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  1. Hi, a quick question. We have just completed 3 rituals and awoken 1 god and resolved the omen effects (2 player rules) and I'm assuming we still keep playing the rituals? One of us didn't see the point since one of the primal gods have now been awakened. Great expansion btw (my first box box)
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    What a great game!

    simulacra said: Playing Citadels 2 player with another experienced player is quite a mind bending experience. I think it is the best 2 player game I have played, you have so much knowledge of what your opponent could have but that knowledge is not complete. Hence the potential for bluffing and counter bluffing is immense. I think there is a slight issue with the 3 player variant which gives too much knowledge and therefore game control to the crown but there are variants to resolve this. Also because with the 2 player game allows 2 characters per round the game play is fast and frenetic, I love it. Totally agree with you here, only played 2 player and it can get pretty tense
  3. Hi All, I've just purchased Warhammer Invasion and CoC and these are our first ever card games. After a rocky start with warhammer (very poor manual) we are enjoying playing and eyeing up some of the expansions but we have some questions about CoC. We aren't quite seeing the whole point to CoC, we only played one game and we thought it would be more story centric but this was not the case. I don't even see why they are called story cards as they have no story. Also, since the other person can see the other players characters the game seems to just descend into matching the icons and it turns into quite a dull game. The website states: Story cards represent the bizarre and frightening situations that investigators and cultists alike find themselves contending in They must be talking about a different set of story cards as the 10 in the box just have an action on them. So I guess my question is what is the point of CoC? Also, the game came with only 1 conspiracy card, should there have been two? Thanks in advance for any answers, hopefully understand CoC a bit more I'll be able to enjoy future games more than I currently do
  4. Does it matter what zone the dwarven units leave from? So if they exit the battlefield that will still trigger the rangers ability?
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