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  1. Sounds good. The Kroot might be an interesting play, depending on GM approval. Now with the void master, are you going for the pilot roll or more starship based. I wouldn't think that my RT would have any outstanding issues with a kroot onboard. The issue would be the whole Vessel of the fleet package i bought for my ship. Character wise, I have the forbidden lore Inquision from the dark voyage selection. Not sure how to explain that yet, more than likely it falls under things not ment to be known. Anyway I have no disapproval of a kroot on the ship. But that will be up to the GM. Might have enough trouble with the inquisition as is
  2. Just checked the site for roll20, looks like it will work. By the way, which class will you be playing? I submitted a layout for a Rogue trader with an Endeavour light cruiser, It's well setup for a starting ship with room to add new components. The GM hopefully will post the details for the first session sometime soon. If you want details on the ship i can post the setup, still time to change hulls if needed.
  3. 6-7 pm Eastern seems to be a good time, If your friend wants to Gm that would be a welcome addition. The only thing we lack at this point is a voice chat system for the game and a dice roller program. Once we have that in order, the gm can announce the start date. I surely hope you can join us.
  4. No one that i know of. On the off chance that we don't get a gm, how hard would it be to run a 2 man game with one of us being the gm? Just a thought. Though the only creature book i have is the one for Dark Heresy. Might work but some of the talents are different. Anyway the opening is still available to those that wish to GM a game, please post if interested.
  5. know anyone that can Gm, Seeten? The floor is open for a Gm, we have 3 players so we are for the most part set to go.
  6. In response to the post, what are Light cruisers underpowered compared to? Any vessel can be underpowered if not equipped properly. Frigates are fairly easy to work with for sure. Fairly cheap with points to spare. Light Cruisers need some though and discussion to make them viable unless your rogue trader knows his ships. If you have the Into the storm book, you can build a warrant of trade to match you ship needs. If a Cruiser is what you want, take the path that gives the most ship points. Now for a good starting light cruiser go for the Endeavour class from BFK, with a starting torpedo slot in addition to you 3 basic hard points you have the ability to take on larger targets. I've built quite a few ships just for fun, guess the biggest suggestion i can give is to not buy into a ship that you can't properly equip. I hope this insight has helped to some extent.
  7. Looks like things are taking shape, counting that RT is mostly a sandbox type game we mostly need someone with decent knowledge of the 40k universe. guess the bigger question is, do we want an open ended game where the pre-made adventures come in as we make a name for the group. Or do we want a more story driven campaign?
  8. Shouldn't be to difficult to work out. Even states in the core book that a Rogue trader might have an agent from the Inquisition or Death watch kill team on board as part of the warrant of trade. The only thing that will have to be addressed is how the authority of each is represented. The off hand problem will arise when a particular encounter triggers a conflict of interest. An example would be a Rogue trader finds an inhabited world either unkown xeno or lost human colony the conflict would be how play out the encounter so that all parties get something out of it. It would be no fun for the RT if he can't play his character as intended and same with the other 2 factions. If they are going to be on the same ship, common goals will need to be ironed out before hand.
  9. Still looking for another player or 2 and Gm. Please post if interested.
  10. Good to know. Think we can possibly start character postings if we can get another player or two and GM.
  11. good to see some interested parties, Looking mostly for a group that can run off Ventrilo. Works better than the play by post. Been in a few games as a rogue trader. started with frigates but my new build Has a light Cruiser from the battlefleet book. Though after some fallout from my last group I do recommend that a decent dice roller program be used. But anyway on a side note I would prefer a small well rounded group, Tends to flow a bit smoother. For now just trying to get a group+ Gm together.
  12. Haven't checked my post in a while. Still looking for a group. Have vent and operate in the eastern U.S. time zone. Normally play a rogue trader but can run as another class.
  13. Still looking for an RT group. I run in the American Eastern time zone. Mostly Play Rogue traders but can run other classes If needed.
  14. Looks like all we need is a third player. The question that remains is over which means will the game be run and will a dice roller program be needed. No rush on anything. might have to read up on the hand books i have to remember how some of the mechanics work. My days and evenings are free though, so no time restraint issues.
  15. North America. Eastern standard time. Have a Rogue Trader and Arch-militant i rolled just for fun. No problems with playing Astropath.
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