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  1. Hi, I think the question is better to ask at the Strike-to-Stun forum (http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/). This WFRP forum is dedicated to FFGs 3d edition of Warhammer. Also since 3d edition has been discontinued and this forum has been archived there's really not much happening here.
  2. k7e9

    Character Creation: Basic Q's

    To elaborate a bit on actions. All actions "vs Defence" has a base difficulty of 1 challenge die, actions "vs defence" also add misfortune dice based on the targets defence plus any difficulty modifier on the action card. Other actions with a vs has a difficulty depending the the target as per opposed checks. So for example Fear me! which is Intimidate (St) vs Target Discipline(WP) would depend on the acting characters Strength compared the targets Willpower. Lastly, actions with no target, only has the difficulty modifier. So assess the situation for example has no challenge die, allthough a challenge die could be added to the check if you're engaged with an enemy as per the special text on that card.
  3. k7e9

    traits of the action cards

    Hi, Traits have a couple main uses in my opinion: Some actions (and maybe talents) refer to traits. For example the action "Wolfpack attack" can give you bonus damage for each Teamwork action that is currently recharging. Celerety gives you bonus defence for each recharging card with the diestro trait. You can specialize in a specific trait. So if you specialize your Ballistic Skill in "Hunter's eye" you'd gain a white die to all actions that have the trait. Roleplay flavour, the traits lend some clues as to how an action is executed. A Teamwork action could be envisioned as a group effort, and a character that uses lots of teamwork actions could be seen as a team player. A character focused on Diestro actions gives the me the impression of a swashbuckler/fencer. Card organization, if you're looking for actions with a specific flavour the traits can help. A character wielding a Great Axe might focus on looking at Zweihander cards, finding actions that work well together with less effort than if there were no traits on the cards. They are not ment to be restrictions (unless the GM wants them to be) so any character could buy judgement actions, allthough the flavour fits best with a witch hunter, zelot or sigmarite type character. Reaction cards simply have the trait as a reminder that you play them after a specific condition has been met. For example Counterblow, which has it's criteria listed under the picture. But the traits in themselves has no special meaning or rules attached to them. Hope that clears things up a bit.
  4. A Swedish online store still seem to have one copy of the Game Master's Guide: https://www.gamemaniacs.se/product.html?product_id=24727 The price, 379 SEK, should be about 34 GBP. So that's quite resonable for an out of print product. Their website is only in Swedish. But I think they could help you if you send them an e-mail and ask: info@gamemaniacs.se Sadly I could not find any of the other items on your list. Good luck finding the rest!
  5. k7e9

    New Fan Made Race Cards Expansion

    Very nice! I started doing this on smaller cards, but only created for the races that my player chose to play. These are much better looking than my cards. Thanks for sharing!
  6. How similar to "the real" Catan is the game? I've thought about getting Catan as a gateway game for non-gamer friends and family, as Catan is quite simple but not Monopoly. But I might get this game instead, but as I want it specifically to play with non-gamers, I want the it to be relatively close to actual Catan.
  7. Rather than compendiums I'd prefer to have an index with references to which page and in what book the race/item/ship/specialization/adversary/etc can be found. Preferably in a spreadsheet for easy searching, sorting and filtering. For WFRP 3ed someone (I cannot remember who) created an index of all the components, cards, etc and which expansion they belonged to. That was a very useful spreadsheet to have.
  8. k7e9

    Mounted Combat

    I have only played EotE for a little bit, but it seems that an easy way to give a bonus to a mounted character is to allow a boost die on all (melee?) combat checks against unmounted opponents, and maybe give the player a free movement maneuver from the mount.
  9. k7e9

    Best map for TEW 1st ed

    I've converted TEW 1ed to 3ed on the fly when playing with my group. We mostly used Gitzmanns Super Huge map (on an iPad). So I'd probably print parts of that if I wanted a print copy.
  10. k7e9

    Transitioning into a Priest of Ranald

    As a houserule for my group I have created the following talents to deal with the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xia7791le1ewr2k/ExtraTalents.jpg?dl=0 In short, I allow players to buy extra talent slots for a talent advance and I made "creative" talents for all the different talent types. Feel free to use them if you want.
  11. k7e9

    Art of Waaaagh! Adventure

    I don't think there is one. I've always used the normal goblin and spider creature cards and had them fighting together.
  12. k7e9

    Art of Waaaagh! Adventure

    I've only been a player in the adventure and had fun from a player perspective. We might have missed some stuff, as we were completely focused on the orc waaagh and the vampire bit blindsided us totally. I think it's probably supposed to be a plot twist, but it felt like we had zero foreshadowing (or missed those clues completely). The big orc battle also felt "unbalanced", my character was a jack-of-all-trades pirate, who was a decent one-on-one fighter. But I felt that my character couldn't make much difference in the big fight. Our celestial wizard thought, with comet of Casandora and other big spells, felt like a much more useful character in the battle. I still had a blast, but it might bother some players.
  13. k7e9

    Do various effects stack?

    Yes, in your example it would be like: Option 1: (as you described) Turn 1: Berzerker Rage + Reckless Turn 2: 17 damage as per your count above. Total damage after soak after turn 2 = 17 (or 19 with bonuses from Sigmar's Strength) Option 2: Turn 1: Reckless Cleave: 4+7+3+4-5 = 13 damage Turn 2: Melee strike (or another better attack): at least 4+7+2-5=8 damage Total damage after soak after turn 2 = 13+8=21 In option 2 I'm assuming that a character with 2 trainings in WS, a strenght of 4 and probably a shift into reckless stance he'll probably hit the improved success and boon lines on Reckless Cleave and Melee Strike without the strength boost. Again, it's highly dependant on enemy soak. Against a high soak + high toughness monster would be much better to attack with Berzerker Rage and Sigmar's Strenght as you want to do high damage to negate their soak. But while fighting humans, goblins or even orcs, with lower toughness and soak it might be better to attack without. My example guy (T4 and 12 wounds) would be dead in the first turn with option 2, and would leave the mercenary open to do damage on another enemy in turn 2. Not to mention that the priest of Sigmar would also have an attack in the first turn instead of using a buff. With a recharge of 4 (Berzerker rage) a longer fight forces you to use the action again if you want to keep the bonus. Which costs another turn. Lastly, the Berzerker Rage boon line actually says: "While this card is recharging, your Strength and Toughness characteristics are treated as 1 higher for any checks you make using them." Sigmar's Strenght wording is: "You and all your allies within close range gain 1 Strength and 1 Toughness." So it could be that Berzerker Rage wouldn't increase strength for damage calculation with the boon line, meaning you'd "only" do 16 damage in your example. The same goes for the increase from toughness, soak is not a check.
  14. k7e9

    Do various effects stack?

    I agree that the card is (often) worth it, but I still feel that using an action is part of the card "cost". In a short combat (4 turns) as you say it takes 25% of that characters actions to activate, and it either takes a few turns or some stress to get into 3 reckless stance for the full damage bonus. In a longer combat (7 turns) it's still almost 15% of the characters actions during that combat. From memory I don't know how recharge tokens Berzerker rage and Sigmar's Strength gets, but in a longer combat you might need to activate them again if you want to keep the bonuses. So depending on how what enemies you face, how many there are and their stats, it might be a good action to use, or it could be overkill, or make no difference at all. An simple example with only the Mercenary fighting one enemy: Mercernary: Strenght 4, hand weapon (5 dmg). Enemy: Toughness 4, 12 wounds. I'm assuming basic success and no special actions other than Berzerker rage. Option 1: Turn 1: Activate berzerker rage and get +1 strength. Go 1 into reckless. (0 damage) Turn 2: Go 2nd step into reckless. Attack and hit 4+1+5+2-4 (8 damage) Turn 3: Go 3d step into reckless. Attack and hit 4+1+5+3-4 (9 damage) Enemy dead turn 3 Option 2: Turn 1: Attack and hit 4+5-4 (5 damage) Turn 2: Attack and hit 4+5-6 (5 damage) Turn 3: Attack and hit 4+5-6 (5 damage) Enemy dead turn 3 Sure, the +1str increases chance to hit and the chance to get +2 damage on the melee strike. But even assuming +2 damage result in option 1 the bad guy would go down turn 3. Adding +1 str from a blessing to option 1, would still mean enemy death turn 3. Certainly, this is only one example. Changing wounds, soak, toughness of the enemy etc. could make berzerker rage the better option. But it could also make not using berzerker rage a better option. It depends a lot on what enemy you're fighting. But loosing a player turn or two in the case of activating both actions is a considerable cost, not to mention that the players paid XP (or used creation points) for Berzerker Rage and Sigmar's Strength.
  15. k7e9

    Keeping Villians Alive

    Most of the time I don't let the players know how much wounds any enemy they face can take. So when they are close to their threshold (or above) they can start running. That way the players don't feel cheated. It could be through an escape pod, a smoke grenade, a secret passage, rocket boots, by getting reinforcements that cover their escape, or the players killed a double, or any other trick (only use each trick once though). The bad guy could go unconcious as well, depending on you want to risk your players would kill him while he's out. But if the PCs don't kill him he could make some cool escape later. If you don't want your players to feel cheated you should leave something behind in the encounter. Maybe the bad guy dropped his super cool blaster, or left some evidence about his secret lair, his best minion was killed in the encounter when covering the escape, or maybe they permanently injured the bad guy next so time they see him he has an eyepatch or some other evidence of the encounter. The players should at least feel that they get something for risking their characters lives. Like that they are closing in on the bad guy, or weakened their opponent in some way.