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  1. That's great! I think the Faith and Magic PODs are great. and I feel kind of sad that FFG didn't release PODs for all the Lores and Faiths. The ones that got PODs have so many options. If I ever see any of the other PODs I'll let you know.
  2. k7e9

    How old are you

    34. My dad got a computer when I was 5-6 years old and we started playing some simple computer games that were avaliable at the time. And computer games became an interest of mine while growing up, I especially remember Command & Conquer and Sim City 2000. I got into computer RPGs with the release of Baldurs Gate (1998). Due to my interest in RPGs I got to talking with some people and got invited to a LARP (Vampire) when I was 16 and was instantly hooked. After that then got into regular RPGs (a Swedish game called Eon was the first regular RPG), and board and card games. At the LARP I also met my wife, so she's also a gamer and we're trying to play Arkham Horror the Card Game when our daughter (who is 3 years old) sleeps, and we also play RPGs together once a week with our friends (currently Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay). We have a bunch of different games that we try to play with friends as often as possible. A lot of our favourite games are co-op games such as Arkham Horror (both card and board game), Pandemic, Descent, Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game, Elder Sign, Big Book of Madness etc.
  3. No problem. :) Hope you can get your hands on it.
  4. If you're still missing Celestial Order Magic this Swedish online store has three copies of it: https://alphaspel.se/876-warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-ed/47715-warhammer-frpg-3rd-ed-celestial-order-magic
  5. Me and my gaming group have had a break from WFRP 3ed after finishing The Enemy Within a little over a year ago. During that time we've played Vampire, D&D, Mice & Mystics instead. But now we've returned to the Old World and just started a new Warhammer campaign and play 3ed weekly again. It's good to be back. I'll check out the Winds of Chaos forum and Facebook Group.
  6. k7e9

    2nd Ed Skill's Question

    Hi, Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. This forum is for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed, and the forum is archived as the game is no longer in production. So I Think you'll get better answers at for example: http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/
  7. Sweden, a local friendly gaming store had it in stock. So I got lucky! I have been out shopping most of the day but I can provide a quick card count at least. Scenario encounter sets: Return to Extracurricular Activities: 1 scenario card, 1 location card, 2 encounter cards. Return to House Always Wins: 1 scenario card, 2 location cards, 4 encounter cards. Return to Miscatonic Museum: 1 scenario card, 2 location cards, 4 encounter cards. Return to Essex County Express: 1 scenario card, 2 agenda cards, 3 location cards, 1 encounter card. Return to Blood on the Altar: 1 scenario card, 7 location cards, 2 encounter cards. Return to Undimension and Unseen: 1 scenario card, 6 encounter cards. Return to Where Doom Awaits: 1 scenario card, 4 location cards. Return to Lost in Time and Space: 1 scenario card, 1 agenda card, 1 act card, 5 encounter cards. New Encounter sets: Beyond the Threshold (replaces The Beyond): 6 encounter cards. Resurgen Evils (replaces Ancient Evils): 3 encounter cards. Secret Doors (replaces Locked Doors): 2 encounter cards. Creeping Cold (replaces Chilling Cold): 4 encounter cards. Erratic Fear (replaces Striking Fear): 7 encounter cards. Yog-Sothoth's Emissaries (replaces Agents of Yog-Sototh): 4 encounter cards. New Player Cards: 4 of each class (no neutral cards). 2 basic weakness cards. Note that I only did a very quick card count, so there's always the risk that there could be some incorrect numbers above, but I believe it should be mostly accurate. I haven't had time to have an in-depth look at the cards and I like to be surprised while playing, so I will probably not look closer at the encounter cards until they show up in play.
  8. Christmas came early this year... Oh, wait...
  9. As Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed by FFG doesn't have career paths as such, I have to assume that you're actually not talking about FFGs version. 3ed is easily distinguishable as it has a lot of cards (action cards, talents cards, etc), cardbord tokens and standups. But if you are talking about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed here are the answers: When you have completed all career advances (10 XP) you should put one XP in dedication bonus, which gives you one specialization in each career skill you trained during the career. It also means that the character gets to keep the career card. Then you spend the XP to change career, you need to spend different amounts of XP depending on how well the traits of the career you're in and changing to are matching. When the XP has been spent to change career, you take the new career sheet and card (both the large and small). Basically you start spending advances according the new career sheet, and your old career is set aside and not used anymore. This means that you get a new set of skills to spend XP on, your talent slots might change and so on. Typical trappings are just suggestions for stuff that a character in that career might have, you don't get the things automatically. As I said there are no fixed career paths in WFRP3ed, allthough wizards, priests, knights etc. have a series of careers which form something like a career path.
  10. Hi! This forum is mainly focused on 3ed of Warhammer Fantasy. 3ed is also out of print and the forum has been archived by ffg, so this forum isn't exactly used much. I'd recommend trying at this forum instead: http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/ Strike-to-Stun has sub-forums for all the different warhammer editions, and it has more activity than this one. Good luck!
  11. k7e9


    I sent you an e-mail with the runes now.
  12. k7e9


    Hello Long-Shooter! :) I actually do have them. I have most cards for WFRP scanned as backup copies. So I could send the scanned images of the rune cards to you, and you could print them or just use them as a reference. Obviously I can send you the invention cards as well. Send me a PM with your e-mail adress, and I'll send you the backups. Best, Markus.
  13. Hi, I think the question is better to ask at the Strike-to-Stun forum (http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/). This WFRP forum is dedicated to FFGs 3d edition of Warhammer. Also since 3d edition has been discontinued and this forum has been archived there's really not much happening here.
  14. k7e9

    Character Creation: Basic Q's

    To elaborate a bit on actions. All actions "vs Defence" has a base difficulty of 1 challenge die, actions "vs defence" also add misfortune dice based on the targets defence plus any difficulty modifier on the action card. Other actions with a vs has a difficulty depending the the target as per opposed checks. So for example Fear me! which is Intimidate (St) vs Target Discipline(WP) would depend on the acting characters Strength compared the targets Willpower. Lastly, actions with no target, only has the difficulty modifier. So assess the situation for example has no challenge die, allthough a challenge die could be added to the check if you're engaged with an enemy as per the special text on that card.
  15. k7e9

    traits of the action cards

    Hi, Traits have a couple main uses in my opinion: Some actions (and maybe talents) refer to traits. For example the action "Wolfpack attack" can give you bonus damage for each Teamwork action that is currently recharging. Celerety gives you bonus defence for each recharging card with the diestro trait. You can specialize in a specific trait. So if you specialize your Ballistic Skill in "Hunter's eye" you'd gain a white die to all actions that have the trait. Roleplay flavour, the traits lend some clues as to how an action is executed. A Teamwork action could be envisioned as a group effort, and a character that uses lots of teamwork actions could be seen as a team player. A character focused on Diestro actions gives the me the impression of a swashbuckler/fencer. Card organization, if you're looking for actions with a specific flavour the traits can help. A character wielding a Great Axe might focus on looking at Zweihander cards, finding actions that work well together with less effort than if there were no traits on the cards. They are not ment to be restrictions (unless the GM wants them to be) so any character could buy judgement actions, allthough the flavour fits best with a witch hunter, zelot or sigmarite type character. Reaction cards simply have the trait as a reminder that you play them after a specific condition has been met. For example Counterblow, which has it's criteria listed under the picture. But the traits in themselves has no special meaning or rules attached to them. Hope that clears things up a bit.