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    Some house rule conjure talents

    Hi everyone, Here I propose some Conjure magic oriented talent I created for my fantasy (Terrinoth) campaign, but that can be use everywhere magic can create from thin air or summon from other places. I would like to know your opinion on these. Rank 2 Lingering conjuration: Every creature or object resulting from the Conjure magic action last a number of round equal to the character rank in Knowledge after the last round the character stoped spending a maneuver to maintain it. Rank 3 Small miracle: Ranked talent. Prerequisite Lingering conjuration. Items, with a maximum silhouette of 0 and a maximum rarity equal to the character range in knowledge, created by the character last forever. The maximum silhouette increase by 1 for every additional rank in this talent. True name: Ranked talent. For every rank in this talent the character can choose a silhouette 1 rival creature. When conjuring the creature, the character count as having the ally increment for free and the creature will stay until the end of the encounter. The creature is summoned with no wounds every time. The character summon exactly the same creature every time, so it can develop feeling for the character (bad or good) depending on how it is treated and behave accordingly. Should the creature be definitively destroyed, the GM should impose to the character a period of time during which the character cannot use this talent. A special course of action can also be necessary to get another true name. Rank 4 Familiar: Prerequisite True name. One of the creature the character know the true name becomes a familiar and is permanently bound to the character. It gain a strain threshold appropriate to its kind and characteristics, can stay as long as the character want at his/her side and do not need a maneuver to be directed during combat. The creature heal strains and wounds as normal or can be sent back to its plane for at least a scene/an encounter to recover completely. The character and the familiar always know the relative position of each other and can exchange thoughts when in sight. As for True name, the creature behave accordingly to how it is treated. Should the creature be definitively destroyed, the character should suffer 3 setback dices to everything for at least a session, as the loss of a familiar is very traumatic event. The GM is encouraged to create an elaborate quest for the character to get a new familiar.
  2. Xalendar

    A GM screen for Genesys

    Hi everyone, Will a game master screen for Genesys (or/and Terrinoth) appear in the future ? I currently use my Star Wars screens, but having something closer to the Genesys "look" on the player side and less blasters on the GM side could be useful ?.
  3. I am starting to GM in the Realm of Terrinoth and I think we lack a very useful resource: a nice map we can print. Does FFG intend to release the map in the book as a support/player resource ?
  4. Xalendar

    [RoT] A nice PDF/JPEG map of the realms

    Exactly drainsmith, but my concern is about copyright and legal stuff (as Doomgrin75). An official support document from FFG would be better, but thanks for the jpeg ?
  5. Xalendar

    Using Discipline to modify a lightsaber crystal

    If that matter, in my games, I use mechanics for my players, but they can add their Force dices to the roll (to add / modify lightsaber crystals and only them). Each pip can be traded for a success or an advantage, light and dark pips are managed the same way they are managed for any Force power. The player can do that only if he or she has at least one lightsaber form talent. Basically, I consider that the lightsaber form talent imply that the character developed the Force inspired intuitive knowledge of lightsaber crystals. It works fine. It matchs the description of lightsabers being some kind of "Force soul weapon" of its wielders (the Force guide them). The lightsaber user doesn't have to heavily invest in mechanic to improve his/her crystal, but doing so improve the chance of success.
  6. Xalendar

    Force Choke, using the the Move Power

    I personally use the Move power with the fine manipulation upgrade to simulate a Force choke. It is more or less a telekinesis grapple, so I just manage it like a close combat / hand to hand roll. Except that the Force user roll discipline and the base damage are modified by the number of strength upgrade activated (0 silhouette = +0, 1 silhouette = +1, etc.). I tested it in game, it works well.
  7. Xalendar

    Influence vs animals

    The mind trick can be use for many many things. And is not necessary language related. From my point of view the "These are not the droids you are looking for" is as important for Obi-wan to "shape" is trick as it is to "force" the assumption to enter the stormtrooper mind. When the language is relevant and the player role-play it well, then I give boost dices. When it is relevant and badly role-played (or there is a language barrier) I give set-back dices. When the language is irrelevant I don't give any boost or set-back dices for language interactions. Simple. A few non language related mind tricks examples: The "I am not here" trick, basically a psychic invisibility. The "You are hearing a strange noise from the other side of the corridor" trick, minor psychic illusions. The "I am an opponent far out of your league" trick, psychic fear / awe. Etc.
  8. Xalendar

    Force Move Checks

    I don't think there is an opposed discipline check to throw something at another Force user. There should be one if you try to throw someone (force sensitive or not), and not necessary a discipline check (athletics to grab something and not move, coordination to land like a cat, discipline to cancel if you are a force user <- that is how I manage it in my game). But, when you throw a projectile at a target you should solve it like any blaster shot, Force user or not. We can expect some special Force talent / defense / maneuver from F&D, like Yoda seems to use quite often, but guys he is YODA ! The "I absorb blaster shot with my hand" or "I deflect big falling rocks with the Force" are Force feat of a Yoda, Darth Vader lvl of Force skill. Considering the beginner lvl of Force character in EotE and AoR, it is not something characters should be able to do, for the time being.
  9. Xalendar

    I had my first disintegration....

    Disruptor weapon are ultra lethal and very illegal. But they have many other drawback, among them: Disintegrating potential loot (it has been mentioned) No bounty if you are in the bounty trade (do you have a proof that he is dead ? No body ? Head ? Ear ? Something ?) Your players probably work as a team, considering friendly fire is always wise (as a GM I love to trigger friendly fire on despair and such) The moral problem of using a weapon that is considered as fragmentation ammunition are considered nowadays, even soldiers and other people in the "killing" business can have moral standard I don't think disruptor weapons are a problem at the meta game level. They are more a problem at the game level, and so should be managed in game by the GM and the players.
  10. As a weapon, a lightsaber can be used by anyone. Force user just can draw the best of it (like parrying stuff that travel more or less at the speed of light). I agree that we should expect the classic format 6 careers with 3 specializations each. Probably not Jedi careers, but Jedi specializations. We can imagine the "tanking" career (Hired Gun in EotE) with a Jedi Guardian specialization and a Sith Marauder specialization. I think we will have a light side specialization, a dark side specialization and a specialization that can be either light or dark for each career. Something like: Career: Force sensitive warrior -> Jedi Guardian, Sith Marauder and Jensaarai Fencer. Of course this is purely speculation.
  11. In my games a basic search will be perception, computer if the character use a scanning device and skullduggery if the player has a good roleplay to justify it ("If I had to put a bug hear, where should I put it ?" for example).
  12. In my games, PC know Basic, their planet / specie language and one language per point in Intelligence. They choose at character creation which one.
  13. Xalendar

    How old is the Rebellion?

    I would like to use the European resistance movements as a reference, but I know quite well these movements and sadly: They never had a major / impacting victory / action against the nazi occupation. They were never able to unite, there were many different political sensitivity and they never agreed on... anything (except kicking nazi out). Except for Yugoslavia, no national resistance movement had been able to free his country without the help of either the Russian army or the US / British army. Historically speaking, WWII cannot be used as a reference for the Alliance.
  14. Xalendar

    How old is the Rebellion?

    My way of playing the Alliance to Restore the Republic (aka the Rebellion) is similar (sorry for the sad parallel) to the way Al-Qaïda evolved in the terrorist nebula in our world. Before Yavin, it was a powerful group with good backup and political support, but it was not alone. After Yavin (the 9/11 for Al-Qaïda) and the great victory the destruction of the first Death Star represented, it become far more popular and every rebel faction wanted to be part of it. I know that my parallel can unease some people, but let's face it the Rebellion operate as a terrorist faction (and is designated as such by the Empire), following the sames tactics (hit and run, guerrilla, etc.) and using the same "codes". The difference here is that they use them for a good cause and mostly against military target. I say mostly, because I am pretty sure that civilian targets were hit by the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War. War is always ugly, and it get uglier when both sides are unbalanced.
  15. I would ask the players to roll computer to analyse the sensor log (if the hyperspace jump was in range) and then roll astrogation to determine where the ship is heading. The second roll should be a pretty difficult and probably can, at best, only give multiple possible locations.
  16. Xalendar

    Criticals Underwhelming?

    Remember that some weapon have the vicious quality (+10 per vicous rank on the critical roll) and that every critical hit taken add to the next critical roll until it has been healed. So even if the critical wound effect last only for an encounter, it could be a greater problem later. It is Star Wars, player character are heroes. They are not supposed to die from the first blaster shot that critical hit...
  17. When I was still playing and mastering the old D6 edition, the deadliest character I ever met was an Ewok warrior. He started with a crude stone axe, a wood spear and a bow, which was quite under effective I admit, but was very talented in the sneaky hit and run tactics. He quickly looted a blaster riffle and bought a vibro axe as soon as he can. Sneak attack with a a vibro axe are devastating, and these sneaky bastards can also be quite good sharpshooters once they grasped how to use a blaster. Beware of the teddy bear, he is a natural hunter...
  18. By the way: Yes, Obi-Wan Kenobi call to the Dark Side when he kill Darth Maul, obviously with anger. Yes, Luke Skywalker got tainted by the Dark Side when he kill all these stormtroopers. Yes, Luke Skywalker probably use the Dark Side once or two times when confronting Darth Vader (because of his fear). Yes, Luke Skywalker is once again tempted by the Dark Side when he charge Vader at the end of the RoJ. Why aren't they crazy Dark Jedi ? Because the fall is something subtle and slow. Because they understand that they were doing bad. Because they redeemed them-self. The risk of falling to the Dark Side should ALWAYS be central to Force Sensitive characters. If not, then the Force is just a set of magic / psychic powers and you are not playing Star Wars anymore.
  19. From my point of view hurling a silhouette 4 object at short range is suicide. A silhouette 4 object is as big as a light freighter ! If you hurl it at short range you will probably get crushed by it or hit by debris. If your are inside a building it will probably make it fall on your head. Considering the damage it will kill you. I personally let may players go with such "unbalanced build" (everything in strength and nothing else, go for it) so then can do stupid actions, die from it and then think about being more reasonable. R2Builder, if you have a problem with a player doing very stupid thing don't hesitate to kill his character in the process. In a very stupid and humiliating way (still reasonably logical). It probably won't be difficult (judging from what you wrote about your player), the other players will find this fun and your boring player will learn to think before acting.
  20. Considering that at the moment, with all the books (AoR beta include) a Force user can at best AND with a lot of XP reach a Froce rating of 3, I think that hindering Force usage isn't really a problem. With only Force rating 1 a force user can barely do thing on the level of a cantrip, things that mentalist and illusionist can easily do nowadays in our world (or at least they can make very good illusion of it). With a Force rating of 3 a Force user can generate a maximum of 6 force point (either black or white), which can trigger powerful effect IF he or she has also invested many XP in force power too. With all these XP your Assassin / Marauder is a one shot killing machine at both range and close combat, your pilot can be a member of the famous Rpgue Squadron and your Politico can convince entire towns (if not more) to do his binding. I don't think there is a balance problem here. I am a GM at Star Wars since the old D6 edition, when the Force rules were really broken and a Force user could become a powerhouse capable of doing everything the team do, but better. This is not the case anymore. A dedicated Force character will only become what he is: a character good at using the Force. So putting restriction on such character will only frustrates them. If we play Star Wars it is a mix of space ship, cow boys and fantasy (knights using swords of light and magic being part of a typical fantasy setting from my point of view). Basically, the three things that made us dream when we were little kids (or at least that made me dream). If you forcibly exclude on of these aspects of your games, you are not playing Star Wars anymore. Considering the need of a master I see at least 3 reasons why it shouldn't be mandatory: - First, it is not mandatory rule wise. FFG probably did some balancing job before launching their game (like a beta for example). - Second, their is plenty of example of powerful self taught Force user in the Extended Universe. Why your player cannot be one ? Most of Force tradition have started with self taught Force user. - Third, the Force power presented in the book are very basic, even in their most potent form. They are not comparable to feat like those of the Dark Woman (that could literally walk through walls !) for example or more canon wise those of Dark Vador (like absorbing blaster fire with his hand or strangling an incompetent admiral thousand of kilometers away). In my games, the only limit I impose, is for player to justify where a new power come from when they take it. Sense and Enhance come very naturally, being aware of surrounding and enhancing his own abilities being quite common needs in stressful situations. More esoteric applications (Move, Influence and Foresee) need a bit more of convincing role play from my players to open, but I allow them to buy it in game ! Do you think Luke ever managed to move something with the Force before he really needed to get his lightsaber on Hoth ?
  21. Xalendar

    "Slice Enemy's Systems"

    Let's remember that only systems that will benefit or need to be wireless are. Most probably, life support, air lock, etc. are not. In the Heir of the Empire trilogy there is a good explanation on why centralized systems have been banned from ship design (a few sick / mad people sent a whole fleet in hyperspace, and nobody ever saw them again). Ship in Star wars are very decentralized which explain the big crew requirement and the massive use of droids. So electronic warfare probably exist (Han Solo jam a Tie fighter communication in episode 4), but is probably not all powerful. If you want to play all powerful hacker go for Shadowrun or Cyberpunk.
  22. Xalendar

    Medical skill. Too powerful?

    Just exhaust the medical supplies of your team if they over use medicine. Your "healer" need medikit to do the job, with nothing he or she cannot achieve the same results. If your players know that using their medical supplies will exhaust them, they will be more careful about using them.
  23. Xalendar

    Scaling the Party

    There is a very good, not supernatural, solution to break turtle formation. A solution used against roman by Celtic people: bee/wasp hives. Throw them in the heart of the formation and watch them run...
  24. Xalendar

    Scaling the Party

    7 men improved guarded position in military warfare is called the turtle formation. It is a popular defensive formation since roman empire and old China and it is still used in modern warfare (http://sfaw.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/roman-turtle-modern-version.jpg). So why not, by doing so your players do not get hit, but do not hit as well. One more : https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/3287056640/hC44FBB08/
  25. If you use the permanent wounds rules of Omen of War, your "still alive with 8 critical wounds" character is as good as dead. Playing someone with to many missing part is not really funny...