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  1. My local store is clearing all its 1e stock at half price. Obviously that's no good to you unless that's also your local store, but I mention it to illustrate the fact that many stores will likely be clearing out their 1e stock given it's no longer current. It might be worth having a look round online.
  2. The simple answer is because the Empire is a facsimile of the Holy Roman Empire and thus controls the territories that did. Marienburg is the Low Countries which were a geo-political hot potato contested by France, the HRE and Spain as well as attempting to assert their own independence.
  3. Is there much of a scene in Boston, MA? I'll be moving there in a couple of days and I'm debating whether to take my cards with me.
  4. Excuse the thread necro but it seemed more appropriate than starting a new one. I'm due to move to Boston at the end of August for an academic year so will be looking for games. Are there any stores or clubs in the area where people play?
  5. If BoI is played on a unit that corrupts itself to do an action, such as Deathmaster Snikch or Mortella, does that mean the unit can't execute that action? I assume it can't but I just want to make sure it doesn't mean they can do it without corrupting.
  6. I'm aware that 0HP = dead unit. I wasn't asking if 0HP killed the unit, I was asking if X=0 if a WHC got played on a COC. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  7. Or is 'Sacrifice' the key word here? In the sense that you can't sacrifice an opponent's unit? Again, just trying to nail down how the ruling is got at so I can identify it in other situations
  8. Are you saying it can't be that because that would be too good?
  9. Whilst I don't doubt the explanation, how is it that you'd know it was only for units you controlled? Does a card have to specify that opponent's units can be targetted with an effect else you assume they can't?
  10. 'Action: Sacrifice a corrupt unit to give this unit P until the end of the turn' Can this effect be used on an opponent's units and is there a limit to how many times it can be used in a turn? For example, could you use it everytime an opponent drops a unit into a zone with a Warpstone Excavation?
  11. Does playing a Witch Hag's Curse (blanking the text of a target unit) on a Cold One Chariot (text states that HP are equal to # of developments) kill the COC?
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