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  1. I can only Play one of these Saturday. Which one would you use? Spearhead Soontier Fel (Tie Intercepteror) with Push the Limits and Stealth Device 33 Points Rexler Brath (Tie Defender) with Outmaneuver and Stealth Device 43 Points X2 Academy Pilots 12 Points a piece. 100 Points Or Test Flight Poe Dameron (T-70 Xwing) with Weapons Guidance and Veteran Instincts 34 Points Ten Numb (B-Wing) with Veteran Instincts 32 Points Keyan Farlander (B-Wing) with Opportunist 33 Points 99 Points
  2. My wife bought me all the Scum and Villainy stuff (For Christmas/Birthday) ahead of time so I was just wondering when I actually get them. =)
  3. I went through 2 pages so I finally just said forget it. and figured I would ask. Thanks ahead of time.
  4. Well I will cancel my order then. They just lost one person that was going to start playing again.
  5. It is unclear from your initial post whether you or not you have purchased the 2nd Edition core box. It sounds like you might have just ordered the Conversion Kit and assumed that would upgrade your 1st Edition box set to 2nd Edition rules. This is not the case. - The dice are completely different - The cards are completely different - The stats are completely different - The campaign mechanics and quests are completely different The Conversion Kit does not "upgrade" your first edition game to second edition. The Conversion Kit does give you 2nd Edition stat sheets for your first edition figures. It increases the number of heroes and monsters you can use with the 2nd Edition core box, assuming you already have the old figures from 1st Edition. You still need the 2nd Edition core box to play second edition. The conversion kit doesn't upgrade these things?
  6. I have version 1 rulebook. I don't have version 2 rule book yet. Looks up which I said.... thank you for your unhelpful addition to the thread.
  7. I am just starting to play again. I have the convertion pack on its way to me. I am going to be in charge of it again and I wanted to know is there any differences that I need to know about, in the rules?
  8. This is what I was going to ask is this a Decent type game. =)
  9. I remember back in the day when people couldn't accept FAQs done by the company over the internet. Seems like this is the same thing. Of course there are people that won't accept it just like back in the early/mid 90's on that. There will always be people who dislike the game for some reason even if it is a good game.
  10. To me the guy who controls the aliens is going to be the bored one. According to the videos.
  11. Figured this would answer a lot of question we all are having.
  12. ALSO HOW THE APP LOOKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY0Q4TtjUjk
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYXTjxUXMAQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VRPJGGaZoQ Was able to find it. =) Lots of videos are going up now.
  14. I found this. Only thing I found so Far. =) And This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYXTjxUXMAQ
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