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  1. Hello, I´ve been playing Lo5R since the beginning (all editions) - This edition has some truly intriguing and unique mechanics (rings not attributes, approaches pp) At my table it all worked well and the System supports characterizing the samurai person you want to play. Ocassional hand-waiving rules by the GM is welcome and can assure flexibility in story-telling. I don´t see the system as broken. The strife- mechanic is interesting to exploit as well. For my players (all Lo5R veterans) it has been an interesting narrative experience to describe how the character reacts with his strife overboarding, be it in combat or socially. Sure, you can do this without the strife-mechanic but on the other hand players tend to ignore such things especially in tight role-play situations, where an outburst might not come in handy. By the way, it is still the decision of the player to have an outburst or not, be it with some in-game drawbacks then. It was all fun so far.
  2. Ok, the playmat looks very nice, yes, but on the other hand is this really what the gamers need right now!? The last announcement for the upcoming two books were in November last year. It seems that the release schedule is rather slow at the moment and future announcements should really speed up a little bit in regard of supplements this new edition still needs. I was somewhat dissapointed assuming that the next announcement is likely to be expected in one or two months again. What do you think?
  3. Thanks for answering that quickly that is about what I had thought of, too - quite similar to the scope of attributes.
  4. Hi there, I currently run a game with the players being on the imperial side strenghtening the Empire during the so called "dark times" and furthering the schemes of the Empire. The DS still exists and hey we´ll see what´s coming up. I have to improvise because I have a force user (a dark sider) and have to make up with some home brew rules regarding force powers but having the basic rules from the core it shouldn´be too difficult to come up with someting good. regards
  5. Hi there, is there anywhere written down how to increase force rating and what scope the rating could take - means e.g. what is a high rating or an average one. Any ideas about this? regards
  6. For the lack of another place to post (at least as far as I sifted through the forums) I´m placing this post here: I know, I probalbly won´t get an answer from FFG directly but nonetheless I try - come on guys sprinkle some infos here; where the heck is Warhammer RPG going? Can we expect the game being carried on. For every other FFG game there are announcements, really that´s great!!!, but please don´t neglect this game or at least step up to it and tell us FFG does not give a **** anymore…. best regards a gruntled Warhammer FRP guy
  7. Hi there, I need some help on the Dual Strike Talent. What exactly is meant in the description by "if the attack hits, the target´s armor gets applied as normal to both hits individually". Dual Strike is one attack (full action with two weapons) so what about "individually"??? regards
  8. Greetings, you are absolutely right - it is 4 attacks! regards
  9. Hi guys, here another questions: Having both talents "Wall of Steel" and "Step Aside" do they add up to 2 reactions with me choosing to use 2 times dodge/parry (max) or alternatively choosing to use dodge and parry each in a round?
  10. Hi guys, thanks for the clarification on the drugs! Refering to the three standard attacks, I think I wasn´t clear enough - I meant Two-Weapon Wielder, Swift Attack an Lightning Attack i.e. 3 attacks with first hand weapon and 2 attacks with off hand weapon (as a full action) regards
  11. Hi there, I came upon a rule situation in one of my rounds as a GM. Two of my Marines (Black Templar & Blood Angel) possessing both the "Forging the Bond" Talent used the Holy Vengeance Squad Mode Ability (Black Templar) under the influence of the Ghostfire Pollen Extract with the following result: My Blood Angel Assault Marine (Agility 50, three standard attacks due to talents etc) under the influence of Ghostfire Pollen Extract could attack per Standard attack and presuming he wouldn´t miss up to ten times (up to his Unnatural Agility x2 bonus of 10 while under the influence of the Ghostfire Pollen Extract) - is that right? I found it quiet disturbing to see my Master Level creature going down within seconds . Did I miss something or what? regards
  12. Thanks for helping me out guys, so may I summarize: You can get more than your starting cohesion during a mission (see errata) and you replenish cohesion by spending a FP to get back an already spent cohesion point. !? regards
  13. Hi there, I have a question on cohesion and I think the rulebook does not refer to my question. How much cohesion can the Kill-Team collect during a mission. I think I read somewhere that the starting cohesion is by no means a limit and with success on mission objectives the players can gain further cohesion points. In one of my latest sessions my players threw a lot of their FP to survive the encounter and now they are walking around with 12 and more cohesion points. Is this the way it should be or is there anywhere a cap mentioned in any of the rules? thanks for your help
  14. That sounds splendid! My campaign evolves around the "Emperor´s sons" topic. Refering to the information in the Lexicanum they are connected to the "Star Child" and it is fun to see in which direction my player´s actions will bring all this. And of utmost interest will be - in case the Emperor returns - what his thoughts and actions might look like when he sees what his Empire evolved to (maybe he is a little corrupted too, you know everything has its price.) O.K. this kind of campaign might be a little daring considering that the whole 40k setting is based on the Emperor enclosed in his Golden Throne - and officially FFG won´t go in that direction - but as a game experience in a self- written campaign I think it is well worth it, isn´t it?
  15. Hi guys, found this interesting topic and wondered if any of you GMs out there meddled with the idea of the "Return of the Emperor". Regarding the information the Lexicanum provides that could be a campaign consideration, couldn´t it? Any inputs here?
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