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  1. When I attack a legend through a zone, is that legend considered to be a "unit" of attacker? When I defend a zone with a legend (attached by BQ36 Descendant of Gods), is that legend considered to be a "unit" of defender? Can I use AU42 Invoke Khaine’s Wrath to destroy the legend that participated in combat? AU42 Invoke Khaine’s Wrath Play at the end of any battlefield phase. Action: Destroy all units that participated in combat this phase. Thanks for Reply
  2. Runic Knowledge Runemaster While you have a Magic or Rune weapon equipped, each of your attacks gains: Surge: Suffer 1 Fatigue to gain +2 Hearts When my hero has already suffered an amount of fatigue equal to his Stamina, can he use the surge ability of Rune Knowledge by suffering damage equal to the excess fatigue that would have been suffered?
  3. CaC02 Squig Trackers Action: When this unit enters play, search the top five cards of your deck for a card with the word “Squig” or “Squigs” in its title and put it into play (in any zone). Then, shuffle your deck. When I trigger the action of CaC02 Squig Trackers, search the top five cards of your deck and put the other CaC02 “Squig” Trackers into play. Is the second CaC02 Squig Trackers triggered and resolved its action effect before the “then” effect on the first CaC02 Squig Trackers triggers? That’s mean: Is the above condition similar to the condition of BQ10 Gathering the Winds? If yes, does it against the rule of “no effects can be added to the action chain”? Thanks for Reply… (PS: The Spell is played when the resolution of the action chain reaches the spot where Gathering the Winds was triggered. The played Spell cannot be canceled or responded to. It will be resolved and then discarded if it is a tactic. After the Spell is resolved the “then” effect on Gathering the Winds triggers, and it is sacrificed.)
  4. Sorry for my mistake I want to ask the question is: When I play the BQ37 Dance to Loec, does it trigger the effect of "when I play a development from my hand, …"? Thanks for reply!
  5. BQ37 Dance to Loec Order only. Action: Play this card as a development (it does not count against your developmentlimit). When I play the BQ37 Dance to Loec, does it trigger the effect of "when I play a development from my hand, …"? Thanks for Reply!
  6. BQ87 Carroburg Cutthroats Kingdom or Quest. Action: Discarda quest from your hand to take 1 resource from target opponent. Q1: What is the meaning of "Resource from target oppnent"? Is that only the resource from opponent's resource pool? or also the resource on opponent's card? Q2: After I took the resource token, can I put it on my card, like a quest, or just put it into my resource pool? Thanks for reply
  7. BQ85 Roving Goblins While this unit is questing, your units can quest with other units. Quest. Action: At the beginning of your turn, put 1 resource token on target quest if more than 1 unit is questing there. While "BQ85 Roving Goblins" is questing, there are also 3 units on the same quest. If the "BQ85 Roving Goblins" is destroyed, what happen to the 3 units on the same quest? Thanks for reply…
  8. LE53 Blood Dragon Knight Destruction only. Action: When this unit attacks, deal damage equal to its power to target unit in the defending zone. AU41 Take Captive! Action: Take control of target attacking unit until the end of the turn. Move it to the attacked zone, declared as a defender. If "AU41 Take Captive!" is played "in response" to "LE53 Blood Dragon Knight"'s action, does Blood Dragon Knight's action still work? Thanks for Reply…
  9. BQ07 Emperor’s Chosen Action: When this unit enters a zone, it gains P and Counterstrike 3 until the end of the turn. If my BQ07 Emperor;s Chosen moves from Kingdom zone to Quest zone, and then to Battlefield zone, dose it gain totally 2 P and Counterstrike 6? Thanks for reply.
  10. MD49 Countess Iseara Destruction only. Limit one Hero per zone. Action: Spend 1 resource and choose a target unit in your discard pile. That unit gains Necromancy until the end of the turn. Q: The target unit has already used the effect of Necromancy and played back into play from my discard pile. Is the Necromancy effect of target unit still lasting, after it is placed into my discard pile again? Thanks for reply…
  11. BQ35 Arkayne Vampire (0 Power/ 2 Hit point) Destruction only. This unit gains +1 hit point for each damage on it. Action: At the beginning of your turn, move 1 damage from target unit to this unit. That unit gets –1 hit point until the end of the turn. Q: During a battle, if Arkayne Vampire is dealed 2 or more combat damages, what happen to him in "Apply damage" step? (1) He is destroyed because he has as many (or more) damage tokens on him as he has hit points? or (2) He is still alive because he gains +2 or more hit point for each damage on him and his damage tokens is never equal to his hit points. Thanks for reply…
  12. BQ10 Gathering the Winds SUPPORT Forced: When you play a Spell card, put 1 resourcetoken on this card. Action: Remove resource tokens from this card equal to the printed cost of target Spell card in your discardpile to play it at no cost. Then, sacrifice this card. LE26 Judgement of Loec Support card Attachment. Spell. Attach to a target unit or development. Attached card is considered to have a blanktext box, loses all power, and becomes adevelopment. AU17 Flames of the Phoenix Tactic card Spell. Play during your turn. Action: Return all units in play to theirowner’s hands. (1) During my opponent's turn, can I use my "BQ10 Gathering the Winds" to play the "LE26 Judgement of Loec"while it is a SUPPORT card? (2) During my opponent's turn, can I use my "BQ10 Gathering the Winds" to play the "AU17 Flames of the Phoenix" while it says "Play during MY turn"? Thanks for reply…
  13. What is the definitive meaning of "any correspondering zone" in text? Is that just foucsed on the opponent's zone? how about my zone? Thanks for reply…
  14. On FAQ1.7, we know that there is an additional cost formula “Do X to do Y”. How about this effect "Action: Sacrifice a unit. If you do, gain 2 resources?" ? Is "Sacrifice a unit" an additional cost before "If you do ...." sentence? Thanks for reply...
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