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  1. Not a 100% sure, but I have a folder with loads of things that I've downloaded from this forum. It could be this one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/967u7ldb5nc0zbj/WFRP_Dice_Analysis.xls?dl=0
  2. A Swedish FLGS with an online shop has a few Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed items in stock, including Hero's Call: https://alphaspel.se/876-warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-ed/ They do send international orders: https://alphaspel.se/international-orders/ Hero's Call does have a very high price on their online store though, I'm not certain if it's correct. If you're interested you could e-mail them and check (info@alphaspel.se). For reference 1 kr (Swedish SEK) is about 0,10 USD. So the prices could be divided by 10 to get an approximate price in USD.
  3. But this true for most hobbies. Fans of just about anything are willing to pay more than something might objectively be worth.
  4. I don't see it as a piece of cardboard, rather there's probably a lot of work happening to bring us a mini board, new tiles, cards, investigators, scenarios etc. Most often in the big box expansion they introduce new game mechanics, which I guess must be balanced with the rest of the game and require extensive testing Before release. Which for me equals replayability and fun. Personally I view it as paying for the design process that leads up to the cardboard. That in turn improves the game and my fun, and as it is a hobby I can decide if and when I want more of a game. Same goes for the Arkham LCG, 15 USD for a small plastic container with a few cards may sound steep. But I pay for the game design and the hours upon hours of enjoyment the game will provide, rather than seeing it as paying for the cards themselves. But it's a matter of opinion.
  5. The games have a different feel, but I like both of them. Arkham Horror 3ed is more local and story focused. We had to play it a few times to learn the play style of the game. First few games we played as if it was Arkham Horror 2nd (or Eldritch Horror for that matter). Focusing on exploring, trying to get items, spells etc from locations to improve our investigators. And we got slaughtered by the scenarios since we didn't focus on the objective of the scenario the first few rounds. I was even toying with the idea of having an startup-round where no tokens were drawn from the bag in the Mythos phase, just to give us more time to improve our investigators and explore. But it would probably make the game too easy.
  6. I believe it's a matter of opinion as well. For me replayability and more choices are key in most games. This box seems to improve the replayability and give us more player options of the game a lot in my opinion. Double size of the encounter decks are a lot new cards, thus adding much replayability for me. New Scenarios obviously adds replayability as well. More investigators equals more choices for the individual players and a lot of new combinations of investigator teams. Reusing artwork is a smart move in my opinion. I actually like that I can identify the card by the art from a different game, makes the different Lovecraft themed games more connected to eachother. I also believe the price would be even higher if every game had original artwork done for the same thing. But it's all a matter of opinion. 30 USD is not cheap, but I personally find it reasonable and about the price I'd expect for this kind of expansion.
  7. Not a TV/movie character, but Cecil Palmer from Night Vale as a survivor/seeker.
  8. I know some Swedish online stores still has the Dunwich Legacy box in stock. But I think shipping could be quite expensive, depending on where you're located. But here's a link to the store: https://alphaspel.se/2299-arkham-horror-the-card-game/68266-arkham-horror-the-card-game-the-dunwich-legacy Their international orders information: https://alphaspel.se/international-orders/ 10 Swedish Krona roughly equals 1 USD, so the Dunwich Legacy box itself should be about $27 to $30, plus shipping.
  9. Hi, Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. This forum is specifically for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed, and the forum is archived as the game is no longer in production. So I Think you'll get better answers at this forum: https://windsofchaos.com/forum/
  10. That's great! I think the Faith and Magic PODs are great. and I feel kind of sad that FFG didn't release PODs for all the Lores and Faiths. The ones that got PODs have so many options. If I ever see any of the other PODs I'll let you know.
  11. 34. My dad got a computer when I was 5-6 years old and we started playing some simple computer games that were avaliable at the time. And computer games became an interest of mine while growing up, I especially remember Command & Conquer and Sim City 2000. I got into computer RPGs with the release of Baldurs Gate (1998). Due to my interest in RPGs I got to talking with some people and got invited to a LARP (Vampire) when I was 16 and was instantly hooked. After that then got into regular RPGs (a Swedish game called Eon was the first regular RPG), and board and card games. At the LARP I also met my wife, so she's also a gamer and we're trying to play Arkham Horror the Card Game when our daughter (who is 3 years old) sleeps, and we also play RPGs together once a week with our friends (currently Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay). We have a bunch of different games that we try to play with friends as often as possible. A lot of our favourite games are co-op games such as Arkham Horror (both card and board game), Pandemic, Descent, Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game, Elder Sign, Big Book of Madness etc.
  12. No problem. :) Hope you can get your hands on it.
  13. If you're still missing Celestial Order Magic this Swedish online store has three copies of it: https://alphaspel.se/876-warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-ed/47715-warhammer-frpg-3rd-ed-celestial-order-magic
  14. Me and my gaming group have had a break from WFRP 3ed after finishing The Enemy Within a little over a year ago. During that time we've played Vampire, D&D, Mice & Mystics instead. But now we've returned to the Old World and just started a new Warhammer campaign and play 3ed weekly again. It's good to be back. I'll check out the Winds of Chaos forum and Facebook Group.
  15. Hi, Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. This forum is for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed, and the forum is archived as the game is no longer in production. So I Think you'll get better answers at for example: http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/
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