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  1. I'm also in KW and would love a game group playing l5r. Been hoping for a play group for many LCGs in the region, but they never seem to exist. *shakes fist at Magic the Gathering*
  2. I was too.. I guess I'll cross my fingers.. To me, this depends on popularity as well. We'll see I guess. I guess it's a question of when did they know they would be parting ways with GW. I realize Lovecraft is public domain, and if they now own the L5R CCG IP, that is great too. So I just need to worry about external IP based games.. not terribly reassuring. Star wars seems to be one of the less popular LCGs, At some point it is a money thing. When it costs more to make the game then they are making from it. Maybe its like printing money now, I'm not sure.
  3. I thought I liked the LCG format, but the format seems fragile now. I've bought into pretty much every LCG at this point, because I enjoy competitive card games and thought I enjoyed the LCS format,, but when it seems like they come and go on a whim these days, its hard to get excited about further LCGs and releases. You don't know if they decide to change their minds a few moons later and scrap the whole thing. Should I bother with L5R or the Arkham Horror LCG now? I'm not sure.
  4. I'm sure playgroups would be much easier to come by in Toronto. Sadly, not feasible to travel on a regular basis. Seems Magic the gathering is the only people here seem to care about.
  5. Hey all, Anyone in the K/W area interested have any interest in starting an LCG group/league? A group that would try to meet regularly and play current and future LCGs (conquest, star wars, netrunner, CoC, etc..) This is just to gauge any interest, but if the above interests you, let me know and maybe we can start something! Thanks!
  6. Angberelius

    Waterloo, Ontario Playgroup?

    Is there currently an LCG Playgroup in Waterloo, Ontario? If not, is there interest in possibly setting one up? All it seems like is MtG everywhere!