournaments and regionals) shouldn't pretend a more balanced game. We don't get it since we DO take care of this game, that's as simple as true.
  9. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=140&efcid=4&efidt=510287 this is the link of the discussion including decklist and report of our italian regional.
  10. I also wonder if this game gonna be improved by using a sideboard. it's pretty clear that some cards are made exactly with that intention: look for exemple at the courage of aenarion, an high elf tattic built against corruption. how many order decks know how to use corruption schemes?
  11. They use shinks w/o spwn of itzl in order to be able to kill lobber crew and stunty-smasha. that's why they got them in the deck.
  12. you are right about the cards number, i forgot to add rodrik's riders reaching exactly 53 cards. about your statements, actualy I also do prefer playing both lizards and I'm stil wondering why there is just that single talablhem detachment anyway the jade acolitye is a rly strong cards, he's rly usefull to improve your drawing or gathering resources, to stop attacks and to hit if necessary. pistoliers they got played even w/o taal for their possibiliy to skip between zones. grail knights are rly strong, expecially in a meta filled with VTHC decks, but as you truely said, every metagroup has his own view of the deck.
  13. this is the list of 2nd and 3rd player, as DBCooper said, they are from the same team so they got the same deck: 3x contested 3x derricksburg forge 2x light of moorslieb 3x long winter 1x verena 1x ancient map 3x pilgrimage 3x iron discipline 3x noble quest 3x quest 3x huntsmen 3x sotek's shinks 3x zeloat hunter 3x willy 3x peasant militia 3x panther knights 3x pistoliers 3x jade's acolyte 1x talablhem detachment total 53 cards.
  14. ofc also with german players I think it wont be a problem for us to bring all the cards, anyway we'll let you know in time, that's for sure!
  15. I wanna give you some more information about our inner league. This year (which is the second one since the game has been played in our country) our league organized 35 tournaments with an average number of player of 14-18 each, for a total ammount of 89 registered players. Atm the biggest comunity can be found in Milano (Milan) and Jesi (near Ancona), while growing ones are in Roma (Rome), Torino (Turin), Bologna, Fossano (near Turin) and in Napoli(Naples). We hope to get more ppl involved the next year, and I can't hide you that our ambitious aim is to double the number of tournaments and players subscribed to the comunity.
  16. Anyway, we are planning to mass join the next European Tournament in Germany. I'd like to meet there all the others guys from Poland, France and Spain, all country with great comunities and strong players.
  17. actualy not. is exactly like willy, you can trigger him only once each attack.
  18. yea he meant bloodletters of khorne.
  19. It's the first full removal for HE. It works like a disease or an hex, targeting a target unit and turning it into a development. I doubt any1 will ever destroy the attachment to get the unit back, that's why for just 1 resource is rly strong. it even counts as a permanent providing you loyalty!
  20. Like the previus deluxe expansion, this one is gonna be a great add to the game. I'm rly lookin forward it.
  21. @cyber maybe you're right, but take into consideration the fact that most of the legends costo 5 plus 5 loyalty. Ok you can gather 5 resourses on turn 2 but what about 5 loyalty? You know that an Orc reanimator with a strong support removal component or even a verena/quest with the same strong support removal component can easyly prevent you from farming that many resourses. and can keep you wiped out preventing you even to farm loyalty. Plus all the legends with the lowest cost (5+++++) provides just 1Power Icon for zone so not that big deal. Anyway once they gonna get out here in my country, we'll start the testing phase and we'll let you know what we think about it. I'm planning to build around Kairos a strong control-chaos deck splashed with some orcs.
  22. Actualy you can bouncer during enemy combat phase, w/o having your blocking units take dmg and put in game another one with some nasty effects like rodriks for exemple and keep on destroying his supports cards. Verena/quest is going to be ever worse with these cards around.
  23. I rly apreciate the new chaos legends and cards, the same goes for HE and DE. I'm a bit disappointed about Dwarfs I tought they would bring better cards. Anyway today we got the proof that Lukas's son plays empire the priest of verena and the new tactic are far from being balanced cards...
  24. Actualy being experienced with a build is for sure the first form of card advantage. Anyway all this talking about smash go boom made me think about it, and I promise you I'll be testing it a bit trying to find something better to replace with. Just wait few days and let's see how it goes, i'll report you my testing.
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