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  1. Hi, Schoon! Thanks for the response! As I indicated in my first post - the smaller set of cards, they are just a little too big / too wide to fit in the American "standard"-sized card sleeves. I did find some 3" x 4" inch "sleeves". They're almost . . . I'm not sure how to describe them - it's like its a thicker sleeve, the plastic is thicker - they don't bend much. Anywho - I can use these for now and wait for sleeves for the bigger airplane cards. I've got a whole bunch of the sleeves for the "regular" Wings of War airplane cards. Fantasy Flight Games still has them in stock - they're European- nice and thin. J.P. Roll
  2. Greetings! I thought I posted on this, but can't find it anywhere. ANYwho. Regarding "Flight of the Giants" (Way cool!) - I've been trying to find sleeves for the plane cards and the plane control panel cards. The smaller cards are 66mm x 86mm or roughly 2-5/8" x 3-3/8". this is just a little bit wider than the "standard" clear sleeves (I would assume they're talking about baseball-sized cards when they say "Standard"). The larger cards in the set are 81mm x 110mm or roughly 3-3/16" x 4-3/8". Does anyone know whether there are clear sleeves available for these cards or is Fantasy Flight planning on putting out / producing any?? Thanks!
  3. Hey, all! Yeah, this is a great add-on to WoW WWI! I'm lovin' it! Question: I've been searching for clear sleeves for the airplane cards / control panel cards. The smaller ones are just a little wider than the "standard" (I'm assuming "baseball card"-sized) 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" sleeves - so you can't put the cards in these sleeves without "bowing" the cards and then, of course, they don't lie / lay flat. I don't have the measurements for the larger airplane cards / control panel cards. I've checked with FFG customer service, and they don't know of any sleeves available and have no info on whether or not they're planning on coming up with same sometime down the road. Does anyone know if any kind of clear sleeves can be had for these larger cards? Thanks!! Jack. aka "Jack Pershing Roll"
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