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  1. They are Slannesh somethings, but I can't figure it out.
  2. This is an awesome tool. Thanks for the heads up. I know, this post is ancient.
  3. Too easy... I had a goblin disengage from the players. He started to run away with a second manuoveur moving to close range and gaining fatigue. The players wanted to pursue. I had an opposed die check using Agility to see if they caught him. His AGI was twice the pursuer so it was 4 difficulty dice plus an misfortune because of the wooded terrain and another misfortune die from the Goblin's ACE pool. One success and they stayed up with him. More than one success they were able to engage him again. If they stayed with him, I would have forced another fatigue on each side and retested. He got away.
  4. I don't see the issue here. Disengage is a manoeuvre. That's one free. Crossbows have 'slow' reload and require a "reload manoeuvre". That's two and one fatigue. Then you can use your action to attack. It won't be long before they start getting misfortune dice. Throw in some difficulty dice for the disengage/fire tactic and it should prove to be quite the challenge.
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