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  1. Be right back, I'm going to sue FFG for changing cloak rules. Oh, oh, oh and I'll sue FFG a second time for their LCG "Rotation policy". When I bought the first packs of A:NR expansions, it wasn't said that the cards would eventually be unusable for tournament play! FFG are such scum bags. Obviously only in it for the money. No respect for their player base at all. Wow!! And that is what came out AFTER your edit. Well, at least your post count went up, if nothing else.
  2. As a disclosure, I only ever used the Sigmas with Stygium and Recon so this change really doesn't affect me. I think what bothers me most is when a company produces a product, the customer purchases said product based on known information and educated decisions and then the company changes the terms afterward. The fairness meter in my mind dropped to zero when I saw the change and I understand the frustration of all those who have been deceived. It would be difficult for the FFG to dispute bait-and-switch claims, that they used a set of characteristics to maximize sales of a product and then "demote" the product afterwards. They marketed and sold the Phantom based largely upon the cloak ability and now, after sales targets have been reached, they change the cloak rules. It is a breach of trust with the consumer. If a player wanted to play blocker squads instead of dog fighters then they would use the other ships that are used for that purpose.
  3. So, putting "a lot of thought" into an issue and breaking to "public opinion" are now the same thing...as long as it makes it fair, I guess. What is really amusing is all the people who complain that, before now, the phantom was too powerful, but cheer up because the phantom is now even MORE powerful and now there is nothing for anyone to complain about. Yay public pressure campaigns!!! Because that is all Rebel players wanted - for a more powerful phantom. I know I've heard that complaint, the phantom is broken but needs to be more powerful, maybe somehow through blocking..." Even better, the Empire now has a great new blocker because, as everyone one knows, without the shuttle, decimator, slave-1, low ps defenders, tie-advanced, bomber swarms and tie swarms the Empire would be totally without blockers. Now I am able to take my interceptors off blocking duty, soar and fly free Soontir!!!
  4. Yes. A ship is dead when it's damage cards is equal or greater than it's hull value. So a Direct Hit via proton bomb on a phantom = insta death. It does happen, I've done it on a couple of occasions. But if you get something like Console Fire via a proton, the extra damage (assuming it causes extra damage) would hit your shields first. Wait, so my console, that is inside my ship just above my knees, catches fire and then the damage has to go out of the ship and then try to return to the ship through the shields??? Maybe I need to read console fire again....
  5. Again, just to flesh this out, Rexlers ability only requires 1 damage be dealt so it would seem that suffering a damage is a damage dealt even those it is not damage from a hit...
  6. Just to flesh this out a bit, the requirement isn't to hit all ships (for Ruthlessness), but for AN attack to hit. Also, on a side note, Rexler just needs to deal at least one damage but Ruthlessness requires an attack to hit. So Rexler's ability works with, say, a mine but Ruthlessness wouldn't? Regarding the assault missile, is it because of the phrase "flip those cards face up" that the only cards flipped face up are the ones the target of the attack takes?
  7. Hmmm, my logic-fu appears to be weak...
  8. As it is written yes but I am usually on the wrong side of errata. The Rexlar ability states "to the Defender" and then Ruthlessness modifies that to add one more defender. Then all cards are flipped face up. Nothing modifies the part about spending a token to flip the cards face up so it still applies to all damage cards. Now, rules lawyers ATTACK!!!
  9. InvestFDC

    Oh green dice

    In one particular tournament I rolled 36 total evade dice. The first evade was on die roll number 12, the second evade was on die roll number 33 and there were a total of 5 eyes - all the rest blanks. When I pass from this mortal realm my red dice shall rest in a mahogany box adorned with gold and silver and placed at my side. My green dice shall be powdered and epoxied into the floor of a septic tank to be installed at a fat camp for the criminally insane!!!
  10. Looks like the Wookiee-designed prototype. Empire purchased the Wookiee's concept and then had it built with ALL the parts by another company.
  11. Mauler and Howlrunner both with swarm tactics and two Sigmas both with stygium and recon spec.
  12. This is an intriguing point. I have noticed that I don't play what I really want to play but what I have to play to not get trounced. It has bothered me to the point where I won't miss the game if I stop playing (other than the $$$ spent) and I have even been lured into Dust Tactics as a player, I haven't and won't buy more toys. But the point is valid, that a veritable arms race has taken hold where the bottom 80% of us, so to speak, are forced to play rigged up lists just to have a chance. I like the shuttle and tried to make it work but losing every game with it "sours the taste." My bandaid is to have one list that I play, 2x Sigmas, Mauler and Howl flown as a heavy punching mini-swarm. I forced a fat-Han concession after the 1st round of combat by getting 12 damage through on Han and losing only 2 shields myself. It's an ok list but I probably wouldn't have made it were it not for the string of crushing defeats against my fun "fly casual" lists. I work alot and don't have a lot of time to devote to flying practice let alone actual games so guys like me are a real casualty. I don't want to have a horrible time the one night a month I have to play X-Wing so I am forced to play what wins, not what is fun.
  13. Chicks dig pilots, always have
  14. Those huge container ships are a real B!!ch to row, especially with a Cyclone down past Gulf of California...Haven't you seen waterworld?
  15. InvestFDC

    TIE Interceptor

    One Interceptor pack and all the rest Aces
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