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  1. Cheers and thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Thanks for this! first match - gathering with community on Saturday. This should be very helpful.
  3. Greetings everyone, Our local legion community is gathering this weekend -- for the first time via Facebook. most of us have never even met, let alone play a game. But my buddy and I are determined to get rolling. Can you name a few common new-player rule mistakes we should be aware of? We want to have a smooth meetup. Thanks
  4. I think it will start off initially bigger than GoT LCG here in Central California, but I cannot predict staying power. Some players have expressed concern that it looks to be quite a bit more complex than systems like Star Wars Destiny, which currently has about 50+ players in my region split between 2 shops.
  5. Our FLGS is carrying singles now too. Very helpful. My buddy sold his collection for nearly $700 store credit. Pretty wild.
  6. SW Destiny Trade List -- Awakenings Only Please U.S. Only Please Wants: Awakenings: Ace in the Hole Bala Tik x 2 Black Market x 2 Commanding Presence Count dooku x 2 Diplomatic Immunity Force Choke Force Protection x 2 Gaffi Stick General Grievious General Veers Han Solo x 2 Hired Gun Holdout blaster Infiltrate IQA2 Blaster Rifle Jetpack Launch Bay x 2 Leia Organa x 2 Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber x 2 Millenium Falcon Podmae Amidala Poe Dameron Scout x 2 Speeder bike Scout Thermal Detonator x 2 Haves: Awakenings Qui Gon Jinn x 2 BB8 Jedi Robes Datapad x 2 Infantry Grenades Outpost Cunning x 2 Sith Holocron x 2 First Order Tie Fighter On the Hunt Survival Gear x 2 Padawan (pending) Black One Admiral Ackbar Thanks for looking
  7. 2 boxes of Awakenings to get me rolling, and found a box of Rebellion tonight. Rogue 1 is my favorite film from the saga, so I had to get one despite finances being tight. I am not getting more because the two friends I play with only have so much. I desire to stay balanced with them so it is fun and matches are competitive. works for me.
  8. Greetings Sorastro and everyone, To attain that lovely, rich color with the Mephiston Red, should our base coats be one thinned red layer, or a more thorough covering with two? For example, does this gent here need a second coat on the armor and cloth, or will the wash take care of it: I'm usually cool with trial and error but this is such an awesome model to start with. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  9. The issue here is it's 28mm. too much leaves absolutely no room for maneuverability, and intensive visual clutter. I believe what you desire falls more in the 10-15mm range, like old Warmaster or the current Battle Valor Fantasy. I greatly prefer ranks and file in the 15's, but that is a more common market for Europe, not the states. While I believe FFG take everything into account, they need to stick with what is the default scale and # of minis in my observation.
  10. I jwant to know how many players a game can accommodate.
  11. I'll just use a 4' x 6' and ensure the players measure up properly to begin with the official size of the board. I agree with OP, it's a bit frustrating, and there are dozens of cool designs from other companies in 4' x 6'. Those selections are going to be picked up by the couple of players we have, or they will just use one of mine. I would of bought a cool 3' x 6' from FFG. Their mat quality is quite good.
  12. Greetings all, Had fun giving the Rune Golem a bath this a.m. The approach of boiling water followed by cold water immersion to straighten weapons works perfectly. On a different note, I'd like to assemble and primer him partially before work. What type of glue works best on this material? Should I try plastic glue (scary thought) or are most of you having better luck with metal adhesive (super glue, zapp a gap, etc.)?
  13. I own 3 F.A.T. Mats, they are absolutely excellent. We'll use our 4' x 6' desert scape or Grassy Plains 1 for Rune Wars.
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