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  1. I don't think there is one. I've always used the normal goblin and spider creature cards and had them fighting together.
  2. I've only been a player in the adventure and had fun from a player perspective. We might have missed some stuff, as we were completely focused on the orc waaagh and the vampire bit blindsided us totally. I think it's probably supposed to be a plot twist, but it felt like we had zero foreshadowing (or missed those clues completely). The big orc battle also felt "unbalanced", my character was a jack-of-all-trades pirate, who was a decent one-on-one fighter. But I felt that my character couldn't make much difference in the big fight. Our celestial wizard thought, with comet of Casandora and other big spells, felt like a much more useful character in the battle. I still had a blast, but it might bother some players.
  3. Yes, in your example it would be like: Option 1: (as you described) Turn 1: Berzerker Rage + Reckless Turn 2: 17 damage as per your count above. Total damage after soak after turn 2 = 17 (or 19 with bonuses from Sigmar's Strength) Option 2: Turn 1: Reckless Cleave: 4+7+3+4-5 = 13 damage Turn 2: Melee strike (or another better attack): at least 4+7+2-5=8 damage Total damage after soak after turn 2 = 13+8=21 In option 2 I'm assuming that a character with 2 trainings in WS, a strenght of 4 and probably a shift into reckless stance he'll probably hit the improved success and boon lines on Reckless Cleave and Melee Strike without the strength boost. Again, it's highly dependant on enemy soak. Against a high soak + high toughness monster would be much better to attack with Berzerker Rage and Sigmar's Strenght as you want to do high damage to negate their soak. But while fighting humans, goblins or even orcs, with lower toughness and soak it might be better to attack without. My example guy (T4 and 12 wounds) would be dead in the first turn with option 2, and would leave the mercenary open to do damage on another enemy in turn 2. Not to mention that the priest of Sigmar would also have an attack in the first turn instead of using a buff. With a recharge of 4 (Berzerker rage) a longer fight forces you to use the action again if you want to keep the bonus. Which costs another turn. Lastly, the Berzerker Rage boon line actually says: "While this card is recharging, your Strength and Toughness characteristics are treated as 1 higher for any checks you make using them." Sigmar's Strenght wording is: "You and all your allies within close range gain 1 Strength and 1 Toughness." So it could be that Berzerker Rage wouldn't increase strength for damage calculation with the boon line, meaning you'd "only" do 16 damage in your example. The same goes for the increase from toughness, soak is not a check.
  4. I agree that the card is (often) worth it, but I still feel that using an action is part of the card "cost". In a short combat (4 turns) as you say it takes 25% of that characters actions to activate, and it either takes a few turns or some stress to get into 3 reckless stance for the full damage bonus. In a longer combat (7 turns) it's still almost 15% of the characters actions during that combat. From memory I don't know how recharge tokens Berzerker rage and Sigmar's Strength gets, but in a longer combat you might need to activate them again if you want to keep the bonuses. So depending on how what enemies you face, how many there are and their stats, it might be a good action to use, or it could be overkill, or make no difference at all. An simple example with only the Mercenary fighting one enemy: Mercernary: Strenght 4, hand weapon (5 dmg). Enemy: Toughness 4, 12 wounds. I'm assuming basic success and no special actions other than Berzerker rage. Option 1: Turn 1: Activate berzerker rage and get +1 strength. Go 1 into reckless. (0 damage) Turn 2: Go 2nd step into reckless. Attack and hit 4+1+5+2-4 (8 damage) Turn 3: Go 3d step into reckless. Attack and hit 4+1+5+3-4 (9 damage) Enemy dead turn 3 Option 2: Turn 1: Attack and hit 4+5-4 (5 damage) Turn 2: Attack and hit 4+5-6 (5 damage) Turn 3: Attack and hit 4+5-6 (5 damage) Enemy dead turn 3 Sure, the +1str increases chance to hit and the chance to get +2 damage on the melee strike. But even assuming +2 damage result in option 1 the bad guy would go down turn 3. Adding +1 str from a blessing to option 1, would still mean enemy death turn 3. Certainly, this is only one example. Changing wounds, soak, toughness of the enemy etc. could make berzerker rage the better option. But it could also make not using berzerker rage a better option. It depends a lot on what enemy you're fighting. But loosing a player turn or two in the case of activating both actions is a considerable cost, not to mention that the players paid XP (or used creation points) for Berzerker Rage and Sigmar's Strength.
  5. Most of the time I don't let the players know how much wounds any enemy they face can take. So when they are close to their threshold (or above) they can start running. That way the players don't feel cheated. It could be through an escape pod, a smoke grenade, a secret passage, rocket boots, by getting reinforcements that cover their escape, or the players killed a double, or any other trick (only use each trick once though). The bad guy could go unconcious as well, depending on you want to risk your players would kill him while he's out. But if the PCs don't kill him he could make some cool escape later. If you don't want your players to feel cheated you should leave something behind in the encounter. Maybe the bad guy dropped his super cool blaster, or left some evidence about his secret lair, his best minion was killed in the encounter when covering the escape, or maybe they permanently injured the bad guy next so time they see him he has an eyepatch or some other evidence of the encounter. The players should at least feel that they get something for risking their characters lives. Like that they are closing in on the bad guy, or weakened their opponent in some way.
  6. I do believe that they stack, which makes it quite a powerful combination. But in a combat situation, it comes at the cost of two actions that could have been attacks instead, and while +2 Strenght +2 Toughness is nice, as combats are relatively short in WFRP in terms of how many turns they take. So spending a turn is quite a large "cost" in itself. The enemies could do a lot with that extra time. I have a character with berzerker rage, and I'm not so sure that the action used to activate berzerk is "worth it" in terms of damage output, if the character had used the action for another attack instead she might make more damage in total. But obviously it depends a bit on what you're fighting. The same logic goes for Sigmar's Strength, so I bhink lowering the bonus to one fortune is a bit harsh.
  7. One take on using X-wing with Star Wars RPGs (in this case AoR, but should apply to EotE as well): https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/3/from-one-chance-to-the-next/
  8. Sounds like a good GM kit. I'll have to get it as soon as any FLGS has it in stock. Quick question, is the GM screen thin cardboard or thicker (like hardcover books)? Agreed, I've played a lot of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed, and knocking over the standups to indicate dead/unconcious characters and NPCs is a good way to keep track of how the fight is going.
  9. Thanks, I'll check that out.
  10. Just my two cents regaring your questions: 1. A fun, interactive storytelling game where the players are the heroes of the story. 2. Yes, that often works without issue, when someone is missing it's better to say that their character is away doing something else ("he's calibrating the hyperdrive, it will probably take at least a day or two"), and then have them jump in next session. I think doing separate story lines is harder, that's almost like having two separate groups instead of one. 3. I started out with a lot of computer RPGs (like Baldurs Gate) before I got into pen and paper RPGs and I just loved it. So I think your group of friends have potential to have a lot of fun with RPGs.
  11. In most of my games, regardless of system, I often let characters wake up from their unconciousness after the fighting is over and someone had a chance to stabilize them with some healing skill. Even if the PC is still unconcious according to the rules, I let the character hobble around, talk, and help out in small ways. But obviously they cannot undertake any strenuous activities without going unconcious again.
  12. Agreed, I dislike that the books are so hard to get, even more so outside of the US I'm guessing. I'm located in Sweden, so I have put notifications on a bunch of Swedish online game stores so I get e-mails when they get any EotE products in stock. An hour ago I recieved such an e-mail, Lords of Nal Hutta was in stock at one store. So I went to the website and I got the last one, I think they got 3 or something total from FFG. Most other books are almost always temporarily out of stock. The only good thing about it is that I cannot buy everything at once. I get that FFG doesn't want to overprint, but I do think that there's enough demand that they could do larger print runs.
  13. I have also had similar thoughts. I actually have thought that the Star Wars rules would fit well as a system for Mass Effect, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica games. I think there's probably a wide range of biotic powers than we have seen in the mass effect games, probably as all powers in the games focus on combat. As all Asari have biotics for example, I'm sure that there are loads of biotic powers that have not been shown or mentioned in the games. Certainly there are some force powers that don't fit, and some biotic powers that do not have similar force powers, but most should be fine I think. I guess it depends on if you only want biotic powers that have appeared in the mass effect games. I personally would probably just go through the list of force powers, remove a few and create a few new biotic powers that I feel are missing. Other than that, it feels like Star Wars and Mass Effect have similar technological levels, so it should fit well.
  14. Thanks for all the input! I think I'll probably try to get all or most of the books for EotE before moving on to getting the core rulebooks for AoR and FaD. If I own the complete EotE line, it's easier to keep it complete by buying EotE books as new ones are released. As Ahrimon pointed out, all books are not avaliable at all times.
  15. Just a quick update and question as to what I should get next. I haven't started playing the game, but I do like getting books and reading up on stuff first. So any suggestions as to what books are a good read would be appreciated. So far I own (but have not read all of): Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. All four Beginner games (partially for the dice). 2 extra dice sets. The Jewel of Yavin. Suns of Fortune. Enter the Unknown. + some different decks, mainly to see what they're about. As you can see the focus has been EotE. Is the EotE Game Master's Kit any good? Is there much overlap between the different GM Kits? Are any of the EotE Sourcebooks more useful than the others? Are the other FFG adventures for EotE any good? Should I keep getting EotE stuff, or should I branch out to AoR and/or FaD? Are 6 dice sets enough for 4 players + GM, or will we need to pass dice around the table a lot? Thanks in advance!