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  1. Alrighty then people, I think I've got the idea. I was getting it rather wrong. I still find the system a little cumbersome and counter intuitive but I reckon with some practise I'll get well into it. Wodan, like Cifer said, I was looking for an insight into the game mechanic to overcome my confusion. I've succeeded. Thanks all for taking the time out to clear things up for me. Appreciated.
  2. ak-73 said: Seriously, the trick in 40K Roleplay is gaining modifiers. In Ranged Combat that's easier than in close combat, I've found. Also for skill test, the GM should give bonuses where in other systems he would assign a flat +0 modifier to a test. One example would me Medicae... with the right (standard!) equipment you'll have +20 to your medicae test which should make it about 50% for a starting DH char. Sounds reasonable. Alex Alex, I think you've summed it up best for me. I think my response to the rules is a basic dislike of the system. It seems counter-intuitive. I think a few games should sort that out and the fact that the PC's are Space Marines means there will be a few games to play As for running into cover, it was always my understanding that Space Marines were shock troops who's armour was meant to be moving cover to facilitate the 'shock' part. Of course they're not going to expose themselves to heavy fire and will therefore use cover to an extent but I think the idea of them behaving like brand new Inquisition acolytes is a little silly. My DH players always ran for cover and then died in it
  3. I realised that with bonuses their chances of hitting stuff would be better, my question was more along the lines of, what's the point of their stat lines, they don't seem to represent the character's abilities? The bonus system seems to miss the point from where I stand. It seems to say, well, your Marine type chappy is actually quite mediocre and will, generally speaking, miss half the things he shoots at. Harver (that's however in posh speak), since the GM reckons that the Marine is quite handy at the killing lark he gives him a +20/30 bonus to hit...fair enough but that makes the statline a rather academic affair that, I say again, doesn't represent the character very well. It makes more sense to me to give a marine a BS of around 80ish and then give negative modifiers to represent a particularly difficult shot. Do you see what I mean? In addition, six seconds is a hell of a long time in combat. Particularly at the sort of speed that a genestealer, for example, moves at. A regular human would take six seconds to aim a weapon, a Space Marine with his centuries of experience, superhuman senses & uberarmour should be aiming in the time it takes one of his hearts to beat. Katie's point that Space Marines are as 'ard as a coffin nail gives me hope that my players may even live to see another mission Even if I'm able to wrap my head around this +/- bonus system, the cumbersome nature of the rules system remains a challenge. Still this is the only Space Marine RPG out there so perhaps I must simply get used to it and start handing out the bolter ammo.
  4. I ran a Dark Heresy campaign, two in fact, that fell apart after a few sessions when my players realised that with the rules as they're written in the book they failed at everything. Veteran Guardsman who couldn't hit a barn door while standing in the doorway and other guys who were useless at what they did until reaching a theoretical level of competence. I say theoretical because they never got there. Why? Well, they died. A lot. Eventually I figured out ways of bypassing the rules but was then left with the question of what was the point of buying the book if I was forced to ignore the rules. To be clear, these were veteran roleplayers and I myself no noob GM and yet... So, Deathwatch. I thought, well they'll have sorted out any rules issues by now and I bought it as soon as it came out in my local store, Leisure Games in Finchley for any other local boys. The same problems remain, a Space Marine with a maximum starting ballistic skill of 50?! What. The. Hell?! What part of genetically engineered superhuman was unclear. What part of training for 10 years followed by a couple of hundred years experience confused them? These aren't mediocre grunts who spray and pray...okay they probably pray to their guns but that's hardly the point now is it. I suspect that the rules would state that I give them +20's to everything because they're easy tests to pass for a Space Marine, that's cool but then what are the point of the stats in the first place. They do not reflect the abilities of the character they represent. For me, the most truly reflective stat line for a space marine was in Inquisitor. This was a guy who could kill a human by throwing a grenade at him. With the 'pin' still in place. Before anyone comes up with the whole "but if they're so awesome they'll always win" argument. Nonsense, it is the job of any competent GM to provide a suitably challenging encounter for a group of post-human super soldiers carrying rapid firing-armour piercing-rocket launchers (boltguns in effect). Think up the sort of thing that would annihilate a human group of hardcore Inquisition agents and stand back as your marines figure out how to use they superhuman physique and weapons to sort it out. My solution at the moment is, during character creation, change the stat equation by making it 2D10+50. I think this will create a stat line more akin to a Space Marine. It will also completely unbalance the game system. I reckon I've missed something fundamental here in the rules (which, by the by, strike me as supremely cumbersome) so could any of you guys clear this up for me? What am I missing?
  5. Female Space Marines, why will this ludicrous idea never die?! I worked for GW for 5 years without ever hearing a whisper of the idea and then I looked at some forums and there were these guys foaming at the mouth about the concept. I don't get it, I never will.
  6. Tallgeese said: Come to Aldershot!! I know it's not exactly what you are looking for, but we are a friendly bunch, well mostly. Next tournament is the mono deck one on 12th June, starts at 2:00. I would love to come to Aldershot, however, I can never do Saturdays. If you guys ever do a tournament on a Sunday I'll be there like a shot!
  7. Darksbane said: The increased price point takes care of some of that, you might not have any more x3 buyers but now you get 5$ more from your x1 buyers. Also I think the 3x packs will bring more people into the game. I agree! I think the idea of releasing a catch up pack that brings all cards released to the maximum three card level is a fantastic idea that will take the LCG concept from 'original' to 'groundbreaking'!
  8. David, I'm glad you've raised this concern. I too was wondering if FFG had only movd the goal posts a little rather than the revolutionary concept I initially thought it was. I for one refuse to buy three of the same box, for me it's far too reminiscent of CCG's though I recognise that the LCG version is a little better. For me the real solution that would settle my concerns fast would be if Fantasy Flight released a 'catch-up' set or two that brought all prebious card releases up to the 3 card maximum. Having said that, if it is possible to build competitive decks using the core box and one each of the battle packs then as far as I'm concerned that is the game's highest praise.
  9. Like the subject line says, are there any London players on this forum who're up for meeting for a game or know of a gaming club north of the river where they play Warhammer Invasion? I live in NW London and would like to extend my opponents beyond reluctant friends to other enthusiasts.
  10. As far as question one goes I'm not so certain you can sacrifice. You stated that the damage is done by an action rather than during combat in the battlefield phase. If so, don't actions deal damage instantly? In which case you would be unable to sacrifice.
  11. Thanks for the response facepalm, after posting I came across the LCG forum and people were engaged with discussing the very points I raised above. FFG have learnt fairly fast that they need to include 3 copies of each card to keep people from buying multiple boxes. It seems my optimism wasn't premature after all. All I need to do now is find a group locally. I love the idea that the game is about playing and deckbuilding skill above all other concerns. All I need now is a 40K version and I'm sorted!
  12. Does anyone, including your good selves, do tournaments on a Sunday?
  13. Hi all, this is my first post on these forums after my first game of Warhammer Invasion. When I first came across the Living Card Game concept I will confess a great deal of excitement. At last there seemed to be card game more about deck building with finite resources than spending enormous amounts of money on booster packs that were unlikely to contain the cards you needed. However, after a little thought I realised that my initial optimism may be misplaced. Have FFGs just moved the goalpost a little? What I mean to ask is, do players buys 2 core sets to build up some of the more powerful cards to the deck maximum of three. For example, is there someone out there with three core sets and hence three Bloodthirsters for his Chaos deck? Or for that matter someone who bought two or three copies of some of the expansion packs to max out a personal favourite card? If this is the case then what is the real difference between the Living Card game and collectable card game? I recognise that a great deal of the randomness has been removed in this system which I applaud but does it still come down to how much one is willing to spend? I think what I'm really getting at is this, is it possible to build competitive decks after buying only one of each of the expansions and one core game? I hope you'll forgive my rather rambling questions, I'm really trying to wrap my head around this new concept and who better to ask than those already well into the hobby. Phil
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