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  1. A quick summation of our regional tournament rankings: First place went to Rock_of_Silence with Orc/Skaven rush. Dave's Orc/Skaven rush deck, though constructed quite differently, took second place. Third place went to a Skaven-heavy Dark Elf deck. Yours truly came fourth with Dark Elf HP reduction/control. Fifth place went to another Orc rush deck. Fnord took sixth place with Empire control. So, there you have it; seems like Destruction have a solid lead in Australia for now. FYI: Many matches pushed the tournament time limit, and combined with other factors, we had to cut our day short a little early. As such our final rankings were decided by points rather than further rounds.
  2. I agree with Martin_fr. Especially with my DE deck, combating rush with cards like Wrath (I love the tip of the hat to WoG in that card name, heh) really does cripple your resources... resources dearly needed considering how expensive most DE units are. Against orc rush I often end up not playing any of the dudes in my hand just to have the rescources on my opponents turn to get rid of his rush army, and then I'm on the backfoot all game... and cards like spider riders mean that even a well timed Wrath or Take Captive is often in vain. Often I find it's more effective to take the first burn like a *****, if you can trust your deck to survive and make a comeback. Understanding when to let a zone burn is so essential in W:I... like deciding when to go into decline playing Smallworld, that "gritty war" feel, having to sacrifice in order to win, a captain knowing when to jump ship. Honestly, I love my DE HP reduction/control, and it's quite effective against most decks, but if the majority of players bring their rushy netdecks to our local tournament, I'm probably going to go home sore. But I can't bring myself to enter with an anti-rush deck; it would feel like contributing to the problem. And yes, cards like Har Ganeth and Vile Sorc are great against small units, but most of the time the heavy damage is being done as soon as they come out... and even if I return/kill them next turn, the scales are already tipped. I think the designers are slowly trying to address the imbalance; my boyfriend is developing an eye tic that manifests whenever I play Witch Hag's Curse.
  3. Maybe your deck is mono, but your deck type is not focused enough? There are many different types of DE deck... control, HP reduction, corruption, skaven splash HP reduction, development decks... choose one of these and really be brutal when cutting out the dross. Making a good deck often means sacrificing "great" DE cards in order to get the deck working, the key being drawing what you NEED instead of what is theoretically good. Playtesting is the most important part, in my opinion. You can have a kick ass concept, but often in playtesting it can fall on its face, while at the same time unexpected combos can be discovered by drawing up cards that you wouldn't normally consider "complimentary". There is also the fact that some match ups are not just favorable for certain factions. Also, are you playing with only the core set, or with AoU and the battlepacks? This could be a factor... Without a good card selection it's hard to focus on one tactic. For various reasons I'm avoiding posting my decklist until after our regional tournament, but I'm sure if you checked out the deckbuilding forum you'd find some workable DE ideas.
  4. It would be great if you could buy singles, I can see contested village selling like hotcakes, being such a staple... And it's not like selling individual cards would go against the spirit of LCG's if FFG made singles at a cheap, fixed price. Perhaps they'll just release retro BP of the cards only available x1 in earlier packs, but again that doesn't help for popular neutral cards.
  5. I'll be playing DE at my regional tournament, I think they're both underrated and underrepresented. I do have some issues with Orc rush, and a good BT deck (and a good BT deck player, because not everyone knows how to play them properly) can cause any unit heavy deck serious problems... but all in all my control/HP reduction focus works pretty well across the board. If anything, DE can shaft you due to the expense of most units... a bad Forced March/JoV or Flames can set me back to square one, and DE recover much slower from that than most other deck types. Interestingly enough ffgfan, I only have 3x1 Skaven card in my deck, also. So that two players saying "Nah, DE rock!" is without the Skaven splash is... intriguing. I hear Deathmaster/DE combos are awesome, but I'm a diehard mono fan... The only reason I have skaven in there at all is for three more scouts. I love the play style and flavour of DE, and I have a pretty solid win ratio. When I get owned I get OWNED, usually due to card draw. But the majority of games are in my pocket. I often wonder if I'm going to get my face smashed in at the tournament, as in, if the majority of players are ALL playing BT and Orc rush I'm probably screwed. But Khaine is all up in my grill, like, "Give me blood, wench!", so I have to represent.
  6. Looking forward to when the new packs will have all cards in triplicate... www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp
  7. He's the "proto-champ" from the pre-release tournament at Gencon 2009.
  8. Australia's regionals are being held in Melbourne on the 26th of June at Good Games, Level 1, 365 Lonsdale Street. If you're planning to come, you should register now by emailing melbourne@goodgames.au, or by messaging Fnord or myself. We have people coming from all over to take part, so the competition should be thick and fast! Please keep in mind that this is a fixed deck tournament, no sideboards, and deck lists are required on the day.
  9. I think it will happen eventually. But I think they wanted to keep to a lower complexity at launch, in order to attract new players... one of the reasons I think W:I is so popular is how simple it is to learn and play. They're slowly stepping it up, though... new keywords are leaking through which currently do little, but will no doubt do more in further packs. Hex, I'm looking at you!
  10. Are any of you planning to visit Melbourne for the regional tournament? It's on June 26th, and the current world champion will be in attendance with his rather powerful Orc deck!
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